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07:59 AM on 08/11/2010
Republicans have finally met their hyperbolic match!
07:33 AM on 08/11/2010
I didn't think so before but now these guys sound like North Korea more and more. What ever the sanctions are they must be stinging those guys. Every time we put a new sanction on North Korea they whine, cry and threaten. Sounds familiar.
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10:20 AM on 08/11/2010
"I didn't think so before but now..."
Oh dear. It seems to be working.

"The U.S. and Israel have said military force could be used if diplomacy fails to stop what they suspect is an Iranian nuclear weapons program" sounds quite familiar too.

Sounds familiar.
Single standard truth and democracy
10:56 AM on 08/11/2010
Oh dear. You are falling for Iranian propaganda. If you believe that little fascist dictator has only peaceful nuclear plans, I've got a nice bridge in Brooklyn you might like to buy.
07:16 AM on 08/11/2010
ah-a jobs program..........
06:16 AM on 08/11/2010
Living in turkey (spend time between Istanbul and Ankara, and vacation along the south where all the great beaches are) the last couple of years, I know full well that it would be a mistake to attack them. Not because we can't win, but because, if we give them a few more years, they will overthrow the government themselves. I have met many Iranians on vacation in Turkey, and contrary to popular belief, they don't hate Americans or anything like that. They are upset that their govt represses them and paints everyone that lives there in a bad light. The people will soon have had enough, and the younger crowd and college students have already had enough...eventually this regime will topple down. It is much safer if we let them do it themselves, so it doesnt look like we're trying to meddle in everyone's affairs.
06:47 AM on 08/11/2010
Dear JDotMill, Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. I believe that if the US would CHANGE its policy and NOT ask for sanctions against Iran that would harm the Iranian people then the people of Iran would be helped. By helping the people of Iran the US would have more friends in Iran.

Along with Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul and others, I have been trying to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have not benefited from these wars. I do not feel any safer in New York City, LA or Washington DC.

I cannot understand why President Obama, our military leaders and many members of Congress are so stupid.
Multiply the truth. Speak truth through power.
12:26 PM on 08/11/2010
JXJASON: "I cannot understand why President Obama, our military leaders and many members of Congress are so stupid."

They're not stupid -- they lack political courage and moral wisdom. They're plenty "streetsmart" in figuring how they retain political office by going along with AIPAC. As to wider implications of total war, they don't think that far. The Pentagon? It's thoroughly inflitrated with neocons.
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question authority
06:57 AM on 08/11/2010
we know the people are not the problem. the problem is us. we should not be starting wars. there is simply no gain just drain. if they want to fight we can set up a one on one boxing match and let individuals beat the living crap out of each other,there, testosterone done.
05:15 AM on 08/11/2010
Spiritual slavery enables an alliance between the ruling class and the clergy to raise great armies from amongst communities of faithful believers and order those great armies to march off to their deaths if need be.

Over the thousands of years that religion has played a role in the global culture it has like all life forms been evolving.

The pressures of competition in the game of survival and sacrifice have selected for those religions that were best able to motivate communities of faithful believers to aggressively out work, out fight, and out number competition.

The flames of excessive multiplication fanned for thousands of years by these aggressive ideological traditions are running up against the limited dimensions of our body consuming biosphere.

The problem is global warming, deforestation, desertification, pollution, desolation of large areas of land in war, dead zones in the oceans, melting of ancient glaciers, a billion people not getting enough food every day and the daily starvation of on average thirty thousand children aged zero to five.

Regardless of what is happening in the world around us, these liars lead communities of faithful believers to channel all sexual energy into sex for procreative purposes; be fruitful and multiply; work all the hours of the day from dawn to dusk and fight evil. That is fight against anybody that is not doing the same thing; and or not believing the same way.
Believe nothing. Question all. Love boundlessly
03:09 AM on 08/11/2010
There is an excellent reason for war in Iran. It's the same as for Iraq and Afghanistan: HUGE CORPORATE PROFITS. The cost in dollars born by the tax payer. The other cost born by the soldiers. No down side for the corps. Eisenhower warned us 50 years ago. Who listened?
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05:04 AM on 08/11/2010
How many are listening now?
09:51 AM on 08/11/2010
Wise words!
02:12 AM on 08/11/2010
My goodness, the US has a contingency plan to attack Canada, and although ours is less formal, vice versa.
07:07 AM on 08/11/2010
Grahamincanada, You're kidding eh?

Seriously, the excellent relationships that us Americans have had with the Canadian people should be a lesson for the rest of the world, President Obama and our current Congress. Canada is one of my favorite countries. I also liked Bermuda, Switzerland, Italy and France.

I am considering another trip to Canada in 2011 and I have always felt safe in Canada. The seven years I spent attending two Universities in Canada were wonderful.

