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01:42 PM on 11/15/2007
The Gonzo Defense Trust Fund is just a formality to launder the real sources of his legal defense. The real concern should be the waste of citizen taxes. We demand that waterboarding be used during all future testimony by Gonzalez, saving time and money, not to mention its usefulness in refreshing his poor memory.
01:37 PM on 11/15/2007
Let this puke represent himself.
01:35 PM on 11/15/2007
Oh if you want a good laugh and a prquel to the 08 election campaign watch this.
01:27 PM on 11/15/2007
scary picture ,i can only imagine their standing there thinking were idiots yet were turning america into a fascist country right before their eyes and and were using fear tactics and it's working so well the american people are even dumber then we could have ever wished for , to think idiots like Bush and Gonzo could actually take america to where were at is very telling snapshot of america ,of how gullible and willing they allowed this fascist regime to take your freedoms away and stealin the treasury for themselves and their corporate cronies,there were no protest ,until now ,finally americans are WIDE AWAKE these fascist aren't going to give up on their agenda easy ,so for us americans it's going to be long tough road to get back what we lost from this regime ,but at least i see americans are finally awake at the wheel ,hopefully it's not to late ,because that old saying is something worth while is worth fighting for it's america and our civil liberties ,america is not a country of torture or ease droppping on it's own citizens or stealing elections otherwise turning america into a police state
01:22 PM on 11/15/2007
repigs using the Department of Justice for strictly partisan purposes, and to subvert the rule of law, is A-ok with the imbecilic right wing. All repubs, and all Conservatives are treasonous ,Constitution hating morons. Its time the sons of bitches are held to account ...The Constitution, love it, or get the fuck out of our country.
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H.L. Mencken was too kind.
01:21 PM on 11/15/2007
I think they decided to put on the tin cup white cane show to speed up the pardon process.

We seem to be years away from any indictment.

So there would seem to be no predicate for a pardon.

So, they have to create a predicate for a pardon, don't they?
01:17 PM on 11/15/2007
"A penny for Alberto". Now we can have an American equivalent for Guy Fawkes day. At every occasion for those opposed to the Bush Administration there should a collection limited to one penny a person for the Gonzalez defense fund.
01:15 PM on 11/15/2007
I love the pic on the front they look like 2 hapless fools.


here ya go , i edited and uploaded some of the bullshit bias we see on MSNBC every day. they are a fox wannabe and are nothing but a bunch of right wingers who smear the Dems and lie whenever they can get away with it.
01:15 PM on 11/15/2007
Hey Huffpo, why not put together a UTube, best of, Gonzo lying through his teeth so we can rememeber all the good he and Bushco have done.
01:10 PM on 11/15/2007
BAGHDAD (AFP) - Iraq's cabinet has approved a redraft of a law that would allow lower ranking members of ousted dictator Saddam Hussein's Baath party to return to public office, a government official said Thursday.

The bill will set up an independent Justice and Accountability Commission which will recognise two categories of Baathists -- those in the lower ranks who committed no crimes and senior leaders who implemented the oppressive policies of the party.

"The bill prevents (senior) party members from being employed or practising any political job," government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said on national television late on Thursday

Trying to correct the second of the two fatal flaws in Iraq.

1] Not securing the country after preemptively invading.

2] Ripping apart its govenment institutions.

Now all they have to do is repair over a 1200 years of sectarian divisions.

Piece of cake.

Now back to Speedy and torture, wiretapping and treason.
If we only had a "free" press!
01:08 PM on 11/15/2007
I wonder if they will have to "publish" a list of donors.
01:05 PM on 11/15/2007
My wife and I already give about 2000 bucks a month to this bunch and their misadventures. I believe I'll just sit this one out.
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some days youre the dog;others the hydrant
01:02 PM on 11/15/2007
Youve got to be fucking kidding!!!! I wouldnt give that criminal my spit if he was dying of thirst in the desert!!!

12:57 PM on 11/15/2007

AN excerpt from my hometown daily rag, this is the MAIN editorial today:


Democrats still trying to lose the war

-Once again, the Democrats are trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. On Tuesday Senate Majority Leader "Dingy Harry" Reid pledged that his party will not approve more money for the Iraq war unless the President agrees to start bringing the troops home.
Haven't we gotten beyond this? We're winning in Iraq now, for heavens sake.
Not only that, but Reid's remarks came only three days after the U.S. military command in Baghdad announced that it was sending a brigage back to Texas. Four more brigades are supposed to be coming home in the first six months of the new year.
The troops are ALREADY coming home! Wake up, Harry, and read the papers! And quit trying to dictate to the President how to run the war. By the U.S. Constitution it's HIS job, not yours!.......

Welcome to middle America....):
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In this respect Sarah
12:57 PM on 11/15/2007
I'd offer Mr. Gonzales immunity and witness protection in exchange for the goods on the head(s) of the snake.