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08:49 PM on 09/22/2010
After an hour I was finally able to get to Abbott's website (never could get through to the customer service line) to discover that my formula was part of the recall. Luckily I had some ready to feed -- which was not part of the recall -- that I was able to use for the rest of the day. Now my husband is out buying Enfamil. I will never use Similac products again, not only due to this contamination but the poor way that they have handled it so far. It's not like an adult food recall, this is my baby's sole source of nutrition. As parents who are unable (in my case) or choose not to breastfeed, we put a lot of trust in these companies, and that's not something easily regained.

szazz, if it helps my lot numbers were 90373T20 and 91481T20.
09:30 PM on 09/22/2010
Viri - thanks, my lot # is 86838RE 048 1852 and I still haven't been able to reach Abbott.
And you are absolutely right - it is their sole source of nutrition and my little ones are 6 weeks old.
It's not like I can pull something else out of the pantry and make do until . . . .
12:38 AM on 09/23/2010
08:39 PM on 09/22/2010
Hey Abbott - been trying to get on your recall web link for an hour and a half. Can't get in - jammed. Been trying to call your 1-800 recall information line for an hour and a half. Can't get through - busy every time.
What do I tell my twin grandsons? Abbott is too busy to just post a list of the product numbers that are being recalled?
When the cat food melamine contamination scare happened a few years ago - all of the affected products were plainly listed on easily available websites.
What did I feed my twin grandsons at 5:00 PM this afternoon? When will I be able to find out if it was recalled?
Thanks Abbott - for behaving so responsibly and making the critical information readily available to all frantically concerned parents.
We are switching to Enfamil.
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08:53 AM on 09/24/2010
I am giving my one year old pumped breastmilk now as she is refusing the breast after a mouthful of teeth, and my production went down about 1/4, so sometimes use organic formula to supplement. Earth's Best is tops, more money, but organic and it doesn't have all that crap in it like Enfamil or Abbott. It is way gentler on the stomach as well. Also, feel badly for comments made by snotty woman who have no idea what it is like not to be able to BF.
04:36 PM on 09/24/2010
If you're having trouble getting through to our Similac recall consumer hotline, we have added a new, additional phone # for you: 888-376-2054. Please give us a call, 24/7. We'd like to hear from you! ~Similac Team
06:07 PM on 09/22/2010
Enfamil please accept my apologies for my error! I'm sorry I linked your name to the tainted Similac baby formula. Readers, please accept my apologies, I hope their is no confusion.
Obviously, Similac is the offending party, no other company is.
05:59 PM on 09/22/2010
Is it possible this was an unavoidable contamination? Or, are there beetles and larvae in our babies formula because key jobs and employees at the Enfamil facilities were laid off?

I know I'd like to know.