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Professor MoFo
04:15 PM on 09/16/2010
How come we never hear about male reporters in the women's locker room?

Double standard? Do the women even let them in?

Que? Que? Queee?
04:24 PM on 09/16/2010
What I have heard is that there has never been a request for male reporters who wanted to hang out in the woman's locker room for an interview, because woman's sports are not that well covered. Personally, why do they have to interview them in the locker room? Why not wait until they are showered and then hold a press conference. This is ridiculous. It's ONLY a game.
Libb Cabal
06:54 PM on 09/16/2010
And its only a package. Truly, for women, the opportunity to see mens' packages are a dime a thousand.
09:15 PM on 09/16/2010
Women go into locker rooms because they sued to gain entry, that is why they want in. The women saw men reporters go in and were jealous, so they went to court and a liberal judge ruled women had the right to enter the mens locker room. Had a man sued to go in a womans locker room he would have been laughed out of court. If you look at the WNBA, you would see why men do not sue to enter those locker rooms.
04:14 PM on 09/16/2010
Where does one sign up to be a reporter allowed to go into the locker room of female soccer or volleyball teams?
07:53 PM on 09/16/2010
They don't let male or female reporters in the locker rooms after most female sports.
04:12 PM on 09/16/2010
When female reporters were first allowed into the locker room, I stated that it was not in the best interest of NFL Football, nor was it the right venue for women reporters. It still isn't and it never will be.

Half of those guys are in a state of undress that is not appropriate for a woman to witness, and guys, as Portis mentioned, are going to say things that outside the atmosphere of a locker room would seem to be distasteful.

I think the NFL and all other sports organizations should deny all reporters access to the locker room by confining interviews to after the athletes are fully address and available in a conference room set aside for interviewing.
03:55 PM on 09/16/2010
hmmm . . . Are male reporters allowed in female locker and shower rooms? They may be; just curious.

Also, what news happens in a shower room that can't be reported on outside of the shower room?
06:14 PM on 09/16/2010
What happens in the shower room, stays in the shower room, lol
John Stephen
03:54 PM on 09/16/2010
The feigned outrage in this article is absolutely disgusting. I'm a huge liberal but sometimes this place needs to chill out. I am so completely sick and tired of every slight off color remark having to be followed up with an apology. The quote comes off as him instilling humor into the situation so why all of the fake outrage? I'm tired of suits(like those running the NFL) and flaming cry baby liberal(moreso than me) types crying about this crap. Just shut up. You have no sense of humor so you can't possibly fathom this being funny. If this were a WNBA player talking about a man reporter this article wouldn't even exist.
03:53 PM on 09/16/2010
“A woman is a great creature. God made them special….cuz I don’t think a man could go through it.”

Amidst all the abstract criticism directed “at”, and “through” Portis concerning athletes (all of which has been enabled by us); #1 intelligence, or lack there of; #2 their sexism; #3 their immaturity; #4 aggression; #5 what ever else we propagate is exclusive to athletes, I find it disheartening that not once have I heard anyone mention the statements he made in regards to women at the START of the segment, but another poster still found a way to say, "Portis's comments are hurtful and damaging to women" (as if women don't have a sexaulity, which is in turn the real sexism). Man, what have we become? We love to lament and publicize supposedly questionable comments made by athletes, that shouldn’t even influence us to such a degree, but some how ignore the comments made by them that should influence our lively hood. We give life to what we focus on and provide energy to, and what we have a tendency to do is give our energy over to controversy, instead of what’s constructive. Controversy is the new crack and America needs a serious withdrawal.
03:47 PM on 09/16/2010
Clinton, you ol' smooth talker, you....
05:53 PM on 09/16/2010
reminds me of that other Clinton guy ...
Doc Scott
Criminologist, media pundit and expert
03:23 PM on 09/16/2010
Clinton Portis' comments are sexist, aggressive and ignorant to the extreme. He is perpetuating the myth that all women will dress seductively to arouse and tease men while they secretly want to be sexually conquered by them! Portis' words are hateful and damaging to women and men who know better. I hate to speak against a former Miami Hurricane's as I got a PhD there, but if Portis had spent 1% of the time exercising his brain that he has spent exercising his body, he might not say things that demonstrate his ignorance and insensitivity.
ron ray
Justice: Big Bird has a job, Mitt's a 47%er.
03:43 PM on 09/16/2010
which is the myth:

1. that women dress provocatively to around and tease men

2, that women want to have sex with them

I'm pretty sure both happen. have it on very good authority, in fact.
Libb Cabal
07:03 PM on 09/16/2010
If a woman dresses in a certain way--whether it is to attract sexual interest, to show off expensive jewelry, to appear as a powerful business person--it is usually to gain power over other women.

