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02:38 PM on 10/10/2007
This is a contract issue. He was in violation of league rules and the Falcons can recoup the signing bonuses.
03:04 PM on 10/10/2007
vick is a prick. 20 million payback....

so I'd guess you'd say his meathead windfall has gone to the dogs....

02:28 PM on 10/10/2007
The bottom (no pun intended, maybe) line is that assholes come in all colors, mostly white (check your history books) and Vick has joined the long puckered up milieu.
01:53 PM on 10/10/2007
Team owners (and businesses) make a financial investment in every one of their players/employees and expect a ROI. Signing bonuses are paid based on an expected term of service. Obviously, Vick didn't take his obligation very seriously. Bravo to the court for requiring the repayment of the signing bonus.
05:02 PM on 10/10/2007
How MUCH of it will be actually recoverable? Real estate, jewelry, and other real property can be sold, but much of the $20 million may have been ineluctably SPENT...!
07:20 PM on 10/10/2007
His agent isn't going to be happy giving up his 15% either!
01:40 PM on 10/10/2007
Vik's behavior was savage and criminal.

He should pay the price.

Anyone who cries racism b/c Vik is being held responsible - is doing a huge disservice to dialogue re: racism and racial relations in this Country.
01:36 PM on 10/10/2007
Colleges should do a better job of giving their athletes courses on asset management.
01:37 PM on 10/10/2007
Not that Vick was intellectuclly capable of learning.
01:35 PM on 10/10/2007
Two different topics.
Sick of the bible & hypocrites
01:34 PM on 10/10/2007
I wish more people were as passionate when there's police brutality, when a noose is hung in a school, a white man calling a black man the n-word, a white man calling a group of well educated athletic black women nappy headed h**s, when 6 black boys are tried for murder after one black boy beats up a white boy for calling him the n-word, when a school has a tree assigned for only white students, when pedophilers appear on national tv after an undercover kiddie sex sting, when a president thanks the head of an emergency agency for doing a great job when the agency never responded to a horific disaster, when a government continues to fund a war that's a lie. I wish more people were as passionate as they are with this Vick case. The irony and hypocrisy. It's so sad.
01:56 PM on 10/10/2007
I agree. But that doesn't lessen the disgusting and vile nature of his crime
what doth life?
02:54 PM on 10/10/2007
for what it's worth... i'm MUCH more passionate about all those things you mentioned than some stupid jock who fucked up. that's on him.
01:16 PM on 10/10/2007
Man they are treating him like a dog, how fitting..well not as bad as he treated those poor dogs..
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some days youre the dog;others the hydrant
01:14 PM on 10/10/2007
I hope the beast dies broke and in extreme agony. Thats not racist; that is humanist. I would feel that way about any one of any color who did what that beast did to those poor dogs.

And, yes, some animals ARE superior to human beings any day of the week.
01:13 PM on 10/10/2007
Vic is (was) a showman, football is entertainment, nothing more.
Some (most) people don't want to see on their TV screens a man who chokes dogs to death. I don't.
Just like aka Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman)who lost his children program for jerking off in a porn theatre. Obviously no big deal... but people just don't want to associate a children program with the idea of a guy having a wank.

For those Afro Americans who don't understanding this: keep on holding to victim mentality, it'll get you nowhere..
On the fence about Obama nowadays
12:59 PM on 10/10/2007
This has gone past ridiculous and gotten out of hand.And yes it smacks in the face of pure racism.People have raped and murdered and have gotten off easier.This over-the top so-called punishment is nothing more than racism in diguise.Yes, what Vick did was wrong but him being sentenced to prison,not playing pro football again and now taking his is income away is outrageous.It was dogs, not humans which is still wrong but not this excessive.Meanwhile, thousands of innocent Iraqis are murdered daily based on lies by an criminal President and Congress and not a fuckin peep from the so-called moral people of America.Go figure.This is racism,noting more.
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01:10 PM on 10/10/2007
"taking his income away..."?

It's called contract law. Under his contract to play for the Falcons, he was given various bonuses, considerations and advance payments in anticipation of his completing the terms of the contract. If he doesn't fulfill the contract - whether because he goes to jail or simply because he drops a rock on his foot - he doesn't get to keep the money.

What's gotten out of hand is the over-reaction of some people to Vick's having to deal with the situation he created.
01:14 PM on 10/10/2007
Its obvious that race is a factor, but Vick is a celebrity and it comes with the territory.

If Vick were some unknown guy -- white or black -- this wouldn't even make the news and if Vick were a white quarterback I'm sure this would get quite a bit of attention as well.
01:38 PM on 10/10/2007
I'll speak for myself - race has absolutely NOTHING to do with this...ZERO FACTOR

This is about the torture and murder of innocent dogs...PERIOD
03:20 PM on 10/10/2007
by your reasoning, race is NOT a factor-celebrity is.
12:35 PM on 10/10/2007
How can the majority of Black women be so responsible and bright and the majority of young Black boys in their 20's and 30's can be so damned stupid?
01:16 PM on 10/10/2007
Maybe you should ask yourself that question.

I could ask why whites are so stupid for voting in Bush, but I don't judge people by race.
05:40 PM on 10/10/2007
Thats a good comeback answer I have to admit
03:21 PM on 10/10/2007
maybe you should ask yourself why you're referring to black men as "boys."
05:44 PM on 10/10/2007
Also then, stop using the phrase alot of blacks say, "them white boys'. Fact: Any male REGARDLESS of color, if there OVER 21, there a man, not a boy. Fair enough? Remember, its a 2-way street.
12:27 PM on 10/10/2007
Yo, dawg! You are a loser. Just goes to show that a real education never hurt anyone. Do athletes at Virginia Tech get an eduation or do they learn by their patheic mistakes.

thank goodness he was a gambler. He must know how to lose a great career and a super life.

Do I feel sorry for him? I feel compassion and pity. Woiuld the money had made him a better person? Ugh....I doubt it.
Independent Populist
12:12 PM on 10/10/2007

Although, I wish he had to do some REAL SUFFERING - as he made the innocent animals endure.
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12:10 PM on 10/10/2007
Who let the dogs out? hahahahahah