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One's only real life is the life one never leads.
03:55 PM on 04/05/2011
I have a feeling that in another fifty years every college in America will have far more bicycles than operating automobiles. Everything old is new again, to the power of 10 with the end of peak oil.
Don't censor me bro.
02:40 PM on 04/05/2011
Except for Minneapolis and Madison, these cities are all on the West Coast. Why?
Noblesse oblige
04:13 PM on 04/05/2011
Ever tried to bike in 3 feet of snow by minus 10 degrees ?
Don't censor me bro.
10:04 PM on 04/05/2011
Meaningless unhelpful snark.
04:50 PM on 04/05/2011
I was thinking the same thing, except that most of them don't have an average wind chill of -10 during most of the semester. But them again, Minneapolis gets massive amounts of snow, and I can imagine that Wisconsin has it's fair share of brutal winter weather.
05:40 PM on 04/05/2011
One of the reasons that Minneapolis has such a prominent place in the bicycle commuting statistics is the layout of the city. Minneapolis is laid out in a grid and the terrain is relatively flat, both of which makes for convenient and easy biking.
Brian Krause
02:16 PM on 04/05/2011
I'm a student at U of Minnesota-Twin Cities. It's a great bike school, but it's an even greater bike city. Minneapolis is the #1 biking city in the country for a reason.
02:43 PM on 04/05/2011
I've never heard of Minneapolis being the #1 biking city in the country, and I kind of doubt that it is. By what measure do you make this claim? I mean, the place is an icebox 6 months out of the year.
03:27 PM on 04/05/2011
Minneapolitans are brave - we bike straight through the winter!
03:44 PM on 04/05/2011
It was a ranking in Bicycling Magazine. Not sure of the criteria. And it's only an icebox for 4 months, 5 max. The rest of the time is mosquito season so you have to ride fast.

There are a lot of bikes and a lot of trails. It's not limited to Minneapolis either. St. Paul and the suburbs should be included.
02:07 PM on 04/05/2011
UCSB is 100% the bike school of america...every single student has a other school can match the sheer amount of bikes at UCSB....
02:07 PM on 04/05/2011
I went to UCD for undergrad as well, and I was probably the only student on campus that did not know how to ride a bike. =(
But it was nice seeing the majority of students and even faculty utilize this greener form of transportation.
02:06 PM on 04/05/2011
As a student of Portland State University I do have a bias but that said I don't know how PSU did not receive Gold Level. There is no doubt that Portland is one of, if not the most bike-friendly city in the country. With the innovative bike lanes and car parking where the bike line is up against the sidewalk and cars park next to the bike line, its the safest cycling I've ever done. Plus the bike shop for students on campus where if your bike breaks down you can get access to tools or have someone or an employee will help to fix it, it also rents bikes and leases them for terms. I just think maybe it could of been ranked higher
08:08 PM on 04/12/2011
AGREED! I was super shocked to see it as low as it was. Maybe it all comes down to a school population thing. I don't know.
pot roast
02:03 PM on 04/05/2011
Title should be changed to:
"Schools For Cyclists: 10 Bike-Friendly Universities in the U.S.".
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02:00 PM on 04/05/2011
I went to The University of Arizona and I can say that both the university and Tucson are meccas for bikes. Paths with lane markers, plenty of parking, and the campus itself is just great for wheels. In fact, it's got a national reputation as a destination for wheelchair-bound students, and many of those benefits transfers to bicycles. Sunny and dry, flat surfaces, great infrastructure, drop-dead beautiful scenery.
01:57 PM on 04/05/2011
Eckerd College in St. Pete has a bike share program. See a yellow beach cruiser anywhere on campus? Grab it and go!
01:45 PM on 04/05/2011
Wow, it's weird to see a picture literally right outside my old workplace @ Portland State. And kind of funny they would choose a picture of the streetcar line for this story on bike-friendliness. ;)
Overeducated woods worker.
12:45 PM on 04/05/2011
I was going to be shocked if UCD and UCSB were not on there, but there they were. Stanford is great because the city has many bike paths that tie into the university network. Don't forget the flip-flops and fat tire cruiser. Nice to have flat ground which takes UCB and UCSC out of the picture.
01:19 PM on 04/05/2011
Yep, I grew up in Davis and went to school at UCSB. Having and riding a bike was second nature; wouldn't even think of getting around without one.
12:29 PM on 04/05/2011
I learned to ride a bike at Stanford. My freshman dorm taught me. Without a bike it is really hard to get around campus. It's true the resources that university has poured into bike safety is enormous. Also, neighboring Palo Alto is very bike friendly.
12:19 PM on 04/05/2011
Most on the west coast. None on the east coast. Huh.
ray newman
Reality has a Liberal bias
01:55 PM on 04/05/2011
I noticed that too, My wife and I had to drive through the campus at the University of Florida, Gainesville, to get to a childhood home of mine down by Newnan Lake last spring and I have never seen so many bicycles in my life, I remember asking my wife , "Did you see a bike repair shop anywhere ? " A handyman could retire there just working on them !
Yes I did find my childhood home, Many things were the same by my memory, But many things were totally different than I remembered too, Like McGilverys boat dock and the lake itself, I guess you can never really go home.
Big Game Hunter
Facts are Republican Kryptonite
02:04 PM on 04/05/2011
Riding a bike in snow probably isn't all that fun.
03:45 PM on 04/05/2011
CSU gets A LOT of snow. Trust me, my alma mater. And many bike accidents.. the pain..
03:46 PM on 04/05/2011
I mean Colorado State, by the way.
12:03 PM on 04/05/2011
Because schools had to apply to be on this list, there are glaring omissions. I visited the University of Colorado once, and unless bike-eating zombies have invaded the area in the intervening years, I can't imagine anything below gold level.
01:30 PM on 04/05/2011
I work at CU and can tell you that even the hungriest Zombie students would rather ride their 2010 Lance Armstrong edition Treks around the foothills.
11:05 AM on 04/05/2011
Ah, Someone who thought UW-Madison could be easily made into UWM. Rookie mistake my friend.

Milwaukee is an awesome biking city but the university is built vertically on a square mile. This makes it a much more efficient campus that avoids the pollution and waste that goes into bike manufacturing. You could say UWM is a post-cyclist campus far superior than a cyclist-friendly campus.
Jousts with windmills.
11:59 AM on 04/05/2011
Do the students use jet-packs to go from class to class?
el sueno de la razon produce republicans
12:02 PM on 04/05/2011
helicopter hats
"What year did Jesus think it was?"-GC
01:01 PM on 04/05/2011
Milwaukee would be an awesome biking city if you could ride your bike for more than 6 months of the year.
01:20 PM on 04/05/2011
Milwaukee is far too windy for jet packs or helicopter hats. We usually just think about where we want to be, close our eyes, and then we are there. Once again, much more green than the mechanized calorie guzzlers that are bikes.