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it just keeps gettin darker outside
12:51 PM on 10/28/2007
"In the 1980s, when theological conservatives pushed the moderates out of the Southern Baptist Convention.."

One of the moderates pushed out was Dr. Charles Stanley of Atlanta, GA, who continued to speak on basic issues such as living right. This was not enough for the neocons.

This decision by Dr. Stanley to continue the basic biblical message of unconditional love, and 'walking the talk' (thereby avoiding hypocrisy), cost him the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention. What neocon has NOT been accused of hypocrisy?

Most evangelicals quickly jumped on the rusting bandwagon of the neo's just for the money and attention.

There is one conservative that is truly "compassionate". There may be others, if so they are few and far between, hidden in, or deliberately by, the caustic fog of neoconservatism.
12:35 PM on 10/28/2007
Dr. Rick,
As sincere as you are, you must be out of your freakin mind to suggest that the rest of the world follow Amerika's lead.
11:57 AM on 10/28/2007
I saw this meltdown coming at least 5 years ago.

After, all how much hypocrisy can even people with a modicum of intellience take?

The pedaphile priests,the promiscuous nuns,the parade of cheating and lying evangelical leaders caught with their hands in the $ till or in sexual misadventures.

The blatant denial of well and long established scientific principles such as evolution.

The hypocricy of being "pro-life" only up to the birth of the baby.

The increasingly outrageous statements made by the "leaders" such as Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell.

The lunacy of fundamentalsm is dead in the US- Let us hope the rest of the world follows our lead.

Dr. Rick Lippin
03:53 PM on 10/28/2007
LOL... "rest of world" meaning who? I think the US needs to follow the rest of the civilised world. The fundamentalism in the US compared to the fundamentalism in the mid-east is just plan fundamentalism pure and simple. Many European countries are far far ahead of the US socially, environmentally and politically.
Dis eas all yoooour fault
05:40 PM on 10/28/2007
What JSD said
10:23 PM on 10/28/2007
"Many European countries are far far ahead of the US socially, environmentally and politically."

Complete and total bullshit. Most European countries are at least 40 years behind the USA politically and socially. They do not have affirmative action. Most fundamentalist Islamic fanatics come from your so called highly evolved European countries. This is due to the fact that they do not have "affirmative action" and practice institutionalized racism, segregation, and teach prejudice against Muslims.

Also it was the Europeans who were unable to stand up to Hitler as he persecuted the Jews in Europe. Learn your world history first before you post such ignorant nonsense.
10:27 PM on 10/28/2007
Doc, if you really are an MD or PHD you probably know that Pro lifers aren't just \
one sided like you are saying...some probably are but the same can be said of folks who do not believe in God or Christ at all.
11:32 AM on 10/28/2007
I read the whole article in the NYT, but the very beginning stuck in my mind - a landscape of payday lenders, pawnbrokers and pornographic video stores. The answer to what causes this kind of hell-on-earth environment in this country, which doesn't exist in Europe, might be complex but I feel pretty certain it has nothing to do with some people being gay and some women seeking abortions.
11:26 AM on 10/28/2007
I personally cannot take the Evangels seriously when they call themselves PRO-LIFE.

You are NOT pro-life unless you are fighting for:
- funding to foster care
- feeding the hungry
- health care for ALL children
- opeing the adoption process to ALL loving stable humans

What would Jesus do, indeed.
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12:36 PM on 10/28/2007
Hey Kellygrrrl!

Ya know, Barry Goldwater once said that every decent Christian should kick Jerry Falwell in the ass.

Dis eas all yoooour fault
05:45 PM on 10/28/2007
Yes he did. It’s ironic that the king of conservatism was so against evangelicals shoving their noses in to politics.
10:58 AM on 10/28/2007
Someone needs to hang
a feather boa
and a tub of KY
from that stupid cross.

I suspect when more Americans
realize that fundamentalist
Christians are right out of
the Middle Ages

they will not be allowed
to exert
so much influence
on the poltical

A first step would be to eliminate
any and all
tax exemptions for these
ignorant creeps.
11:47 AM on 10/28/2007
Hanging a feather boa and a tub of lube from the cross is exactly what many Evangelicals think being gay is all about. Do you have anything serious to say? By the way, they're not out of the Middle Ages. Read Dante or Chaucer. You're unwittingly paying them a big compliment. They're right out of militaristic, capitalism run amok, modern America and nothing else.
12:11 PM on 10/28/2007
Gee, you're real quick
on the up-take.

Yes, that IS what they think
about it??

Read both in the original

30 years ago...................

and no, I don't have anything serious to say
because the subject is not serious!

Have some more coffee!
11:14 AM on 10/29/2007
What needs to hang? Larry Craig, Mark Foley, et al. have already done that for them!

Tee hee.

Not to mention the Exodus crowd, "oh mary!"


10:51 AM on 10/28/2007
Well, if you were a believing, faithful Christian, wouldn't you get tired of hellfire and damnation against people just because they are teachers, Democrats, anti-war or some other offensive demographic? Do these political preachers live the Beatitudes? Do they preach medical care for all, stewardship of the earth, and other traditional Christian values? Isn't that what their flocks want to hear? Christians share Democratic values more than Republican, in my estimation.
My micro-bio is a desolate wasteland
09:58 PM on 10/28/2007
If they do they sure as hell do not make their feeling known, nor do they challenge the extremist wannabe tyrants of the Christian Right.

People b@ttch about the moderate Muslims who do not do enough to stop extremists in Islam.

Christians in this country do not better. They leave it the atheists and secular portions of our culture to challenge the nutjobs.
10:33 PM on 10/28/2007
I have to be sure that some do try...I'm not
talking about the TV preachers although I'm certain the Billy Graham is sincere.

But as a Catholic, I've always wondered about these folks because they always seem just a bit
"Holier than thou" and many of them think Catholics are just as bad as Bin Laden.
11:53 AM on 10/29/2007

Some of these thumpers, when they hear that I am Catholic, actually say that I am therefore NOT Christian.

They are vile creatures, these thumpers, particularly the ones who espouse the prosperity theology.