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07:00 PM on 10/28/2007
GW, load up the pallets of greenbacks. Your pal Chalabi is coming for another infusion.
06:55 PM on 10/28/2007
Let's start a new organization: Volunteer a Neocon (VAN).

You sign up one of these chickenhawks and get the good feeling that you're sending someone who really believes this shit.
06:53 PM on 10/28/2007
Another US puppett regime in the making. Let's hope the US makes the right decission this time and dosn't go to bed with the wrong usuall.
07:30 PM on 10/28/2007
I can't think of a time when our government has ever made a right decission when setting up a puppet government. Every time our government has done it, the puppet government turns on us. It happens every time and it will happen this time.
06:51 PM on 10/28/2007
Wow. This is the most unbelievable disaster. A con man and a criminal but, what the heck he's an Iraqi so it will appear to the natives that he's one of them.

No ... wait ... the Iraqis and the international community all know Chalibi is a criminal and a self-serving jackass , basically a Rethug.
06:45 PM on 10/28/2007
Chalabi is about to give the God's (Bush and Cheney) their Christmas present. He will tell them that Iran now has nukes targeted for the troops in Iraq. He will also say that Iran has targeted the embassy in Iraq. It will be all the Gods in the white house need to declare war. The wimp democrats will go along with it. Bush's armagedon will be here before the year is out. His Chistian God told him to do it to get rid of the Islam God. This is just as much a religious war as it is an oil war. Everyone will lose.
06:42 PM on 10/28/2007
P.S I do believe that there is an International warrant for his arrest.
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cheap politicians for sale
08:52 PM on 10/28/2007
I think its 2 warrants, one is from Jordan. The King even refused to drop the warrant when Bush ask him to a while back. He stole millions of dollars from Jordanian people.
I think this is a sought quality of people Bush wants on his side. the bigger the thief and liar, the more Bush wants you on his side.
Take a plunge
06:39 PM on 10/28/2007
What a insect, and guess who's strings he's pulling?
06:30 PM on 10/28/2007
The question that comes to mind when seeing Chalabi is : Who is the puppet of whom ?
10:27 AM on 10/29/2007
At first, Bush and Cheney were Chalibi's puppets. Now, it's Bush, Chalibi, and Petraeus under the dexterous fingers of Cheney.
06:27 PM on 10/28/2007
So much for honor and integrity in the WH. Bush and his cronies lie with dogs.
06:24 PM on 10/28/2007

Success story in Iraq from Yahoo! News:
06:29 PM on 10/28/2007
Yeah and at this rate you and your buddy bush will kill a thousand Americans for every "success" story.

Get your sorry ass in a uniform and lead the charge, pinhead.
06:36 PM on 10/28/2007
Typical HuffBot reply.

First, Bush is not my buddy. He is an asshole.

Second, I did not support the invasion of Iraq.

Third, I posted my comment as a form of balance, because a story like this would never be on HuffPo.

Fourth, please stop it with the "why don't you join up" rhetoric. You have no idea what any individual's situation is and ability to serve. If that is how you judge people, and you are against this war, then I say GO TO THE WHITEHOUSE AND CAMP OUT WITH A PROTEST SIGN. Until then, you are just another keyboard commando, completely ineffective and hypocritical.

06:42 PM on 10/28/2007
Also, why do you get so angry when positve news is posted?

Does positive news in Iraq make you angry? Do you like it better when there is only negative news?

Isn't this positive news also good news for the PEOPLE of Iraq? Don't they deserve something positive after what we've done to their country?

Are you mad because any positive news out of Iraq means it might be a little harder to get elected in 2008?


I don't understand. I think there might be something wrong with you...
06:48 PM on 10/28/2007
Yes, true. Though something's missing in the article.

"The decline of violence rests on a widening basis of trust. It's cultivated in handshakes, platters heaped with rice, chicken and lamb, cup after cup of sweet tea and clouds of cigarette smoke." And $$$. Lots of $$$ from the taxes you pay.

If you agree with that, why do you agree with that war ? It would have been easier to send your $$$ to Saddam in the first place (or to drink tea and eat rice, chicken and lamb with him).

The fact that there isn't a drop of oil in Al Anbar also contributes to the huge interest that the iraqi collaborators have in your $$$.

Not to mention that there aren't any shias there, so no ethnic fight there. And the shias aren't interested in this worthless piece of desert.

It is beyond my understanding that you agree with diplomacy and bribery in Al Anbar when you support blind war elsewhere.
07:01 PM on 10/28/2007
Where have I said I agree with the war?

I hate war, I was against this war.

Until the soldiers come home, I will delight in any positive news, because it's one less horror story I have to read.

It is possible to be against the war and NOT want failure. Think about it.
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06:23 PM on 10/28/2007
GW, load up the pallets of greenbacks. Your pal Chalabi is coming for another infusion.
06:18 PM on 10/28/2007
Chalabi is the darling of Cheney, he supplied (false) evidence about Iraq. He had been in exile for years, but was taken at his word. He is a crook, so of course he will be welsomed by this administration. Birds of a feather flock together. Wonder if he is STILL on the US taxpayer payroll.?
06:16 PM on 10/28/2007
Chalabi heard there was 46 billion more dollars coming to Iraq and he wants his cut.
06:25 PM on 10/28/2007
Right after Cheney and Haliburton.
06:15 PM on 10/28/2007
I seem to have misplaced my program, so I cannot tell, but isn't he the one who told the Iranians that we had broken their codes and were listening to their traffic? Also, wasn't he the former oil mininster who skipped to Iran with millions?
06:26 PM on 10/28/2007
06:13 PM on 10/28/2007
Bush knows where his bread is buttered. Better to have a crook and liar as a friend (well, another crook and liar) than no friends at all. You can bet that Chalabi has already opened another Swiss bank account. Pass the champagne.