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give me liberty or give me death
09:29 PM on 12/20/2010
Lately Abbas, himself, had provided the irrefutable proof of his treason and his Zionist loyalty to Israel when he, solely and without consulting any Palestinian political advisors or any of the other Arab leaders, had given the order to defer for six months the endorsement in the UNHRC (UN Human Rights Council) of Judge Richard Goldstone's Report concerning Israel's war crimes and crimes against humanity during the onslaught on Gaza Palestinians in December 2008 (Operation Cast Lead).

Abbas, who is supposed to represent Palestinians and whose job is to protect their rights, had thus saved the Israeli criminals from legal persecution, and had washed their hands from spilled Palestinian blood that he is supposed to preserve. This is a totally unusual and an unprecedented treasonable act throughout all the human history, where a leader of a national liberation movement (PLO in this case) would vindicate a military genocidal occupier from crimes perpetrated against his people, and helps them escape persecution.

For this treacherous decision Abbas and his PA gang offered shameful justifications. First they claimed they needed time to rally a majority in the Council. There was, already, a majority of 35 out of 47 votes for the Report in the Council.
Rest of article: Do NOT MISS THIS
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One man, one vote, from the river to the sea
12:41 AM on 12/21/2010
PS - excellent article - DONT MISS as Muckracker indicates
Abbas has got to go

Israel blackmailed Abbas to oppose the Goldstone Report - they had video on him requesting Israeli slaughter of Hamas in Gaza. The US joined the Israeli blackmail with threats of withdrawing aid

//Israel had threatened to reveal these recordings, among others, incriminating Abbas' gang if Abbas does not withdraw Goldstone's Report.//
03:21 AM on 12/21/2010
Excellent article u linked there MR....
07:02 PM on 12/20/2010
Who benefits from the constant demonizing of all things Arab? How convenient such a document is leaked when Brazil and Argentina are already on the record as recognizing the State of Palestine. Must have been written and printed up at Amblin Productions before being "leaked."
Progressive/2nd Amendment Jewish Iraq war vet.
04:32 PM on 12/20/2010
Oh, no... because after all, the last thing we all want is for Israelis and Palestinians to form working relationships that might lead to communication and understanding!

Mass hysteria! Dogs and cats, living together..!
03:23 AM on 12/21/2010
There's a difference between cooperation and collaboration....
likes all cats more than most people
04:27 PM on 12/20/2010
Israel created Hamas? I don't waste my time asserting this, but I'd heard about this years ago. There are some here calling that a fairy tale, so I took the laborsous task of spending 3 seconds doing a Google Search using "Israel created" and "Israel Created Hamas" comes up as the #1 suggestion. Under it I found these articles you may check out yourself and see if you think Israel had anything to do with creating Hamas. (Wall Street Journal - fairly conservative operation) I am not endorsing any of these articles, just saying that it's not some Lefty conspiracy theory to say Israel helped to create Hamas. Enjoy!
04:35 PM on 12/20/2010
I think the error is the use of the word "created." The correct word appears to be "supported." Financially. It doesn't appear that israel's financial support was major, much less primary.
06:08 PM on 12/20/2010
Yes Israel aided the creation of Hamas because they saw the PLO as more of a threat at that time. And a big oops to the rise of the Islamists.
But at this point Abbas has no base and no credibility and is too indebted to the Israelis to move anything. Nothing will come of negotiations with him and only an international movement to make Israel a pariah nation, already making progress, will create the conditions necessary for a lasting and just peace. Yes to BDS
02:16 AM on 12/21/2010
No to your BS!
1948 Palestine belongs to the Palestinians
04:17 PM on 12/20/2010
So called " lsrael " is stolen Palestine.
politeness rules, but with sharpened edges
04:23 PM on 12/20/2010
You know, repeating the same thing in all the threads is really starting to grate me.
It will take more than condiments to foil my brill
09:56 PM on 12/20/2010
how bout a game show, name the stolen country?
10:40 AM on 12/21/2010
And, it is against Hufpost guidelines too, but not for the fairwayhill poster. Item V of the guidelines.
04:24 PM on 12/20/2010
Your late today. If you can't get here on time, you're fired.
02:56 PM on 12/20/2010
Hamas won the parliamentary elections, so Israel and the US conspired to subvert the result. What a surprise!
03:54 PM on 12/20/2010
It's all about democracy. ;-P
06:10 PM on 12/20/2010
And I thought Israel was the great Middle East democracy. LOL
04:10 PM on 12/20/2010
the article doesn't say anything about conspiracy to subvert. what specifically did Israel do.
06:42 PM on 12/20/2010
myopinion2 - - The US and Israel set up a Fatah coup that was intended to take control of Gaza. Hamas launched a counter-coup and consolidated control for itself in Gaza. You should be able to get the Vanity Fair article at
02:54 PM on 12/20/2010
The Palestinians voted for Hamas for that reason. They knew that their leaders were corrupt and were hoping for change. Why else did they get punished if it not for disobedience against Israel and its cronies in the PLO? In reality most Palestinians are moderate and would rather not deal with the extremists in Hamas. But they felt they had no where else to turn. It was either Hamas or Israel and guess who they chose?
06:11 PM on 12/20/2010
You are correct. Historically the Palestinians were secular and educated.
02:17 AM on 12/21/2010
unlike now!
01:34 PM on 12/20/2010
Where are all the posters declaing the Wikileaks is a mossad front.
03:55 PM on 12/20/2010
*crickets* ;-P
The Answer is 42
04:00 PM on 12/20/2010
This is one of the cables that Mossad through in so it wouldn't look suspicious, haven't you heard that one yet?
Gracie fr
01:30 PM on 12/20/2010
This is pretty much old news. David Rose covered the US and its most favored Fatah Security Service director Mohammed Dahlan and the messy business of coup and counter coup in Vanity fair back in 2008.
02:59 PM on 12/20/2010
Indeed. Was excellent article.
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One man, one vote, from the river to the sea
01:11 PM on 12/20/2010
Today Haaretz's is reporting Netanyahu is 'urgently' calling on all Israeli embassies around the world to try to stave off the collapse of it's Apartheid firewall barndoor after all the horses have bolted and the Palestinian stallion is running free all over the world

