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04:34 PM on 12/08/2010
Wow, you mean that 67% are in favor of taking money from 2% and giving it to everyone else. I would think that 98% would be in favor.

Did you know that that 99% of people are not a smart as the smartest 1%. Did you know that 78% of all statistics are made up on the spot?
04:08 PM on 12/08/2010
I couldn't even finish this article all the way through before wanting to punch the author in the face. Are you serious? If people like you hadn't criticized the President on every freaking thing he tried to do in office for the first two years, the Republicans probably wouldn't have done so well in the midterm. It's one thing for the American voter to be stupid and vote in representatives for the rich, but it's an entirely different thing for the supposed liberal media to slam against the very person they championed as a savior in 2008. Talk about weak, you might as well beg for a job at Fox News. Pathetic.
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08:51 PM on 12/08/2010
Can it be that the man they thought would champion changes, did not do much?
12:01 AM on 12/09/2010
Can it be that they placed, and still place, too much hope unrealistically without understanding the realities of politics and the limits of executive power?
03:50 PM on 12/08/2010
I've always thought that if both extremes of the political spectrum agreed on something, it has to be correct. The right has thought he's been stupid all along. The left is starting to agree, so it must be true.
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12:44 PM on 12/08/2010
This tax compromise will not impress our creditors the Chinese. Tax the Rich so that we can be credit worthy. Tax the Rich to keep them from speculating in comodities and starving the very poor. Tax the Rich so that they can go to Heaven eventually!
04:52 PM on 12/08/2010
I hate to bust your bubble, but the Chinese are small potatoes when it comes to who this government owes money to. By far it's the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve owned 50% of the national debt in 2008. Who knows how deep they got their greedy hands into Uncle Sam's pocket today. Oh, did you think that the Federal Reserve was part of the Federal Government? Oops, another bubble just popped :)
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06:17 PM on 12/08/2010
Ack!! What a scary truth that sounds like. I'm glad you just making stuff up. Fanned for you great imagination.
Andrew Holloway
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10:59 AM on 12/08/2010
At this point, we need to start asking ourselves, what makes someone a Democrat? And if Barack Obama is a democrat, do I really want to be associated with him? Are democrats weak, timid creatures who give in to the opposition instantly and totally under every set of circumstance? If so, why would anyone want to identify as a Democrat?
10:38 AM on 12/08/2010
Problem is with taxing the so called “rich” it’s those individuals and businesses that pay the middle class and it’s the middle class that pay for the benefits of the lower class (all those little extra thing taken out of your pay check other than taxes). So (stick with me I’ll keep it simple) Tax the “rich” and the middle class gets paid less, thus more middle class become lower class and the remaining middle class has to pay more for the growing lower class. Add to this more “social” programs paid for my both the upper class (them who write checks) and middle class (them who work for checks) and what you get is a cascade effect running down hill. A huge lower class (Obama supporters) a static elite upper class (also Obama supporters, these are those who are truly rich in that their money works for them and them for their money, if and individual is making 250k a year but has to work 50-70 hours a week to earn it that individual is not rich to put a simple numerical amount on wealth is stupid pandering to an ignorant majority, and yes the old rich don’t want new blood in their club) leaving the lower and upper middle class in a state of helplessness we who understand what’s happening but lack the numbers to take action because of one simple fact given free resources ignorant, lazy people will reproduce faster the hard working intelligent people.
04:34 PM on 12/08/2010
Not exactly. The wealthy CEO of my former company did not pay us out of his own pocket, but from his company's budget. Giving him a tax break does nothing for his employees, unless you count his illegal housekeeper.
04:43 PM on 12/08/2010
Where do I begin? First off, conservatives have been spinning that same bit of reasoning for years. People like you actually bought into it and we have directly tested these tax cuts for the last decade. Where has it gotten us? Take a look around you. The entire economic system nearly caved in on itself and there is more disparity between the rich and poor than ever. Secondly... I'm not sure where you live, but the educated and hardworking middle class in my area are not the angry individuals attending tea party rallies. They typically aren't the dimwits driving around with NOBAMA bumper stickers either. If Republicans continue on with the middle/low income bracket hostage crisis, and taxes go up on the working class while unemployment benefits expire... well... it's their own grave that they're digging. Somehow The Prez fails to recognize that likelihood, and it may just be his biggest political gaffe thus far.
10:28 AM on 12/08/2010
No he is neither stupid nor ignorant of the consequences. The USA is being devoured by this administration one small step at a time.
There is no knowledge that is not power.
10:18 AM on 12/08/2010
Wow Cenk, I am a Republican and your article is making me defend Obama. Your over simplification of the issue fails to mention the fifth option; unemployment benefits. Since Congress is still run by the Dems, he fears failure to extend the unemployment benefits will be blamed on them. No matter how badly the GOP screwed it up, the public will blame Obama and the Dems. I hate politics, they should have put the unemployment to a vote and let the public see who voted against it. This way when they can't pay their bills they will know it was the GOP that screwed them over. I do agree that he has no backbone and caves too easy, he should know that the GOP would have passed the unemployment for fear of looking like total d**ks. I guess this is why you need an experienced politician as President.
02:15 AM on 12/08/2010
Weak analysis. What Obama has done is this. All along the way Democrats, and Obama in particular, have had to slog through the lie of raising people's taxes. No matter the truth, the refrain was that he was socialist, against business, and increased taxes. If you challenged, then they would head to the default, "Well, he will with the Bush tax cuts". So Obama has cut the legs out of the argument, made it so he can run a campaign as a pure tax cutter, while also stimulating the economy. And it buys him more time and space to continue his incremental change. This has nothing to do with being weak, stupid, or siding with the wealthy. It has to do with removing obstacles ahead of 2012 to live another day to continue action.
05:32 PM on 12/08/2010
I did not believe the lie that he raised taxes, socialist, antibusiness. How can he "cut the legs out of the argument" (which is based upon a lie) when the right will propagate a NEW and improved lie within a day's time?

