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12:35 PM on 03/15/2011
The issue with the Republicans new fixation on "sharing" is that they are repeating the same tactics they have always used, but with a new name. It's like they're a magician at a children's party who only knows one trick. Sooner or later, the children will get tired of it, and that magician will no longer be hired. Kinda hard to pin the blame for the financial crisis on those groups that specifically suffered from it the most ( unions especially, considering that only the union leadership makes more than 100,000$) while at the same time letting the offending Wall Streeters get off scot-free. It's very similar to another thing they do, blaming rape victims for " asking for it".. We need to toss these guys out post-haste.
DebS 789
People of goodwill can disagree.
12:29 PM on 03/15/2011
After 9/11 Americans were told to shop, go on vacation, spend, spend, spend to keep our economy going. After Katrina, vacation on the gulf coast to keep our economy afloat. After the BP oil spill, don't cancel your vacation plans. Why aren't we asking corporations to hire, hire, hire? They sit on bundles of cash rather than putting it back into our economy and claim they can't do otherwise because of the "uncertainty" of our tax codes. Let's raise corporate tax rates to a level they can finally be certain of. If they won't put the money back into our economy willingly, then we should get the government to take it and put it back into the economy. The better choice would be for corporations to invest in the economy on their own, but they have proven that they won't do it on their own.
Gerrman Freethinker
12:22 PM on 03/15/2011
The simple fast is this in 1954 corporations contributed taxes in the amount of 5% of GNP. In 2010, they made record profits up to 13% of GNP but only paid 1% of GNP. The truth is they will never be satisfied until they pay nothing.

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini.
12:11 PM on 03/15/2011
Well, the wealthy will create jobs soon. They just need a little more money to do so and then they will. We need to cut their taxes just a little more and then they will have almost enough to do just that. As soon a they get a little more. At this point they doing their part keeping all those Porsche and Mercedes mechanics working but with a little more sacrifice from those slacker teachers and firemen they could do so much more. Besides, needs police when you can afford security in your gated community?
Soup McGee
Paying attention one wooden nickel at a time.
12:03 PM on 03/15/2011
Soup McGee Loves the Truth. Mmmmm, Truth! Thanks!


11:58 AM on 03/15/2011
Share the wealth vs Share the pain.

So hard to decide.
11:36 AM on 03/15/2011
This article is hilarious and so right.

I wish some of the leaders like Boehner and McConnell would share their financial pain with me. I would gladly share mine with them.