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over-moderated and under-medicated
11:49 AM on 12/21/2010
"We honor our ancestors for their bravery and tenacity protecting their homes from invasion"

There was no invasion until the shelling of Fort Sumter. At that point an invasion was an appropriate response.

I say that as a descendent of Confederate Calvary soldiers and slave owners.
Tom Joad
"While there is a lower class, I am in it "
11:45 AM on 12/21/2010
...some years ago, after the confederate submarine Hunley was found, Charlestonians saw fit to hold a funeral procession for the confederate sailors' who had perished in the I was there visiting at the time, I went down to watch the spectacle...I thought it was rather appalling, everyone dressed in their civil war era garb and uniforms...and there was not an African American to be found downtown that day...I wish these people would let it go; it's not a proud moment of their heritage...
Libera Nos a Malo
11:45 AM on 12/21/2010
SC whipped the Civil War. they were SO extreme Jefferson Davis' government sidelined them
11:43 AM on 12/21/2010
Just as I support the right of Moslems to build a mosque or community center in the vicinity of "ground zero", I also support the rights of southerners to commemorate the actions of their ancestors and memorialize those that were killed in the civil war.
11:40 AM on 12/21/2010
"The name's Toby."
Joel Einhorn
11:39 AM on 12/21/2010
Have no fear as I have protested. Just cancelled a two night stop-over in Charleston as part of trip up and down the east coast. Perhaps I'll make a pit-stop and refuel but I'll save my money and use it back home.
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Gold standard = four paws and a tail
12:33 PM on 12/21/2010
Pity you are causing yourself to miss seeing beautiful historic architecture and eat incredible food surrounded by very warm, welcoming residents. Charleston has been known for years as the politest city in the US.

A couple hundred historic re-enactors irritate the local NAACP and you change your entire vacation plan?
"Truth crushed to the earth will rise again."
12:53 PM on 12/21/2010
Sometimes, you have to take a stand.
01:13 PM on 12/21/2010
I'll never set foot in South Carolina. It's a majority of the politicians and their followers I detest. I'll be just fine never setting eyes on that messed up state.
12:53 PM on 12/21/2010
Well done.
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absit invidia
11:31 AM on 12/21/2010

Suuure. Secession had nothing to do with slavery... except that it had EVERYTHING to do with slavery. Just for fun, have a look at S Carolina's "Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union". The word "slave" (or a variation of it) appears 27 times.

There is hardly a paragraph where they don't lament the "injustice­" of the North's anti-slave­ry sentiment.

And this is what they chose to celebrate.

It's absolutely sickening.
Ahh, Theseus. It appears you are out of thread.
11:31 AM on 12/21/2010
"Their vision of state's rights" was primarily characterized by slavery. It's all over the South Carolina secession documents. It's revisionist history to say otherwise.
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11:29 AM on 12/21/2010
Their vision of states rights was tied to the term property. And key property were slaves since the South was an agrarian economy. The fought for their "property rights" since the founding of the Republic and was struck down hard in 1836 by Andrew Jackson

To celebrate secession is sickening since their actions ignited the Civil War that cost over 600,000 combat lives, dstroyed the South and put us on a psth of "seperate and not equal" that defined us as a country for over 150 years.
Dress Right
11:15 AM on 12/21/2010
Shows progress. Marching in the street accomplished much and the civil rights movement won great victories.

Now they spend their time protesting others freedom of association.
02:06 PM on 12/21/2010
You'd like to deprive them of the right to protest wouldn't you Serg? Go back to the good old Bull
Conner days? Celebrating treason in the country your ancestors betrayed....shameless.
Patriotic American standing up 4 individual rights
11:14 AM on 12/21/2010
I guess she suffers from slavery on the mind...
11:08 AM on 12/21/2010
"But organizers of the ball said it had nothing to do with celebrating slavery. Instead, the $100-a-person private event was a fundraiser to honor the Southern men who were willing to sacrifice their lives for their homes and their vision of states' rights"

Right...The States right to own slaves. There was no other issue worth fighting over at the time. Secessionists of the time explicitly stated that the issue of slavery was what motivated them.

Geeze you southerners, Slavery is illegal, you lost - get over it There is no pride in your ancestor's opposition to the abolition of slavery.
Right of John Wayne
11:07 AM on 12/21/2010
A "Secession Ball" is not a unique celebration of our rebellious nature. Mardi Gras, concerts, historical reenactments and others are reminders that, for better or worse, we love pushing our limits.
Said One
11:02 AM on 12/21/2010
I think its insensitive - what next? A celebration of lynching? Maybe they'll petition for a National lynching day. Also bet that no black people have been invited to the current "celebrations".