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07:58 AM on 01/09/2008
Hillary's "win" makes me just as sick as when Bush "won"!

God help us.
07:55 AM on 01/09/2008
The problem with Hillary finding her own voice is, she never tires of hearing it -- she's in love with the sound of it.

I can't stand it! It reminds me of a cross between George W. & John Kerry -- dull and inane.

Keep talking, Hillary. The more your message gets out, the more people will tune you out. So what if a bunch of old ladies in NH think your teary performance deserves an Academy Award? They probably believe Elvis is still alive, too.
07:41 AM on 01/09/2008
I guess some people still don't feel the pain.
Now more than ever the Democratic Party needs to purge these yuppies who do not want change to hurt their corporate jobs. Meanwhile they're happy to hire illegals to shovel their snow and walk their bichon frise.
With all the clear facts on the table, any Party that aligns itself with this reactionary is not worthy of my vote AGAIN.

And a note to the hillary supporters, Those of us who voted for Nader in 2000 are not remorseful or sorry, nor do we accept responsibility for the conservatives in our Party throwing the election by having lieberman on our Ticket.........if anything, WE kept that rightwing chickenhawk repug out of the WH.
07:41 AM on 01/09/2008
What a day, the whole MSM put their feet in their mouths and Hillary discovered her voice.
06:54 AM on 01/09/2008
That poll driven calculating harridan, how DARE she learn from the mistake of having "old folks" around here for her Iowa concession speech.

The NERVE of her to learn from a perceived mistake and correct it. What a terrible thing to do!

That's it, if she's the nominee I'm voting against my best interests.
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06:51 AM on 01/09/2008
Hillary found her own voice alright.

"I am a poor viticimized woman. Bill does it, the other candidates do it, the media does, the vast Right Wing Conspiracy does it. Make me president of the United States and leader of the world because you feel sorry for me." She said as tears welled in her eyes.

Hillary, Bill and her Rove-style campaign sound more and more like George W. Bush every day.
06:48 AM on 01/09/2008
The crying got me dammit, I felt sorry for her. I hope it wasn't fake because I feel really stupid this morning if it was!

Obama '08
05:45 AM on 01/09/2008
So all the talk about her confidence, her supposed grand wealth of experience (that no one can positively qualify), her drive, her lifelong motivation, well, to be in charge...and now she's trying to tell America she's found her voice???
ffs...the dumbness of Clinton and Clinton supporters is staggering. Someone should begin investigating why it is people love to be willful participants in bring the wool over their eyes.
Bunch of damn masochists is what they are.
05:33 AM on 01/09/2008
New Hampshire,you suck!!!you picked 2 republicans in one night,Clinton and McCain,what the hell,how old were the voters?averag=85 years old?
04:47 AM on 01/09/2008
Either the vote was rigged to help Corporate Clinton or voters from New Hampshire are a bunch of double talking racists...if HRC wins the nomination I won t vote for her.
04:37 AM on 01/09/2008
Ha Ha

No she's found a new STORY to tell.
On Crisis Standby Mode
02:57 AM on 01/09/2008
There is something really fishy about this. Obama was well over 9 points ahead the day before in the polls. The polls in Iowa were right on. The polls on McCain were right on for NH. Now we see some 15 point reversal for Hillary. I call bullshit.
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02:40 AM on 01/09/2008
Hillary found her identity. Good for her. Now all of the Democratic candidates except for Edwards are real people with real personalities. Different personalities, to be sure, but real none the less.

Hillary's tears, in my estimation, were emotionally genuine but temporally staged. She really was frustrated, tired, and under tremendous pressure. She had a reason to tear up. But she waited for a question about overcoming adversity to choose to let it out. Nothing Hillary ever does is completely spontaneous. This is literally as real as she gets. It's a marked improvement...

Bill was the complete package. He could schmooze, debate, and orate with equal skill. He could feel our pain, or at least he was deft at making us think so. Hillary can work a room, albeit not as well as Bill, and she may be even better at debating. But she doesn't have much loft or gravity to her speaking, and she seems to only be capable of feeling her own pain--with much difficulty at that.

Then, on the other hand, you have Obama. He can work a room almost as well as Bill, and his talent for oratory is in a league with the greatest of American history. He can tap into our emotional core in a very powerful way. But he's relatively weak in debates and taking questions.

Neither of these candidates is the complete package, but voters sense that they are both very strong parts of the package. We want the wit and grit of Hillary. We want the eloquence and inspiration of Obama. We want both. That's why we're so torn between them.

I had discounted this idea as naive long ago, but perhaps it's time to reconsider a Clinton/Obama ticket. The complete package, but in two different bodies. Actually, I'd prefer Obama/Clinton, but that ain't gunna happen. There's not much daylight between their policy positions, it would be a very tough ticket for the GOP to beat, and it would set up Obama nicely for the top job in 2016.
02:38 AM on 01/09/2008
Why even bother? If it looks like Hilary's going to be elected, why not just cancel elections until after Dubya dies? It'd save a lot of money.
Who the hell cares what kind of a person Hilary is? After all, she's not a man who paid for an expensive haircut! OBVIOUSLY, such men can't be our President: the haircut disqualifies them just as much as much as a yelp, doesn't it? Isn't this what an informed electorate is FOR? She was SO smart (and so is her TEAM). She's never been caught coming from the ladies' room with tissue clinging to the heel of a shoe. For if she had, obviously, no "informed electorate" could possibly consider her.
02:37 AM on 01/09/2008
Obama and his supporters thought they could just coast from Iowa straight into the Democratic convention and be nominated for President. Hillary fought back as hard as she could when backed into a corner and when even her supporters thought her campaign was dead in New Hampshire. It's tough times like these for a candidate that show what they are truly made of, and Hillary proved that she can and will go toe to toe with whoever the Repuglicans nominate in their convention.