No. Obama should not have compromised with the right. Now, because these rich people did not want to pay an extra 4% in taxes, we have ballooned our debt problems.

I am a die hard democrat but I am not gonna be surprised if we lose the White House. Obama doesn't seek to please the voters who put him there and he is going to see that caving in to the right will yeild NO political gain.
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09:04 PM on 12/07/2010
Perhaps, the best explanation for this fiasco is that Obama--or whoever does his thinking for him--just wish to destroy what remains of FDR's Democratic Party?

If they are not getting paid to do so, someone in the "financial community" is getting a bargain.
10:49 AM on 12/07/2010
The solution to our current financial/tax problems should be obvious to the most casual observer:

1) Raise taxes for everybody who makes more money than I do.

2) Eliminate all government programs except those from which I receive benefits.
08:22 PM on 12/06/2010
No, he is not stupid. Neither is he docile, as Frank Rich of the New York Times observed. Obama is a grandmaster at this game of political chess. He relies on advice from core supporters, such as an old chemist in East Brunswick, NJ, who have contributed time and precious resources to defeat the Clinton's and McCain-Palin. There is no need to pray for Palin in 2012. There is no place in America for ignorance and hypocrisy.

So his liberal base is disappointed that he did not insist on a public option, and that he is not fighting to repeal DADT. The American people will determine if there will be a public option and the courts will push DADT up the rectal orifices of the Pentagon. But there is now justification for giving a tax bonus to 0.03% of the 160 million taxpayers who are earning over $1 million.

Long live Barack Obama! And God Bless America.

I have advised him to lower the payroll tax because of the fact that I own and operate a small business, and I am well aware of the stimulative effects of putting more money in the pockets of my employees and cash flow, combined with retained earnings.

Now, I did not contribute a million dollars, as Goldman Sachs, but POTUS needs my advice. I knew he was a winner after the IOWA primary, and I do not support fools.
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11:30 AM on 12/07/2010
he "needs" your advice? you have "advised" him?
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08:00 PM on 12/06/2010
"The last possible explanation is the worst of all. He is complicit."

ALL Democrats of note have been complicit, since at least 1991. America's middle class is the victim of a two decade-long game of Good Cop, Bad Cop.
03:52 PM on 12/06/2010
If Obama and the Dems were really interested about saving money...they'd "fess up and dump ObamaCare...which has now (after the fact) been estimated as adding another $6 TRILLION to the budget over 10 years. Of course getting out of Iraq ($9 BILLION A MONTH) and Afghanistan ($8 BILLION A MONTH) might help a bit also.
04:47 PM on 12/06/2010
The health care reform bill lowers the long term deficit, per the non-partisan CBO.
03:07 PM on 12/07/2010
Educate yourself, bbfmail. The Health Care Reform bill (that's "ObamaCare" to you, Newt Gingrich, Glenn Beck, et al.) lowers the long term deficit.
01:21 PM on 12/08/2010
Could someone please explain to me how spending an estimated and additional $900 Billion dollars over the next 10 years is going to "reduce" the debt? Last time I check, only reducing spending and/or increasing income (taxes) is the only way to reduce debt.
03:50 PM on 12/06/2010
Cenk is again 100% right, 0% wrong. Obama's current "compromise" plan to give tax breaks to the rich in exchange for continued unemployment benefits goes against what the majority of people want. Not only that, his plan goes along with the Republican hyporicy without challenging it. The Republicans say they don't want to extend unemployment without a plan to pay for it, but by extending unemployment by collecting less to get it (by giving tax breaks to the rich) is nonsensical political sausage. Why should Obama do that? Only because he is trying to find a way to give in to the Republicans. Better to just not extend any of it, tax breaks or unemployment, than to continue to give the rich those tax advantages, because the tax breaks for the rich are worse for the country.