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12:32 PM on 12/10/2010
You know, when traveling outside of this country, in most other countries, I feel more free. I don't feel under constant surveillance. I don't have to watch my every word. This has happened gradually. I don't recall feeling like this 30 years ago.
12:29 PM on 12/10/2010
I wonder if Edward R. Murrow would consider Assange a journalist. I think not. An opportunist and anarchist seem more appropriate. We all want transparency and need journalists to dig and uncover important information, but we also need journalist to operate in the time honored tradition of uncovering facts. When someone is dumping mass quantities of unfiltered information with no regard to the effect, they are not journalists, and put the reputation and rights of real journalists in danger.
12:44 PM on 12/10/2010
Perhaps if you read Naomi's article you would learn that she associated Assange with publishers and not journalists.
12:56 PM on 12/10/2010
Go, Joe. Fanned and faved.
The atmosphere is Toxic
01:50 PM on 12/10/2010
12:45 PM on 12/10/2010
Edward R. Murrow was always heavily censored by his British and American minders. It was a constant game of wits to phrase each sentence he was allowed to read over the air in such a way as to let the truth of things be known to those who had ears to hear it.

He was never in his career free from either government or (later on) network censorship.

I am certain that if he could have said what he wanted about the purblind and chaotic machinations of the war machine he witnessed every day in wartime London he would have made Julian Assange look like a piker.

Julian Assange is a journalist not because he keeps a journal, not because he publishes raw data, but because he seeks out and presents to the public the truth about their own governments -- which not only reminds those citizens that THEY are responsible for creating and supervising their own governments--it gives them the facts to go after the crooks in charge.

The entire function of a journalist is to publish the truth to the public.
hell hath no fury, like a bureucrat scorned!
12:24 PM on 12/10/2010
Well said Naomi!