She will gain power by dressing sexually if it attracts many men to her. Attracting many men definitely empowers a woman in other women's eyes.

Dressing to the nines and wearing the safe-deposit-box jewelry empowers a woman over other women by showing wealth, status and attractiveness, especially if there is a rich, handsome, powerful-looking man who gave her the jewelry. Also, with such an outfit, including the male arm-candy, the woman becomes more attractive to other men.

Why in the world would a woman bother to dress provocatively to attract a man when she can, while wearing an old flannel shirt and cut-off sweat-pants, have many opportunities to have sex any number of men?
03:56 PM on 09/16/2010
You need to get out and stop taking thing like this sooo seriously. The American culture is starting to enslave its own people. I find talking to people from other countries more stimulating and free flowing than the canned statement that all the 'so-call" educated Americans are taught to give.
Doc Scott
Criminologist, media pundit and expert
08:39 PM on 09/16/2010
Yours is exactly the ignorance I am talking about, and learn to spell, by the way.
03:21 PM on 09/16/2010
Reporters should not be in locker rooms.  Those are for athletes to shower and dress.  Unless she is reporting for Playgirl, she has no business in a room of naked men.
03:14 PM on 09/16/2010
She's not a reporter, she's an entertainer.... an embarrassment to all professional women reporters/journalists. Dressing more sophisticated would certainly help too.
Nice seeing ya
02:56 PM on 09/16/2010
Why is this woman being attacked. She did not complain--other reporters complained. She dressed provocatively to get some flirting going on--she probably did not expect them to go as overboard as they did. She was going to let it pass, but once the other women complained, she couldn't very well criticize them.

I feel bad for her. She does not want to be barred from doing her work in her style--flirtatious and sexy, and she does not want to alienate the other reporters who think they are defending her honor. What to do, what to do. What a to do about nada.
02:47 PM on 09/16/2010
It's simple. No more interveiws in the locker room.
09:33 PM on 09/16/2010
"It's simple. No more interveiws in the locker room"
exactly!! common sense from sistahfriend.

fanned and faved!
02:33 PM on 09/16/2010
Is this really news? Obviously this Ms. Sainz wanted the publicity and her 15 minutes of fame. What feminist in their right mind would state a scandalously dressed female reporter should be able to go into a Men's locker room where naked men could be present and not have her sexuality seen or talked about. If this is the norm than Azteca should have sent in Rosie O or else given the Men privacy.

On another note many Black men know the deck is stacked against them to succeed in America so when they do there is a chip on their shoulder, many do not like to speak the Queen's English unless absolutely necessary whether right or wrong they revert to a comforting dialect. If you saw Roots it's like Toby versus Kunta Kinte.....But it is still shocking how seemingly grown mature adults unchristian like tend to judge as if you are better or even more successful than Mr.Portis. Have your forgotten that most NFL players were scholar athletes...humble yourself.
02:48 PM on 09/16/2010
pure reactionary gibberish. just like Portis' remarks.
02:32 PM on 09/16/2010
Questions -
1. Who is it that is driving this story, and to what end?
One of if not the first interview with this woman was on CNN Ricks List, in the interview she said plainly that she was not insulted or ever felt threatened. She said the woman(not sure who or title) that accompanied here did get upset.
2. Plain and simple up front and clear, what was said what was done?
We all know it could have been a joke and it was misunderstood or maybe it was taken too far who knows because NO ONE KNOWS what was done or said.

Without facts there is only GOSSIP. In this case there is ONLY GOSSIP.
02:09 PM on 09/16/2010
I don't know why bother with making them apologize...they're not sincere. He still thinks that of female reporters, and so do the sexists in the front office. UGH. Still, it's important for women to hold sports reporting jobs, even if they are given a lot of grief.
03:22 PM on 09/16/2010
Do they allow male reporters into the WTA locker rooms?