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11:31 PM on 12/17/2010
Everytime Obama says he's going to "fix" something, he does a half-baked job. This is one more example of his doing half the job.
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11:20 PM on 12/17/2010
He's too dishonest to really want transparency. Like when he said the scientists agreed with him on a drilling moratorium - when they did not!
11:18 PM on 12/17/2010
A wishy washy policy from Obama that breaks a campaign promise? I am shocked.
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11:16 PM on 12/17/2010
Do you ever get the impression that President Obama is "throwing the game" and Republican "obstruction" is just a smoke screen while we all get fragged by the Got Lots?
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11:32 PM on 12/17/2010
Yup! F&F
11:54 PM on 12/17/2010
I feel this way, but it sounds too crazy to say out loud.
04:38 AM on 12/18/2010
The hard evidence of his actions and inactions would certainly seem to support that theory more strongly than the theories espoused by the Stand by Our Man Crowd that seem to involve highly convoluted psychoanalysis/.rationalizations/ justifications/ etc. to explain President Obama's behaviors and Republicans not cheering his most Republican policies.

The faux insurance reform bill would be a prime example to study: It is virtually identical to several proposed by Republicans over the last several decades.
11:14 PM on 12/17/2010
Hell hath no fury like the wrath of liberal scorned.
11:48 PM on 12/17/2010
Tell that to the teabaggers.
12:58 AM on 12/18/2010
Death...the last new experience you will ever have
11:13 PM on 12/17/2010
So, more of President Obysmal's HOPE and CHANGE strategy! So once again true believers, explain how Barry is different than George the Lesser?
12:58 AM on 12/18/2010
Ah.......just a minute.....
01:03 AM on 12/18/2010
Child please.
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
11:07 PM on 12/17/2010
This is too little too late. It is emblematic this Administration's failure to recognize that if you want to change the behavior of the bureaucracy you have to be especially clear and forceful with official direction. Otherwise, bureaucrats will simply stall, avoid, and wait for you to go away.
10:46 PM on 12/17/2010
There needs to be some control over what's said to control the message. If all the facts are allowed to come out about all issues other views would be reconized and discused. This wouldn't be productive to the final goal of one "true message". We need to control the story the people are allowed to hear.
10:52 PM on 12/17/2010
Faux already does that ...
11:01 PM on 12/17/2010
MSNBC needs to get the ratings Faux does to give us a chance. Start tuning in people!
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11:23 PM on 12/17/2010
I read that same article about Fox, but did you read the actual study the article was talking about? Clearly that article about Fox was biased and partisan.
10:37 PM on 12/17/2010
I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop when Obama's administration puts out a memo denying climate change. Is there any campaign promise Obama HASN'T broken yet? Are we going to be faced with a choice between Sarah Palin, who is openly crazy, and Obama, whose campaign rhetoric is meaningless?
10:53 PM on 12/17/2010
Primary him!
Feingold/Grayson 2012!
Justin Stamper
11:13 PM on 12/17/2010
Grayson? lol
I voted for him, I'm holding him accountable.
11:18 PM on 12/17/2010
10:31 PM on 12/17/2010
Having studied in the previous decades topics relating to my own academic interests in stem cell biology, pain policy, and the health care legislative debates, there is still profound challenges not only in the society but also in the NIH, FDA and many other federal departments that need philosophical change as well as paradigmatic change to know how and what to fund in science...But, bureaucracies also need internal leaders ("personalismo") with knowledge and insight on how to embrace institutional policy change. This is not easy to accomplish, no matter which government, state, federal or international bureaucracy... outside the presidency. Basic science needs scientists...society needs an educational system that is able to provide the best and brightest...governments need knowledgeable bureaucrats unafraid to admit what they don't know and have the perspicacity to gain the knowledge to know how and what to fund, with one eye on the future and one eye on availability of funds/social/religious/political debates. What we are seeing in this troublesome Venn diagram that links society, government and science is decades of anachronistic behavior that counters much needed real time scientific innovations... bureaucracies take a long time for needed change to occur, even with the most progressive president. The road is long.
10:56 PM on 12/17/2010
Obama and his hanger-ons sure have an endless supply of excuses as to why the "most progressive president" only enacts the most regressive, right-wing, and undemocratic bordering on authoritarian policies ever and no remotely progressive policies whatsoever.
01:18 AM on 12/18/2010
the road may be long, but it would have been a fairly short one to allow the NOAA scientists to report their findings. That was completely unacceptable. Who knows what else has been done in secrecy?
10:22 PM on 12/17/2010
The Gulf disaster proved that scientific integrity and competence in this administration are an afterthought at best.
10:57 PM on 12/17/2010
Along with following the constitution, not torturing anyone (including leakers), not targeting and ki//ing Americans abroad without any trial, kicking the lobbyists out of Washington (or at least not making secret back-room deals with them), getting rid of the Bush tax cuts for the rich, making affordable healthcare available to all Americans ... 
01:01 AM on 12/18/2010
Why would Obama want to change policies he supports?
marilyn 63
12:28 AM on 12/18/2010
maybe this president has led on more things then a lot of presidents because a lot of ex presidents didn't replace such a loser who almost destroyed the country. and their are those like you who want to pretend it didn't happen. but history will tell it. who the huge loser was. and who viewed everything as an afterthought Katrina comes to mind.
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10:05 PM on 12/17/2010
He releases his standard, a month before he loses all of his political power.
Well done, Obama. You're really some kind of "leader."
I am an American
09:59 PM on 12/17/2010
What did we Republicans try to tell you. This gut is an empty suit. We warned you and now the proof is being laid out before you. I hate to tell you I told you so...but I told you so. He had no experience to do this job and everyone on the left is just now beginning to awaken to this fact that I knew three years ago. The community organizer in chief with a ivy league resume is a failure. What a surprise. You all got caught up in the historical moment instead of looking out for your country. Now its going to cost us trillions of dollars and 4 wasted years to get this country back on the right course.....pun intended.
10:04 PM on 12/17/2010
Don't get me started with your better than thou bull. Bush and Cheney WERE THE ONES THAT DESTROYED THIS COUNTRY and started it on a downward spiral. You better take a look at your own house b/f you start critizing someone elses.
10:19 PM on 12/17/2010
...its gotten so bad that even fidel is disallusioned:
10:48 PM on 12/17/2010
The guilty Party is the DemaPublicans
military veteran, veteran teacher, father, grandpa
10:31 PM on 12/17/2010
Problem with Republicans is their short and selective memories.  The recession began under a Republican Administration; the same Administration that saw fit to get us into a second war before we had won the first one.  The same one that ran the debt sky high and left it to his successor to try and fix it . . . along with a bunch of Republican members of Congress, who along with your avatar hero proudly proclaimed they were on the same side as the t a l i b a n.  Remember?
09:55 PM on 12/17/2010
How sad and predictable the present administration is. Another version of my paymaster said do it. The differences between the last administration and present are blurred by the presents command of the English language not leadership or policy.
09:52 PM on 12/17/2010
All things to all people(or just the Tea Party/Republican)

all things to all people

Usage notes: often as a negative: A political party cannot be all things to all people.