Israelis are truly spooked about this - that all around the world nations are starting to stand up for Palestine - except Berman's America and American-bribed Micronesia - and starting to declare for full Palestinians rights

The Israeli and Israeli-Lobby controlled American chokehold on Palestine is being broken before our eyes

Looks like Rep Berman just got a weekend jump on those Netanyahu marching orders with that humiliating House vote a couple of days ago. His ear was probably closest to the Likudnik grammophone - kind of like that old RCA logo 'listening to his master's voice'

I actually wonder if Rep Berman is full-time on his Pro-Israel advocacy or if he occasionally does some billable minutes worth of work for the Golden State. I swear it seems like Senators Lindesy Graham and Rep Howard Berman and the rest of the President Netanyahu's rank and file are taking their marching orders directly from Netanyahu himself these days. With Congressmen like these who needs Knesset Members?

They always come out with the latest Likudnik talking points and orders a day for so BEFORE Netanyahu officially announces them and you see them in Haaretz

Perhaps the US Congress should start holding sessions in Tel Aviv?
03:00 PM on 12/20/2010
Yes, Berman is a prominent stooge of the Israel lobby. An achievement when there is so much competition.
04:08 PM on 12/20/2010
I guess anyone who doesn't toe the anti-Israel line is an Israel stooge.
10:45 AM on 12/21/2010
We need to keep our eyes on him. Could be Presidential Material! :)
panem et circenses
05:14 PM on 12/20/2010
Your rants are becoming increasingly inane.
01:09 PM on 12/20/2010
Israelis and Palestinians worship the same skygod--you'd think at some point they'd acknowledge that and try and work it out.
Better Late
01:55 PM on 12/20/2010
>>Israelis and Palestinia­ns worship the same skygod

So Russians, Armenians and Nicaraguans
02:03 PM on 12/20/2010
Yep, but at the moment, they're not warring over it. Not that they haven't at some point.
The oncoming storm
04:19 PM on 12/20/2010
I thought this conflict was over land, not religion?
Man From Atlan
01:02 PM on 12/20/2010
For the definitive article on the influence of the British on radical Islam and present manipulations on behalf of globalisation and The New World Order I strongly suggest you read
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One man, one vote, from the river to the sea
12:45 PM on 12/20/2010
The Palestinians need to immediately kick Abbas out of his colloborative puppet role with Israel and the US.

Ditto for Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr - also busted by Wikileaks earlier for colloborating with Israel and the US to try to destroy Hezbollah

If Israel just lost her chief agents in Palestine and Lebanon - how can Bibi still claim that Wikileaks has been good for Israel?

Elias Murr and Abbas should both have treason inquires opened into their machinations which appear to close colloboration with Israel against their own people.

AIPAC would be a good target for just such an investigation in the US - oh - it already is? - kinda?
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01:27 PM on 12/20/2010
Mostly what the Palestinians, Lebanese, and US governments need is more people telling them what they need to do.

However someone with such inside knowlege really should be giving advice to entire nations. I doubt even Bibi knows who is Israels top agent in Lebanon or Palestine. Also about the super secret AIPAC investigation going on that nobody else knows about. Very impressive.

Carry on then
10:52 AM on 12/21/2010
Well, as long as you know who is whom and what is what in all those entities, why would we need another someone? Do not give it away. It might be worth some money.
01:28 PM on 12/20/2010
How would the situation be "improved" if hamas replaced abbas?
06:26 PM on 12/20/2010
They wouldn't sign off on a deal to create Bantustans and call it a nation
12:26 PM on 12/20/2010
So we knew all along. PA was created to give Israel cover to keep the illegal occupation.
אני כלום בלעדיהם
12:29 PM on 12/20/2010
That's what you got out of it? Okie dokie!
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12:48 PM on 12/20/2010
I have seen many Israel-haters claim that Israel has created Hamas and the PA, but they never offer any evidence.
12:19 PM on 12/20/2010
This is a veeeery slow news day. zzzzz
10:58 AM on 12/21/2010
We are off, talking to Santa, getting gifts, and eating cookies. Do not Disturb.