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08:54 AM on 01/07/2011
Barbara Lee has as much influence over Afghanistan as I do. For that matter, has Obama the Commander -in-Chief really done anything to oppose "The Generals"? Sure, he fired the "Rolling Stone general', but Obama appointed rock star David Petraeus to replace him.
 The military- industrial-media complex runs on auto-pilot. The will of the people, congressmen, and even the President can't stop it.
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08:22 AM on 01/07/2011
Oh come on Barbara, you must know that we are not fighting this war for the Afgan people?? We will stay as long as there are bribes for your pals in Congress and BIG, BIG money to be made by private defense contractors and weapons makers. That's what Iraq was/is all about. That's what the Department of Home land Security is all about and that is what Afganistan is all about.

We fight for the insatiable GREED of the very few. That is who we are!!!!

And we spend BILLIONS to brainwash our population to go along with these wars.

Ah, I remember with great fondness, those Iraqi unmaned nuclear bomb carrying drones that were going to rain down on Houston, ha! AND what is really sad, is that FOX viewers still believe it, ha!
08:59 AM on 01/07/2011
fanned and fav'd vismuggler . . . well said
08:20 AM on 01/07/2011
Thank you, Representative Lee.
Justice - the only way to peace!
08:05 AM on 01/07/2011
Rep. Lee is absolutely correct. Insurgencies are never affected by increases in troop numbers. In fact they are fueled by them, as increase in troop numbers invariably lead to increased incidents of human rights abuses and increased resentment in the local population.
Former Democrat, until I started working!
08:03 AM on 01/07/2011
There is only one person that can end this war, OBAMA. He has just two years left to do it.
09:34 AM on 01/07/2011
Won't happen. He doesn't know how and has already left it open ended for the next guy to fix.
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I know you have missed me.
07:55 AM on 01/07/2011
The only lucid conclusion one could draw is that the President (perhaps all Presidents since JFK) are powerless to intervene on the people's behalf with a military that has a mind and mission of its own. The Commander in Chief is simply not who we think it is.

I agree, the way to stop it is de-fund it, yet Congress keeps throwing piles of cash on the fire in "support of the troops." Cut military spending by half, close a few hundred bases around the world, and you would see a vastly different strategy. This is a worthy cost cutting measure for the new Congress. Hopefully Ms. Lee will join forces with Ron Paul, Barney Frank, Dennis Kucinich, and others who support the end to untenable and unwinnable conflicts around the world. There is no Democrat or Republican on this issue, this is an American issue and you have the majority support of the American people the sheer folly of it all.
09:02 AM on 01/07/2011
An American president could publicly fire , demote, and/or replace as much of the Pentagon as he wants.
If the Pentagon refused , then at least we know for sure we are a corporate-fascist military-imperial security state. Why not get it out in the open?  Our DC REPUBS and DEMs both claim to want open government! HA!
Old and tired
07:46 AM on 01/07/2011
Glad to see someone in DC cares, but good luck on tackling the demon.
Too much power and money involved for the right thing to be allowed.
Wars and fraud are the only products we produce.
09:00 AM on 01/07/2011
fanned and fav'd studana51 . . . . totally agree . . .
07:46 AM on 01/07/2011
Its too late for this newly found courage to question the ramp up in Afganistan by the Democratic Congress. When they had the majority the last two years they did nothing to question this falacy and or cut the purse strings so deal with it now as it is too late.
08:39 AM on 01/07/2011
It's never too late when lives are being lost...Congress Women Lee was always upfront on this one, demanding that we end this war of choice.
07:45 AM on 01/07/2011
I can understand a small anti-terror group at the Pakistan border but we need to pull out the rest. Also pull out from Iraq. This is just a no win situation. We had a chance at the very beginning but put our focus on Iraq which had no connection to Al Quida.
07:23 AM on 01/07/2011
Barbara Lee's message deserves to be at the top of the front page. The latest 1400 troops sent to Afghanistan is only a prelude. Meet Major General Electric as he announces the real extent of new troop deployments at

Mercenaries aka Private military Contractors
07:14 AM on 01/07/2011
Time for progressives to start opening some distance between ourselves and Obama's moderate Republican governance.

