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02:17 PM on 12/09/2010
Depaul University under pressure from the Israel lobby whack Norman Finkestein who has published at least a 12 books but their basketball team is all black!
02:21 PM on 12/09/2010
And not a single one of his books makes any sense. That man is insane.
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01:05 PM on 12/09/2010
I know that Ratemyprofessor is not considered in the tenure process, but Prof. Shelby gets terrible reviews across the board. Could that be why the article is so scant is discussing her denial of tenure versus that of Goswami?
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01:08 PM on 12/09/2010
no and not scientific, not infor that could should be included in the process.
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01:21 PM on 12/09/2010
Obviously and that's why it's not even considered in the tenure process at any college I've heard of. BUT this is HuffPO, and the article has given us almost nothing to work on with these professors. What little I can find seems to jive with a professor who would be denied tenure.
12:41 PM on 12/09/2010
I wonder what the "university's highest teaching award" is? Often, these awards are based on nothing more than students' course evaluations--very sorry evaluations of anything, indeed.
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12:41 PM on 12/09/2010
And this is a surprise from a school run by deluded medieval-thinking catholics?
02:13 PM on 12/09/2010
You must be kidding me. This school is run by 21st-century, money-driven Catholics.
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12:40 PM on 12/09/2010
It should be pretty straightforward that tenure was improperly withheld given that they have an appeals board ruling. Though "co-authored with her husband" isn't sexist, assuming it's actually true.
11:54 AM on 12/17/2010
Of course it is sexist! Someone upthread posted a great comment about this. The "co-authored" part is not sexist but pointing out that it was with "her husband" surely is. Who cares who she co-authored with as long as the article was truly co-authored and published in a peer reviewed journal? It was meant to be damning of her publication record, but it surely shows unexamined sexism at play. Of course, the whole case doesn't seem to hang on the sexism of a single comment, since a faculty appeals board would need a little more than a single comment to base its recommendations on.
12:20 PM on 12/09/2010
Who is on the tenure committee? GOP?
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01:09 PM on 12/09/2010
of course .
12:10 PM on 12/09/2010
Thanks for this coverage. The point, as I understand it, is that Professor Goswami was hired to research and teach in certain areas. She has a forthcomin­g book with a major university press (in a philosophy series, according to the press conference­!), publicatio­ns in peer-revie­wed journals *in these areas*, and incredible teaching evaluation­s. In short, she met the expectatio­ns, and then some. But she was denied tenure? This is where the issue of academic freedom becomes important. Some members of the Department of Philosophy at DePaul seem to have decided that they no longer wanted her/these topics in the department­, and fought tooth and nail to get her out of there. Think whatever you like about this, but it is clearly a violation of academic freedom. And for the record here, the form of racism and sexism operating here is much more complex than simply saying things against women or people of color (although that is apparent as well in the department­al report). It is instead about targeting areas of philosophy that attract many women and people of color, and that engage with issues relevant to their lives, and then deciding that these areas are not "real" philosophy­. Regardless of what you think about these areas, it's not up to us-- or the Department of Philosophy­-- to decide such things *after* Professor Goswami was hired for these areas and met the expectatio­ns for tenure. This is why the university appeals board found a violation of academic freedom.
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12:42 PM on 12/09/2010
You're saying colleges and/or departments don't have the right to set the direction of how their departments will be oriented, except at hiring time of an assitant professor, tenure-track position. Tenure is another hiring decision/event. Shouldn't departments have as much right to set the direction of the department at the tenure decision point as when hiring into an ass't prof position?

Academic freedom? Tenure is a privilege, not a right. No department or college provides true academic freedom. When hiring they always exercise some degree of deciding whether what a scholar addresses is "right" or for them.

I have friends who were denied tenure despite having a forthcoming book with a major university press and multiple peer-reviewed journal articles. And great teaching evaluations/awards.Views on the quality and significance of the work differ. Just because something was/will be published doesn't mean it's high quality or high-enough quality.

