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The less you know the more you believe.
02:16 PM on 12/20/2010
"I was overwhelmed with anxiety that I might be the target of a sex crime"
Because someone saw her underwear? What does she have written on her underwear, "I show you ALL good time"?
01:58 PM on 12/20/2010
It's definitely not Victoria Secret.
01:18 PM on 12/20/2010
"... but showing a person's underwear hanging outside is absolutely wrong". Why is she hanging her underwear outside, if she is so afraid someone is going to see it? Google didn't trespass on her property to get a photo. They were driving on a public street.
02:06 PM on 12/20/2010
It's one thing to hang clothes outside where those around you might not even see it due to being home and even then only see it once as they pass by and you then take it down. People have been drying clothes like this for centuries It's another to have a picture of it posted on the internet, without your consent by a company that has had complaints against it already, for the entire world to see. These street view cameras really are out of control.
03:54 PM on 12/20/2010
really???? hanging outside where everyone can see??? really??? please... she has no case and your explanation is a stretch at best... she was embarrassed and that's all there is to it... it's a frivolous law suit and will not get anywhere because thankfully most of us out here have brains and can use them.
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03:59 PM on 12/20/2010
There is a reason why they call it "in public" and why no one should have an expectation of privacy if you can see something from the street. Google's street view camera is a great service to *everybody.*

If you don't want the world to see your undies hanging where people can see them from the street, then don't hang them where people can see them from the street.

The woman is scamming google and it's shameful.
12:22 PM on 12/20/2010
In the future, hang your underwear inside if you want no one to see.