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01:41 AM on 02/03/2008
Obama: "there's sparring to be done, if only of the verbal kind." Does this mean Obama will go negative?

Hillary: "There's a streak of misinformation in the mix."
Does this harbor a clue that Matthew's is brewing something up for Tuesday?

Looks like a shower of bad press coming our way...
And Hillary is ahead by 20% over Obama nation wide...

... and Obama... well... let's see Super Tuesday.

The only thing I do KNOW is that no one has the inside scoop on who will "win" Tuesday. It's in the stars!
12:42 AM on 02/03/2008
The closer we get, the more I want Al. I just sent email to the feedback address on the Gore-backed I asked him to consider the "fierce urgency of now" and endorse Obama before Super Tuesday. Why don't YOU do something active and send him some email yourself because I know when I'm nervous or worried about something I always find that actually DOING something instead of sitting around makes me feel better. I think it might help you get through this weekend, too: Put 'Please Forward to Al' on the subject line and tell him what you think about Obama and ask him to do what he does SO well...get people to pay attention to things that are so important.