I'm sympathetic to the "they hired her knowing she'd work
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01:07 PM on 12/09/2010
They didn't consider her research to be within the realm of philosopy. I could do research that will get me tenure in a history department, but if I was hired for a spot in the political science department there could be problems.
02:33 PM on 12/09/2010
If a department hires someone with a specific job description that asks them to write on and teach specific subjects--and she does just that to an exceptional degree, as Goswami has done, you would agree that the whims of a few who are threatened by the quality of her work and teaching ought to deny her employment? The empirical evidence is this: Goswami was hired to work on critical race, feminist, and postcolonial theory. She did that. She got published in philosophy venues as well as in venues pertaining to the fields she was hired to research. She was asked to add specific courses to the curriculum--which were approved by the department. These courses were in the aforementioned fields. So, where do you get your opinion that somehow she was teaching history when she should have been teaching polisci? The empirical evidence of the actual record makes a mockery of such an assertion.
11:22 AM on 12/09/2010
"Russo pointed out one particularly sexist comment made by the review board: that Goswami's only strong article was "co-authored with her husband.""

That was not sexist at all. Co-authorship is legitimately considered less important than sole authorship.

"She was originally denied tenure in June, her research was deemed, "insufficiently philosophical," she said, but she appealed the decision to a faculty board."

I've looked at the topics she works on. They are not philosophical topics. They're some sort of sociology or something. What she works on would also fit well in a contemporary English department, but not a philosophy department, so I actually think they're right-on there.

She may be a great intellectual (I don't know her) and the process may be unfair (again, I don't know the details of the process) but at least those two issues seem to make sense to me for denying tenure.
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12:05 PM on 12/09/2010
Interesting. I really would like to hear a whole lot more voices on this before I cast judgement in my own court of public opinion. I know a couple of proffessors but at other local institutions.I would like to hear from some more Depaul people.
01:16 PM on 12/09/2010
Then why not simply say "her best article was merely co-authored?" How is the identity of the co-author relevant -- unless he's indeed implying what we all know he's implying.
02:16 PM on 12/09/2010
No, we don't all know what he's implying. Do you know the background of her husband? Neither do I. For all we know, he's a foremost scholar on the subject matter, making it a highly-relevant detail to include. Who knows - based on what information we're given, neither of us do. So it's more than unfair to say that we all know what he's implying. We don't.
04:02 PM on 12/09/2010
That's ridiculous. It was co-authored. If they had said that it was co-authored with her best friend, would that mean something too?
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11:06 AM on 12/09/2010
I've been following these stories, and it doesn't seem like their is any racism involved: just people crying because life isn't fair.

Welcome to the club.
12:27 PM on 12/09/2010
There are laws against unfair practices. These people are fighting against lack of fairness, sounds like you like being in a club to talk about fairness, while these men and women are trying to do something about it.
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01:10 PM on 12/09/2010
That's you saying they are unfair and the first process deemed them ineligible. We only really see details of Goswami's denial in this article. Shelby and the other professors may have no grounds for tenure.

Calling them sexist for weighing co-authorship less than sole authorship is not sexist. Actually we should take a look at Goswami, her research seems preoccupied with race. Maybe she's the racist?
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10:08 AM on 12/09/2010
I graduated from depaul, its a giant rich kids school. Anyways while there the school invited the spokesman for the minute men and other uber conservative groups to speak. So this is no suprise.
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01:13 PM on 12/09/2010
So inviting those people means what? That the whole school is "tainted" by conservatives and that's why these folks didn't get tenure. Following your logic the number of non-leftist professors being denied tenure in other schools must be an epidemic.
02:20 PM on 12/09/2010
Care to mention endless list of liberal groups that are routinely invited to the school? I'm also a DePaul grad, and I've heard it called America's most liberal Catholic university on more than one occasion.
02:45 PM on 12/09/2010
Of course they're not going to mention those, they only cite facts that support his limited world view.

Sounds like a Palinite.
10:07 AM on 12/09/2010
THE TENURE PROCESS is the bane of the education system and should be eliminated
12:28 PM on 12/09/2010
Then again, not all professors meet the standards that would allow them to teach and guide students. The tenure process is critical, its important that it be impartial.