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Ban the bomb
09:08 AM on 11/01/2007
My father was an Ob/Gyn. He practiced for fifty years. Originally, he was a general practitioner in a small town in the West. Later he became a founding partner of the largest HMO is Southern California.

My brother is an emergency room physician who runs an Emergency Department in the largest private hospital in Los Angeles. He has been the President of the Academy of Emergency Room Physicians. He has also done lobbying in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

I have spend thirty years as a professional in the area of medical-legal issues pertaining to standard of care issues and poor outcomes caused by medical care and treatment. Our medical care delivery system is broken. The HMO model is repugnant to independent medical decision-making. Utilization committees further impair medical judgment. Underwriting practices typically exclude most risks.

For-profit medical delivery systems are inefficient and over-all deliver poor health outcomes. Most care ends up being directed at patients who have little benefit because of chronic conditions which have a bad prognosis. Much of the premium dollar goes to insurer profit. The malpractice system of compensation increases cost of delivery without adequately compensating victims.

I favor a single-payer system with a no-fault compensation for medical errors. Double the number of practitioners. Emphasize preventative medicine and wellness programs. Get the fat cats of the backs of patients.
09:04 AM on 11/01/2007
Will the Dem's urge for cannabalism never stop! Besides, "Baby Chelsea"?! What a bad name for a candy bar.
09:02 AM on 11/01/2007
Paul Krugman deserves a wider audience, so I'm glad to hear he was in LA where perhaps people don't feel the tyranny of Wall Street quite so powerfully. If we're looking to put an end to the war and plundering that the Republicans have fostered through unrestrained "free" markets, Hillary is not the candidate. And if she's up against Guiliani, he'll outdo her every time, because he knows no boundaries.
08:26 AM on 11/01/2007
And why no word about, for or against, Bill Richardson? He is that FDR we are all looking for. He is everything thoughtful Americans would want in a president; impeccable credentials, long experiene, solid record as a lawmaker, diplomat,cabinet secretary and executive (governor); he would end the war in Iraq and negotiate with Iran and Syria, he would support a rational immigration policy, he would facilitate solution to our healthcare crisis; he would balance the budget and restore America to the position of moral leadership of the nations. And he is not a single digit candidate, his support is running 11- 14 % of likely voters and growing. Most importantly, he is acceptable to the greatest percentage (66%)of the electorate, more than any of the other 16 declared aspirants to the White House, according to a recent Zogby poll with a margin of error of 1%! The same poll found that 50% of voters would not vote for Hillary under any circumstance.
Wait for Richardson to confound the pundits come January 2008.
Carpe Diem!
08:21 AM on 11/01/2007
Should we elect Hillary and the powers to be are all behind her and I really think she will get elected whether we will vote for her or not
then we have made no progress at all.
The change will come with Kucinich but people vote for all the wrong reasons e.g. name recognition, charm, looks, etc. but no substance. Never seen a debate where so many words were spoken but nothing was said as Hillary did on Tuesday.
Science rocks, Facts are stubborn things.
08:17 AM on 11/01/2007
I agree with Krugman. I think Hilary is smart, I think she is very competent but I dont think she will as progressive as I would like. I fear she is Republicant light. I don't like her vote on Iran. Didnt she learn from the Iraq vote? You cant give this moron an inch because he will take a mile. Not what I want. I think the best person is Biden. He too is smart and competent but probably will not get the nomination. If I look at the three front runners, I see Hilary (republicant light), Obama (lacks experience but more progressive and just as competent) and Edwards ( Competent, smart and progressive). So, looking at the three front runners, I would pick Edwards, Obama and then Hillary.

I feel that all the republicants are bad and Rudy is the worse. He will definately get us into WW3 ( if the wacko bush doesn't do it first) but should be easy to run aggainst. Why easy? go to: and see what and idiot rudy really is. See how he screwed up. See how he did not get the firemen the proper equipment. See how when he moved the command center into the world trade center (the next day he received $100,000 donation from the owner of the trade center). See how he is now lying about it. As Biden said all rudy says is a noun, a verb and 9-11.
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ferret in a beret
08:12 AM on 11/01/2007
An election between Hillary and ANY of the current Republican frontrunners would leave the vast majority of Americans feeling unrepresented and disenfranchised by the "choice". It would probably also result in the lowest voter turnout in recent memory. I strongly urge The Huffington Post to open its discussion to include independent candidates and alternative parties. Not long ago, people were willing to believe even an eccentric like Ross Perot had a chance. Times have changed to the point where a person of integrity and substance could sway the nation's voters - IF we can get progressive websites like HuffPo to start thinking outside the box and lead the way!
08:07 AM on 11/01/2007
I'm voting for Al Gore/Russ Feingold.
Noone else measures up to the task.
no tea for me, buy American Don't buy at Walmart
07:33 AM on 11/01/2007
I still can't figure out how a public supported not for profit driven health insurance and delivery system serving all American citizens can be more expensive than the profit motivated insurance and delivery system we have now! please fill me in anyone.
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Some mayo on that troll, please...
06:41 AM on 11/01/2007
"In his book, The Conscience of a Liberal, he writes "America loves Medicare; let's give it to everyone." But politically that would be a struggle, because it would require a substantial tax increase." ?

Someone please -- PLEASE -- explain the math... any "tax increase" shouldered by taxpaying citizens would REPLACE the inflated, profit-driven gouging by private insurers (see reference to Medicare's minimal overhead).

When I move the beads around on MY abacus, the net cost to taxpayers (who already cover the elderly and the poor) would be REDUCED... SUBSTANTIALLY.

Which part eludes anyone?
loves life
06:29 AM on 11/01/2007
Getting all FIRED up about what these candidates propose to do when they are PREZ is SILLY.
There are too many other people involved with any of these decisions.
Best that Americans vote for the MOST qualified MOST experienced and above all INTELLIGENT.
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05:37 AM on 11/01/2007
I have read Mr. Krugman, and seen him on TV. He impresses me as someone intelligent and honest; it seems to be worth listening to his ideas.
05:12 AM on 11/01/2007
Thank you for calling attention to this article by Krugman. I, too worry about a blurring of the lines with Hillary as President.

We need another Roosevelt decade, another Kennedy era, a time of healing and turning from the big money interests in everything from healthcare to electoral access.

In my mind that is John Edwards.
Two 'alves of coconut!
01:23 AM on 11/01/2007
I like Kucinich, for the simple reasona that
he's a) not a Pandidate, b) vocally speaking
against the war, and c) hasn't been in office
before, unlike Billary. In some respects, she's
HAD her two terms AND been a senator, so,
let someone else drive, there.
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12:01 AM on 11/01/2007
This is a great example of how conspiracy thinking works. There has to be a plan; there has to be someone in control. The idea that there isn't is just too frightening, so an evil behind-the-scenes force is easier to accept than the notions that no one is in charge and there is no plan. That is, we are alone. That said, I agree that Democrats would be in better shape if, for example, they hadn't won the Senate. They could have made that happen by not working so hard to get Webb elected. Didn't notice that happening, did you?