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Pretty far so good
11:57 AM on 01/09/2008
Ayah, you could have left out the "imperfect politician" snotty remark and it might have given this article a little credibility.

Because now it has none.
11:35 AM on 01/09/2008
Thank you for this analysis. Voices speaking reasonably and from the heart are the ones most useful for these times.

These first primaries are a refreshing distraction from the daily BushCo fiasco. It's great imagining those days over, even for a moment but let's not kid ourselves, they're not.

The major repercussions of White House shenanigans have yet to be felt. Whoever gets the top job will be overwhelmed by the scope of it. They will need the full support of the entire country to make things right. That is, if the intention is to make things right.
11:33 AM on 01/09/2008
Brian, People like Yourself and Gibson, makes it watchable. I am glad both of you and others leave your opinion at home and give us what we need to know and let us decide !
11:00 AM on 01/09/2008
Clinton/Obama in '08!

Now that's a winning ticket!
10:50 AM on 01/09/2008
I never believed the double-digit lead madness. That would mean Iowa gave a nearly 20 point bounce. C'MON! And now here we go again. This "comeback" is an illusiion as well. The polls were wrong. She was NEVER down and (sans media) this race is right back to being what it already is: a dead heat.
10:48 AM on 01/09/2008
I haven't seen that much omelet on the face of the media since that infamous call for Gore in Florida. Fox News, which showed its bias back then in 2000 by not calling Florida for Gore, did so again - by not calling New Hampshire for Hillary until Obama began his concession speech!

The moral of the lesson is that the people are eventually more powerful than the media. The media was trying to anoint Obama the Messiah, while simultaneously dissing Hillary as a pariah! But the descendants of Puritans said "Wait a minute, not so fast, there is a woman in this race who has finally found her voice and we like what she has to say."

So the battle is joined and more states will get to have their say in what promises to be a very interesting race for the nomination on both sides of the blue-red divide.
10:47 AM on 01/09/2008
Now, if you could only lose Tim Russert, I could watch your coverage of politics again.

Somehow, my fingers always press the channel changing button on my remote control whenever Tim Russert appears.
10:42 AM on 01/09/2008
How did 5% of Obama's vote mysteriously end up in Clinton's column? Peace
10:41 AM on 01/09/2008
Mr. Williams - - Re: Lebanon, and people standing by the side of the road and overflow crowds.
You in the pundit class do a huge disservice when you state that any candidate is obviously on the way to victory because they have folks waiting by the side of the road just to watch them drive through, or have overflow crowds. I've done volunteer work for presidential campaigns for thirty years, and EVERY cycle has at least one candidate who has people who wait by the side of the road, hoping to catch a glimpse of the person they believe will be the next President. EVERY candidate with a smart advance team has at least one overflow crowd. And EVERY candidate, even those who end up with less than .01% of the vote, has people who weep with joy just because they got to see their candidate in person - - and has parents who ask their candidate to touch their child, just so they could tell the little tyke later that they were touched by greatness.
You claim in your post that no reporter could see this phenomenon and not notice it, not realize it meant something important and authentic was happening. Well, all these things happened to Al Gore in 2000 - - back then there were also hundreds of people lined the road to see him, and folks held their children up to be touched by him, and record, overflow crowds followed him from state to state. And the press did manage to not see an awe inspiring moment in history. Like everything else associated with Gore in 2000, the majority of the press actively sneered at the phenomenon and the minority of the press totally ignored it.
I mean no disrespect toward Mr. Obama or his supporters, but you need to learn from your own mistakes for more than five minutes. You no longer report the news, you write novels. The real story in New Hampshire is that the polls were way off and that you pundits proved once again there's no performance standards required to hold your jobs.
Cajun author
10:40 AM on 01/09/2008
"imperfect politicians" Wow. How poetic. Do you know any politician, any human, who is perfect?
What are you implying here? Politicians, we, by our very nature are imperfect. That's why we strive, get up in the morning, experience joy and too much tragedy, much of it out own making. For those politicians who persist in using the name of God, read this:
From The Beatitudes:

