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08:33 AM on 01/26/2008
Good luck to Senators Clinton, Edwards, and Obama!

Any of the three would be a huge step in the right direction for the sake of our nation, our children and the world we live in.
08:26 AM on 01/26/2008
Do the Clintons realize that their tag-team politics is their Achilles heel? It will win the nomination and cost them the election. Americans will not elect this dynamic duo of power hungry, egocentric, unscrupulous, scandal ridden demigods. Just imagine a marriage of Nixon and GWBush in a liberal costume! The Clintons must be stopped before they finish this implosion of the Democratic Party. Do they care about the party? No way! They will party like it's 2999 and dance on the ashes of any Democratic victory that doesn't include them. If they can't win, kill 'em. Remember, they're from Arkansas. They're ready for a shoot out and will leave no one standing. If I had my way they would be exiled to Bagdad until Christmas, 2008.
08:26 AM on 01/26/2008
Last time the pollsters said Obama was winning and look what happened ... Billary won.

So are the Diebold machines going to give it to Billary again?
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08:24 AM on 01/26/2008
I just tired to send an email about poor Jack to:


It wouldn't send (I was using Yahoo mail). Anyone know why? We need to get this person out of here. He/She/It was at it when I logged out last night, still at it almost 12 hours later.

After a night and day of this, even CommieKazi and AmmoBob would be a breath of fresh air!
08:24 AM on 01/26/2008
Oh building more suspense.. Could she possibly come in 3rd in SC?
Quit th eAmerican Idol Hype- crown her fucking queen and let's move on (she may end up being impeached for actions while in the Senate and Armed Services Committee anyway)
The Corps are pushing this one down our throats too -of course I'd say that about 99.9% of the Contestants 'running ' right now- Product marketing- same shit new wrappers.

Not surprised by Dennis' withdrawl- hope he is going to work on Corporate manipulation of the Democracy with as much fervor as Gore w/ global Warming.Dennis may be gone -BUT WE ARE NOT!!IMPEACH/RECALL (PUBLIC OFFICIALS), PROSECUTE AND PUNISH FOR HIGH CRIMES (TREASON, WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAISNT HUMANITY)

08:23 AM on 01/26/2008
Once again the US is falling for this:
08:20 AM on 01/26/2008
I'm very wary of both entrance and exit polls, especially in this election. Polling is intrusive in a process which is supposed to be a private decision. I think what happened in New Hampshire is that voters, rather than say, "my vote is none of your business," just flat-out lied. Given the big deal made of race versus gender, voters in South Carolina will lie too. The most interesting part of the process is watching the pundits pontificate about the meaning of the polls.
08:19 AM on 01/26/2008
The winning ticket would be Obama/Biden in the general election,they would kick Romney and whoever runs with him because I think Romney will get the nomination just because he s got the money,he ll be easy pickings in the general election,Romney=flip-flopping empty suit...
Is this creamy white enough for my micro
08:10 AM on 01/26/2008
Please Mods, check our JacktheBoo's profile.

Why is this jackass still allowed on here?
Liberty Loving, Liberal
08:08 AM on 01/26/2008
I can't believe it. Edwards' name actually appears in a news story about the elections! Will wonders never cease? I've got a foam "brick" I throw at the TV everytime the Democratic "choices" are discussed with nary a mention of Edwards - it's getting worn out, but I'm developing quite a right arm.
08:07 AM on 01/26/2008
How many white many black votes....... even Tom Edsall has caught the
08:01 AM on 01/26/2008
JacktheBoo (See profile | I'm a fan of JacktheBoo)

Reply | Parent | Favorite| Flag as abusive | posted 07:25 am on 01/26/2008

We know.
07:53 AM on 01/26/2008
Flag the spamming trolls!
07:45 AM on 01/26/2008
Forgive me for re-posting this argument, but Jacktheboo completely obliterated my blog. Jack I'm appealing to your sense of decency.

First Obama was framed as not black enough and couldn't get black votes. Now that Barack Obama has proven himself to be a viable candidate, he's been framed as getting too many black votes and not enough white votes. Aren't we forgetting something here, it's the white votes that have put Obama in the delegate lead, what are these political pundits talking about.

Secondly this is entirely the wrong demographic to be measuring Obama's white supporters, the South is traditionally a Red States group and the Democrats never win here. So what will a state with the wrong political demographic prove to anyone, this is indeed meaningless. If you want to measure white support for Barack Obama, then measure it in states like Missouri, California, or Arizona, all states where the Democratic party is viable.

A win is a win, but it seems the Clinton group will seek to diminish any win by Obama and the media is buying into the Clinton strategy. I hope John Edwards kicks her butt in SC today.
07:44 AM on 01/26/2008
This was covered on NPR the other day. The natural response to Obama losing white voters in the south is latent racism. NPR dug a little deeper and found a more complicated reason. They found that most white folks with racial biases left the Democratic party decades ago. White southern voters who identify themselves as Democrats these days tend to be members of Clinton's core base nation-wide. Working class, older women and union members, the same electorate that vote for Clinton nationally.
Obama's still gets overwhelming support from college educated whites and younger whites who vote Democratic and from white independents.

African-American vote in SC looks to be along generational lines with older blacks supporting Clinton.