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10:37 AM on 08/18/2010
I hope the deniers live long enough to stew in their own juices. What will they say when the consequences of global warming become irrefutable? I'm sure it will be that it is not their fault, the intelligence was flawed and inconclusive. What fools these mortals be.
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
10:36 AM on 08/18/2010
Try discussing jobs and see how Fiorina flounders.

I'll get the popcorn.
10:34 AM on 08/18/2010
Considering the unpresidented floods and heat wave this country and the world is experiencing, that isn't their smartest move!
10:49 AM on 08/18/2010
To call those things unprecedented borders on the insane. Do you honestly think that we haven't had heat waves and floods before? Most of the places that have record heat are all urban areas that have more and more things that put off heat, like AC exhaust and use an ever increasing use of energy. Urban structures absorb heat making urban areas hotter than non urban ones.

If it didn't disprove global warming when we had our coldest winter in a long time how does it prove it when we have a warm summer in some areas? If a decrease in Arctic ice proves warming then why doesn't an increase in Antarctic ice, where 90% of the world's ice is located, disprove it? I could use an endless amount of examples like that. It is funny that eliminating CO2 emissions is considered "green" when plants require CO2 and grow better when there is more of it.
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I propose a toast to my self control...
11:02 AM on 08/18/2010
Weather and climate ARE NOT THE SAME thing..
Unborn, unchanging, undying Universe
11:18 AM on 08/18/2010
Don't confuse local weather with the increase in average global temperatures. The globe did not have its "coldest winter," and the globe is so far experiencing its warmest year in the 120 year history of recording.
10:32 AM on 08/18/2010
The sky is falling!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!
Just another day in paradise.
02:45 PM on 08/18/2010
When it rains 6 inches in 90 minutes, it seems that the sky is falling...
Rictus Grin
10:32 AM on 08/18/2010
Of course they are. Ask them how old the Earth is while you're at it. That's always good for a laugh (to keep from crying).
10:32 AM on 08/18/2010
Climate want them to believe in it then you need to change it from climate change to Jesus said "It's getting hot in here". Then they'll believe!
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10:28 AM on 08/18/2010
Title should read: "Climate Change Emerges As Hot Button Issue As GOP Candidates Become Increasingly Du.mber."
And we want these people back in power even though we know that leads to further disaster... and we have proof.
We deserve to collapse. We're a failed nation.
10:27 AM on 08/18/2010
I get it, you can debate whether or not man made climate change exists. But what does exist, in a very real fasion, is all the pollution we pump into the water and air. If we move to green technologies to fix the pollution, we would be fixing the climate change issue at the same time.
It's a win / win. Big energy would lose a little of thier profit margin, so of course the GOP is going to stand in the way.
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
10:38 AM on 08/18/2010
Well said!

Climate change is up for debate - why do they waste their time on guesswork? (even if 'climate change' is real, the pragmatic effect is still guesswork at this time).

But pollution and its immediate effects are very real. Reducing pollution reduces the possibility of climate change reaching fatal levels.

But we're pro-life. Is the GOP? Or at least the candidates and politicians that speak for the GOP?
10:14 AM on 08/18/2010
Politics always trumps science and critical thinking with these people.
10:49 AM on 08/18/2010
But in the end, physics, chemistry and biology trumps politics and economics. As the saying goes, Mother Nature Bats Last!
12:09 PM on 08/18/2010
"There is a parable which says that when the ecological god looks down and sees the human species sinning against its ecology - by greed or by taking shortcuts or taking steps in the wrong orders - he sigh and involuntarily send the pollution and the radioactive fallout. It is of no avail to tell him that the offense was only a small one, that you are sorry and that you will not do it again. It is no use to make sacrifices and offer bribes. The ecological God in incorruptible and therefore is not mocked."

(Gregory Bateson, Angels Fear, 1987:142)