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11:40 PM on 03/08/2011
Here is a crazy idea take advice from us because we are not backing down. We have our vote and your not happy because the younger generation this time is throwing our votes around unlike some groups in older generations want. Guess what your the same people that told us it was our duty to vote. How ironic that you cannot get what you want either way. Feel like in your in a lose lose situation the irony is that is what you wanted for us. Listen to our advice we hear your talk if you do not like our votes work with us rather then complain about our ways of looking out for ourselves. We all have emotion when voting to blame us for using our feelings when judging a candidate is ridiculous because you do it, also. That is in Political Science 101, maybe, you should look at that lesson.
Konrad Klean
likes the taste of the red pill.
10:38 PM on 03/08/2011
I guess he forgot Churchill's famous quote and never learned about Malthus' population growth theories.

...Silly politicians.
09:48 PM on 03/08/2011
There is a classicial rhetoric protocol for this. It's called: ' The Appeal to the Emotions'. It's one of the skills needed to communicate. So, enough with the name calling.
09:24 PM on 03/08/2011
so O'Brien thinks his contempt for the students will make them feel like voting for him and his friends in the GOP?
08:45 PM on 03/08/2011
Funny, I could have sworn Christian Conservatives were the ones voting purely with their emotions rather than with their brains and economic interests...
People are more important than money
08:01 PM on 03/08/2011
If you can't beat 'em, disenfranchise 'em
10:45 PM on 03/08/2011
Nicely put.
07:38 PM on 03/08/2011
People vote becasue of their religion, their union, what their spouse or parents or neighbors or folks at the contry club vote. Good bad or indifferent---thats what we do here in the USA. So who cares if younger voters vote with their feelings and dont have as much life expereince. I'll take that over any older racisit, bigoted, ultra religious person any day.

The truth is that about 90% of voters have no idea what or who their voting for. We are some of the laziest people on the planet when it comes to knowing the issues and being able to articultae not only our own position, but the one of your opponent. We are so lazy, so ignorant...
06:29 PM on 03/08/2011
I am weighing in on one side or the other, but I will note that I live in a town with a large university. The town has the highest property tax rates in the state because the students usually vote for whatever sounds good on the ballot, even though the vast majority of them will never have to pay for what they voted for.
08:39 PM on 03/08/2011
So, I guess since most blacks didn't own property, that woulda been a real inconvenience for you back in the day..
Reality. Progressively-based.
06:21 PM on 03/08/2011
I can understand some of the bills in terms college towns--I wouldn't like having a bunch of students who are only around for four to five years to take part in the major decisions of my town either.

BUT...I still think they're wrong.
05:44 PM on 03/08/2011
foolish politicians think with their wallets
05:35 PM on 03/08/2011
The Tea Party and current GOP is home to the uneducated, the fearful, the ignorant, and the hateful. Until the Regan conservative comes back I'm never voting for the GOP again.
05:23 PM on 03/08/2011
This is along the same line as not allowing African Americans to vote because they are against slavery. This is a man trying to nullify the opinions of a select group of people because he does not agree with them.
but if I agreed with you we'd both be wrong
05:19 PM on 03/08/2011
Well--since we're on the topic, let's look at some facts.

The better educated the person the more likely he/she is to vote Democratic/Liberal
The better the university the more likely the faculty is to vote Democratic/Liberal
The tenured Faculty at Yale/Harvard/Princeton is close to 95% Democratic/Liberal

This is not because they are brainwashed--it is because they have high IQs and know how to use them.

Facts Mr. Speaker Facts.
05:36 PM on 03/08/2011
Exactly ! It's also why college drop outs like Beck, Rush, and Hannity always refer to colleges as institutions of liberal indoctrination - not because they believe that, but because they are jealous of those who are smart enough to get into college and graduate.
10:47 PM on 03/08/2011
Point of order: Beck is not a drop-out, he's a never-went.
05:16 PM on 03/08/2011
Ok so college students vote liberally because they are blind to see that people aren't naturally good intentioned and spiffy, older conservatives vote with their minds for spending less and fiscal responsibility and forget their heart because it shriveled up long ago. Wheres the news here? They're both ripping the country apart and have been for some time now.
Lead with your heart, and your mind will follow...
05:13 PM on 03/08/2011
these laws WILL get struck down by the SCOTUS, but hey, at least it makes their myopic, selfish, angry, cynical base happy!