This would be an excellent place to start.

It's going to be a long haul recovering from the con job this guy sold us, and the damage he's done. Maybe where this leads is a primary challenge. In any case, our choice of Bush Lite or War party is something we need not settle for.
Carl Caroli
I just don't understand people
07:08 AM on 01/07/2011
Reinstate the draft. That would end the war in no time.
Former Democrat, until I started working!
08:01 AM on 01/07/2011
As long as there are volunteers, the draft is not warrented. Stupid argument
08:25 AM on 01/07/2011
The point is not whether or not a draft is warranted for staffing purposes, the point is that a draft will bring the reality of the war home to the American people and they will strongly oppose it.
09:15 AM on 01/07/2011
Er, dude, the draft has been used in societies a lot tougher than the current USA. When everyone is subject tro fighting, it means the whole society has a stake in it. In ancient Rome, the senators and their sons went to combat. Can you imagine warhawks Lieberman and Lindsey on the front lines?
The problem with a 'volunteer army" is it uses economic problems to present the military as the only alternative to working class youth.
 The neocon warmonger investor class trades American soldier blood for profits from taxpayer-funded contractors. The truth hurts , doesn't it?
. . . just saying it like it is.
08:47 AM on 01/07/2011
Not with my kids you don't.
06:29 AM on 01/07/2011
"As we enter the 112th Congress, we must make it a top priority to end this war"

Gee, ya think?! We need to be completely out of Irag and Afghanistan and cut the Defense Budget
by 25% and then give $1.00 on every $100.00 Defense Dollars to the Schools! .
Former Democrat, until I started working!
08:02 AM on 01/07/2011
What do the schools need with more money? We need to invest in education, and I don't mean more money.
Sacrifice, the future has its price.
08:33 AM on 01/07/2011
Really? Do you think that quality teachers work for free? US schools are a shamble and getting worse. US students are falling behind much of the rest of the world in math and the sciences. Not spending money on schools will not magically make things better. Please explain how to 'invest' in education without spending money?
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08:34 AM on 01/07/2011
What do schools need with more money? Hire more teachers, repair infrastructure, add extra curricular activities, and so on. We have been chopping education budgets for far too long.
. . . just saying it like it is.
08:48 AM on 01/07/2011
Please, let's do, before another hundred years passes and there really are no roads to drive on.
09:12 AM on 01/07/2011
Well, remember the "Third World" status the Huffington Post keeps writing about? Bad roads is probably the least of our worries by then.
Never Again
It makes no difference which 1 of us u vote for...
06:25 AM on 01/07/2011
Kucinich will introduce a resolution for withdrawal from Afghanistan:

Please write Kucinich with your support and your congressional members asking them to support his resolution.
06:24 AM on 01/07/2011
You are correct, albeit for the wrong reason. Without going through the tiresome list of our mistakes in Afghanistan, let's focus on the one we are continuing to make: treating it as other than an insurgency. We have now reached the point where there is considerable support for the Taliban among non-combatants, making this a classical insurgency. The only way we could win would be to occupy the country while we intensified the efforts to build and rebuild. That would take a minimum of 350,000 soldiers, and neither the Administration, Congress nor the American people have the stomach for it. So we are left with half measures (because none of the above want to be "blamed" for the inevitable defeat) which will accomplish little beyond the further shedding of blood on all sides and the further decline of American influence and moral authority.
07:21 AM on 01/07/2011
They knew it would take 350,000 soldiers and a complete occupation 10 years ago. I can only assume our "brave" generals are just damn afraid of losing their comfortable Pentagon positions to not assert this basic fact.