I would hope that readers of my comments would call or email their members of Congress and say "BRING OUR TROOPS HOME FROM IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN". and "NO MORE WARS".
08:00 AM on 08/11/2010
Its true! The Pentagon has contingency plans to attack everyone. It doesn't mean they will do it.

This constant fake beating of the war drum is all about keeping oil prices high.
05:06 PM on 08/11/2010
From what we've been told, American troops would be greeted as liberators.

And what about those weapons of mass destruction you've been hiding under the Frontenac Hotel? I suppose you'll deny that. We'll just take a peak, if you don't mind.

We have a real neat health care system that you'll be dying to try.

Following liberation, we'll be sending aid workers to teach littering.

Labatt Blue? Wait 'till you taste Bud Lite! You'll never go back.
01:25 AM on 08/11/2010
In the end the US will have to strike Iran. No doubt about it. It will be short, hard, efficient and victorious. Lets not forget Saddams "mother of all wars" threats. And then his best reputlican guards folded like a house of cards. The same will happen with Iran. They will bluster, threaten and intimidate but if push comes to shove they will lay down their weapons and flee like the cowards they are. No soldier wants to lay down his life to some extreme islamist mullah.And if Israel provides logistics, intel and some other "special" assistance it will be even shorter. I just hope that our forces will leave directly after the victory and not overstay their welcome like in Iraq.
01:58 AM on 08/11/2010
How anybody could think that it would be a smart move for the US to attack Iran after the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles is totally beyond me. There aren't enough volunteer forces for one thing. A draft would have to be called. Americans have grown way too lazy and complacent to stand for that.
02:29 AM on 08/11/2010
Zionists can do that easily because it is not their blood and money and welfare.
Keeper of the Dream...
04:56 AM on 08/12/2010
No, there are plenty of volunteer forces; remember President Obama only sent half of the troops that Gen. Mcchystal wanted. But here's hoping for PEACE...if only Iran had a more sensible leader.
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02:36 AM on 08/11/2010
Boy are you delusional!

Define "victory."

If you mean the Iranians are popping US pilots out of the sky on a regular basis and every American soldier that approaches Iran dies and US aircraft carriers sink and the US economy joins the US carriers deep under water, that doesn't sound too much like "victory" to me.

The US won some battles in Iraq but has resoundingly LOST the war. The same has happened in Afghanistan (and Vietnam). Note that while the Iraqi republican guard "folded" they didn't disappear, they just kept on killing lots of Americans every week.

You vastly under estimate just how nationalist the Persians are . They will not be killing Americans in large quantities because of their government, but because we attacked their 3000 year old country and started killing their friends and relatives.

BTW if you think that you can just kill a whole bunch of people then leave and the people you leave alive wont do everything in their power to kill as many Americans as possible from that day forward, you really are stupid.

The only way to prevent Iran from getting nukes after they are attacked would be to PERMANENTLY station over 3.5 MILLION US soldiers in Iran and we would need to replace at least 300 of them every week because the Iranians would kill at least that many.

Boy are you DUMB.
In Full Armour
12:56 AM on 08/11/2010
I think Iran tipped their hand. Seems to me this lastet tidbid shows fear.
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02:22 PM on 08/11/2010
Who wouldn't be scared. The World's military super power is rattling its sabre at you. To be frank, no wonder they want Nukes.
11:03 PM on 08/10/2010
Bogus story put out by Iran with the intent of scarying American because why would Iran have to bury Americans. Unfortunately, American casualties in any war are sent home through Dover to their families, they would not be buried in Iran.
03:32 AM on 08/11/2010
"Bogus story put out by Iran with the intent of scarying American "

Ummm, the Associated Press is an American news agency, not an Iranian one.
Accept no dogmas
10:06 AM on 08/11/2010
Bodies would be sent back only if the US controlled the land. However, I agree that this is a ruse by the Iranians to scare Americans. Look, more than 2,000 comments have already appeared on this article. So, it worked!
Ben Chersky
10:39 PM on 08/10/2010
In 1938 the progressive movement was as vocal against fighting the Germans and advocated for diplomacy. History teaches us that progressives are pushing their agenda, then we have 30 million dead people, then we fight for our freedom, win with a lot of blood and tears (no progressive on that part) - win some Peace, forget what happened, and repeat.
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05:08 AM on 08/11/2010
Fox News?
08:04 AM on 08/11/2010
History shows that American conservatives are really good at distorting it. You just made a blanket generational against all progressives which does not remotely resemble historical reality.

