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12:19 AM on 10/23/2007
11:53 PM on 10/22/2007
I had the honor of meeting the King in Amman earlier this year, and he does embody the spirit you noted that animated King Hussein.

The tragedy is that everyone knows what the ultimate solution is to the conflict between Israel and Palestinians, but that the key protagonists cannot make the moves to get there.

Your words are both beautiful and poignant. The world is, regrettably, regressing.
07:49 AM on 10/23/2007
Next time you meet his privilileged ass, why don't you ask him why his country want take in those dear little murderous Palestinians?
08:09 AM on 10/23/2007
In fact, they kicked out the so-caled "Palestinians" in an effort called "Black September" many years ago. Also, while her beloved Jordan ILLEGALLY Held Judea,Samaria, and East come they never offered the "Palestinians" a state of their own???
08:36 AM on 10/23/2007
Great post PaulAbrams.

Sorenmettsdylan: this is the kind of people you're up against Queen Rania. His genocidal words and believe system of hate is what all of us in Arabia and North America are up against. People of this sort wake up every single day with only death, destruction and war on his agenda and his daily life is dedicated to this agenda.
11:53 PM on 10/22/2007
Clearly this remarkable young woman and her husband are role models whom we wish were emulated through all the Middle East.

What a pity that we in the West have none comparable. When, oh when, are we going to give the hatefulness and greedy corporate agendas the heave-ho they deserve and get back to being people dealing in an open-hearted way with people, sincerely seeking the good of all?
11:37 PM on 10/22/2007
Well, it is good to read your blog, Queen Rania! I have heard about you. I always was interested in your late father in law. There was something about him. When he was older I knew why I was so interested in him. He looked exactly like my father, a Hungarian jew, however, my father was probably a little taller. He was taller than I am too. I grew up in The Netherlands, in Amsterdam, where, like in California, many cultures come together, a.o. Asian, Indonesian and Chinese, with Arab and other Middle Eastern traditions. I worked at banks as well, and at engineering companies, and I met many Arabs, from Iraq, from Lebanon, and from Jordan, a.o. in the context of my employment. I like to cook and eat all sorts of food. The problem, Queen Rania, as I see it, is not our cultural divides. Jews in Tel Aviv also like humus sandwiches and falafel, for example. There is a problem that some extreme representatives of muslims are giving Islam a black eye and tar and feather that faith. Murder is not condoned in Islam, I understand, and certainly it is not condoned to send your child as a projectile to kill others. It is the language of such extreme "leaders" of Islam which causes fear, and rightfully so. I believe, for example, that the rhetoric of Mahmood Ahmadinejad of Iran does nothing to further either his case, the case of Iran, or the comfort the West has with Arabs and Islam. Jordan is the hope of the Middle East. I commend you and your husband for your efforts to actively help in this situation. But your volice, at this time, must be directed to muslim women. They raise the muslim men, who become leaders, and the little girls, who must grow up, not die, to also become mothers. Those lives which are snufed out, are not only the lives of those persons and children, but whole generations of muslims. The small area of Israeli territory is nothing compared to what the extremists destroy.
01:02 AM on 10/23/2007
Mammamia - theft is not condoned in Judaism. Those Jews who justify the expulsion of the Palestinians from the land they inhabited for thousands of years do not advance the cause of tolerance and peace. It is time to stop penalizing the people who lived peacefully with Jews for thousands of years. Return the land they have deeds for and allow refugees to return.
08:32 AM on 10/23/2007
Prior to 1948, Palestenian Arabs and Palestenian Jews lived under the authority of the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) and the British Mandate in the aftermath of World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. In 1948, Palestenian Jews accepted the United Nations partition plan to have their own state in part of the land. The Palestenian Arabs were also offered their own state, but instead they chose to join the surrounding Arab countries to attack Israel, in the hopes of gaining the entire pie. Now that was their prerogative, but they lost the gamble and the war. The occupied territories belonged to Jordan and Egypt prior to 1967. Why didn't these Arab leaders find it in their hearts to return these lands to the Palestenians to establish their state? The irony is that were it not for the ISraeli occupation of these Jordanian and Egyptian lands, no one would be talking about a Palestenian state on these territories.

The Palestenians and the Arab nations continued the fight throughout the following decades, and once again in 2000, they missed the opportunity for their own state. If Palestenian leaders had spent half the energy and resources they have been getting for the good of their own people istead of thinking of ways to kill Jews, perhaps they would have their own state today.
08:38 AM on 10/23/2007
I agree with you maddogbitesback.
dora rice
07:07 AM on 10/23/2007
there are some christians and Jews who given their faiths a black eye. We need to learn to appreciate all cultures, and we need to learn to condemm criminals in all cultures. Bottom line.
08:36 AM on 10/23/2007
There are also some Muslims who give THEIR faith a black eye....those who hijack their religion in the name of JIHAD and terrorism! So, when will you condemn them???
11:37 PM on 10/22/2007
That was a beautiful, articulate speech. I hope it goes well for you. We are the ones we've been waited for, what a great beginning to a dialogue that builds bridges.
11:37 PM on 10/22/2007
this is so amazing, i would love to meet her
11:28 PM on 10/22/2007
Very moving. I don’t know what else to say. I’m speechless and some regulars here might be shocked. Thank God for you!