You enter under a black wrought-iron rainbow that spells St. Roch’s Cemetery and then under that an announcement in smaller black words: Campo Santo; it is a place of the dead. The tall gates are open, inviting you in and you look straight ahead and up the well-trod road and there is Jesus, his arms thrust upward to each side of the cross, six inch nails are hammered into his hands, you hear the pounding, pounding. His head is at an angle, looking to the ground as though in profound and everlasting disappointment with those he sought to save; he is crying soundlessly; his face is all compassion for a little girl saved more than a century ago from the yellow jack, her statue resting in his line of sight; you think his eyes are closed, don’t you? By his grace he sees. His legs are so muscular, feet lapping one over the over, leathered soles that have walked bare over a thousand miles of stony roads just to end up here. You wait, for you know that you will hear him scream why have you forsaken me. The image is protean, it brings one to ecstasy, it has been made into false amulets, it is evidence of our failings.

Lyn LeJeune- The Beatitudes Network-Rebuilding the Public Libraries of New Orleans, The New Orleans Chronicles, The Beatitudes, Book I in The New Orleans Trilogy and "The Last Time I Saw Ignatius J. Reilly" at
10:36 AM on 01/09/2008
Everyone wants to say they called the whole race after a couple of tiny Primaries. Pundits can be so tiresome. Lighten up buttercup!

Re-direct your frustrations with politics by engaging Americas true grass-roots candidates. While the media tries to figure out why their speculation and guess-work doesn't yield results, Arizona is quietly making a bold political statement.

Which candidate cut a hole in the America flag while illegal aliens cross our border in the background?

Which candidate wears an eye-patch like a pirate?

And, did you know there are two women in Arizona's Primary ballot?

Arizona has produced a slew of candidates for the highest office in the nation. That's right, more candidates to choose from. While the country and its political pundits are focused on tiny East Coast states, some ten Republicans and fifteen new Democratic candidates will appear in the Arizona Primary ballot this February. An effort sponsored by The Tucson Weekly, an Arizona alternative newspaper, has opened the gates for a stable of dark-horse candidates.

As with all politics the sparks are already flying. Candidate Sean "CF" Murphy responds to a political ad filed by Democratic candidate Doctress Neutopia in which she desecrates the American flag by cutting a hole in it. Follow the antics of America's grass-roots candidates by tuning in to the campaigns blog.
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Campaign finance is the disease.
10:32 AM on 01/09/2008
"New Hampshire population...earnestly deliberate over their choice of candidate and they venerate the sturdy among us."

While that may be true of New Hampshire Democrats, if this video clip (below) is an accurate representation of New Hampshire Republicans, they make their decision based on who looks good on TV.

P.S. Is John Edwards getting so little coverage in the corporate media because he dares to (vociferously) challenge the corporate status quo?
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whatcha gonna do when they come for you
10:30 AM on 01/09/2008
NoContest said "BACK off the celebrity sthick, SNL, Correspondents dancing goons, talk show glamour. The real news people of days past would never pull these stunts and than as to be taken seriously."
Sorry the world was passing you by and you didn't have the opportunity to look up from reading your "primer of the past".
Toodles, from The Great State of Texas, where we still joke around about politics. (Ever hear anything from Ann Richards and Molly Ivins?)
P.S. Howard Smith waved and grinned at me in Dulles airport one time. For shame!!! He looked downright jolly!
Forget hope. Agitate.
10:12 AM on 01/09/2008
"That the same State rewarded these two imperfect politicians ..."
No politican is perfect?
" ... John McCain and Hillary Clinton have a lot of mutual respect for each other. They have traveled to Iraq together during a dangerous time in the conflict, and they lived to tell about it."
The difference of course is that McCain went to Iraq and roamed the streets of Baghdad with helicopters overhead and guarded by our military, returned to the U,S, and told everyone how safe it was while Hillary went to Iraq without blinders on.
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whatcha gonna do when they come for you
10:09 AM on 01/09/2008
Well, Brian Williams, I loved you on SNL for the self deprecating humour and guess what? I love you today for saying that you had it wrong!!! You're a good and standup sort of guy!
(from Texas, home of "The Book 'Em Horns"..where the pundits have had to eaten some mighty big words about MB and his empire)