Oh and news flash Iran is not Germany in the 1930s. They are not planning a world wide conquest.
10:31 PM on 08/10/2010
US government needs to start minding its own damn business, by interfering in other people's problems it is only inviting problems back home (which, quite frankly, we have enough of)

And for those who fear higher oil prices:

Get used to it, and find better ways to spend your tax money. ( are you enjoying your 'cheaper' oil that you spent 3 trillion dollars for?)

we needed a kick in the balls a long time ago, the longer we keep guzzling oil down like we are now, the faster it will run out, and the harder we will hit the floor. Maybe higher gas prices will make people actually think about how they use what they have. Not to mention that renewable energy would also look more attractive to people.
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05:09 AM on 08/11/2010
We're on the same team.
I don't let geographical borders limit my thinking
10:20 PM on 08/10/2010
I don't think the Iranian people want war. They are well educated and just want a life that is not controlled by he republican guard. The President of Iran comes from the time when the Shah fell and the Americans were held captive. His base is the less educated who view the west with skeptisism.

He is all bluster with little substance behind it. Unless he plans on invading southern Iraq after the Americans have left. The shia will hit the fan.
Control your money locally. Charter banks now.
12:00 AM on 08/11/2010
Well of COURSE they don't "want" war. Based on America's recent history however....
murderous friggin politicians.....
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12:24 AM on 08/11/2010
It's a little late for southern Iraq, with iranian banks, power stations, hotels, pipelines, airports, and tourists, cars, a couple of billion in trade, there is no need for invasion.
09:50 PM on 08/10/2010
Based on their historical fighting ability more than 1 grave is a waste
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10:20 PM on 08/10/2010
Ah yes another person that has not comprehended Sun Tzu's classic warning.

You are poorly informed as to the ability of the Iranian army (bigger than the US army) and about the very large population that can be mobilized very quickly.

When there are ten Iranians firing AK47s at one US soldier, it is pretty much guaranteed the US soldier is going to die. Per the US military's own manuals, the US would need a MINIMUM of 3.5 MILLION soldiers on the ground in Iran to avoid defeat. MINIMUM (it would probably take MILLIONS more to ensure the US didn't get defeated).

Please tell exactly where the US will find 3.5 MILLION soldiers?

As for the mighty US Pilots, Iran has more than enough capability to cause most of them to lose their rides if not their lives.

As Sun Tzu points out several times in his classic and proven work, under-estimating the opposition is a guaranteed way to lose.
11:00 PM on 08/10/2010
July 8, 2009
Council on Foreign Relations - This is where they will get them.
-National security: The Task Force calls for minimizing visa restrictions that impede scientific collaboration, noting that America’s long-term security depends on maintaining its place as a world leader in science and technology. [[The administration should also permit a broader effort by the U.S. military to recruit recent immigrants who are not yet citizens or green card holders, so as to bolster U.S. military capabilities.]] -
01:10 AM on 08/11/2010
While I concur that an armed conflict with Iran would be detrimental, I am by no means impressed with your lack of comprehension regarding military sciences. One need not outnumber the enemy to have fire superiority - you need only outnumber the forces mustered at any one location or have a greater number of heavy guns, such as the M249 SAW or the M240B, which together account for some 80% of U.S. Infantry-generated casualties.

Iran would be extremely difficult to conquer and occupy, which is a stark contrast to Iraq - despite being in the top 10 producers of technology, Iraq was a poor example of modern combat in the region, and we're not well equipped to handle a war in that climate.

However, don't be misled into believing that Iran has any chance of anything but losing - Iran may provide fierce resistance, but the American soldier is known for his improvisation and domination of the battlefield through adaptation, not doctrine.

Iran has an impressive history, geographically, but as a nation it is not one of the big players. I would be legitimately concerned about a loss to Russia, China, Germany, or the United Kingdom. Aside from those nations, very few powers hold any real hope of defeating the United States. We remain the greatest military power the world has ever known, and while an occupation of Iran would most probably prove exceptionally costly and without merit, the invasion itself would inevitably be successful.
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12:34 AM on 08/11/2010
You really don't know much history, do you? You don't end up being one of the oldest continuous civilization in history with 3 world Empires by being pushovers. Iran/Iraq war that most uneducated people on this board like to refer to should be walk up call. It wasn't an Iraq/iran invasion, it was the world against iran, Iraqis were just supplying the manpower. Aside from it being a surprise attack when Iran was in a middle of a revolution and its military shattered and under sanctions, within 18 months, all the fighting took place in iraq, and it took Chemical weapons from west and direct USN involvement that to force ceasefire.
11:38 PM on 08/11/2010
This is true. It does not mean Iran has good leadership, but this is all true, and we should talk about Mosadeq if we're going there...
Albert Amato
09:13 PM on 08/10/2010
Hmmm, more distraction from the sanctions and Iran's quest for the bomb.
Oh, let's not forget the executions coming up for the Iranians that spoke out against the election.