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Featherless Biped
10:54 AM on 04/10/2011
We are supposed to believe that when people commit crimes, they get punished. We are supposed to believe that punishment is an effective deterrent to criminal behavior. For those of us just regular folks, that is the way the system is structured. Break the law, get a fine, go to jail, or both. If it is such an effective system for common people, why then do we not apply the same standards to the wealthy, whose crimes have so much greater impact? Think about it. I just read in the NYT that the settlement with big banks co tans virtually no punishment for the global financial collapse that they caused or the robo-signing scandal. They got a slap on the wrist and had to promise they will abide bynthe new rules implemented by the government. In the meantime, over 6 million people have or will lose their homes (I am one of those 6 million btw) millions have lost productive work, and now the GOP is trying to see to it that the middle and lower classes pay for the crimes of the wealthy by losing essential services. Cut Medicare, cut Social Security, cut education funding, stop unemployment extensions, strip unions of their basic rights, give the wealthiest Americans $800,000,000 in extended tax cuts. I am 56 years old, a self employed contractor, son of immigrant parents, retired school teacher, and I have had enough. What the hell is going on in this country?? Seriously have we lost our minds?
06:32 PM on 04/10/2011
I believe we have. And I think the constant dreck spewing out of the television set (among other media formats), along with high fat/high sugar nutrition-empty food and mind altering pharmaceuticals that Americans are encouraged to stuff themselves with on a daily basis has helped create just the kind of population that our corrupt government and their banking/corporate masters need as they perpetrate their crimes year in and year out. Of course they will destroy themselves, but they will destroy us first and I guess we're just going to hold out our little porridge bowls and say "p-p-p-lease sir, m-m-m-may I have some m-m--mooooore?" I don't know what is going on , is it a collective death wish? (I wish I knew how to effectively organize a nationwide tax strike in which people take the exemptions necessary to have no tax withheld and then refuse to pay one dime when tax time comes around. There wouldn't be any more business-as-usual then...)
Just here to spool you up.
09:46 PM on 04/10/2011
Not lost, sedated. Glee, desperate housewives, football and american idol ..... all opiates.
12:17 AM on 04/11/2011
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Some people are #%?!*!*# NUTS!!!!!
09:34 AM on 04/10/2011
Buddy, could you spare a dime?
06:36 PM on 04/10/2011
Back in the early part of the 20th century, John D. Rockefeller would have given you one - he liked to pass out dimes to grownups and nickels to children. Maybe Jamie Dimon could afford to throw us a few dimes too...
09:18 AM on 04/10/2011
What a hypocrit.

Just last week, he was saying how the rich should pay the lion share of taxes. He knows the tax code won't change. And he can not impact any change their.

He didnt say anything about income equity between the highest and lowest paid in a company. The US has the greatest known disparity ever in that regard. He could have created change there.

But instead, he takes his massive salary increase - while at the same time squeezing his workers for every penny and limiting their benefits.

But, he got to sound like a man of the people - with his two-faced comments about paying taxes.
Man may think he rules -God is still in charge..
07:39 AM on 04/10/2011
This man is no better than Frank or Jessie James. They all are bank robbers but using different methods to rob the bank and the people's money.
Some people are #%?!*!*# NUTS!!!!!
09:44 AM on 04/10/2011
Actually they are more violent than the James brothers even though they dont use guns. How many lives have been destroyed by these greedy corporatists, the more money they steal the less there is for issues of the plebeians. How many Americans have died to protect the corporatists lifestyles, how many have had inadequate healthcare, how many are unemployed, how many are homeless, how many are in debt over their heads so these vermin can live in opulence?
12:38 AM on 04/10/2011
Comparing CEO pay to median household income is totally senseless. It's time people start understanding the reason behind these salaries and bonuses and stop thinking that these salaries are undeserved one time "gifts".

Look carefully, hardly 10% of his total comp is fixed which means he performed to earn any additional money. Articles like these just highlight the same old shallow message "high bankers pay = financial crisis".
10:23 AM on 04/10/2011
Hey rajeevbat, give me a break will you. "he performed to earn"? These criminal bankers, wall street and corporate CEO use not only the company they are suppose to be managing, but the rest of the working class population to "enhance" there performance. How many companies in the last 20 years have been incredibility profitable for the short term. Just coincidence that it coincides with a CEO tenure there. Once things start going in the wrong direction, they dump their personally held stock (insider trading) and cash out and get a golden parachute to boot. The bankers are even worse, they get to create money out of thin air, borrow worthless printed money from the FEDs and zero interest, reinvest in an artificially inflated stock market only to turn even more of a }profit" and they still manage to bankrupt not only their companies but the entire economy. Banking is nothing more than a rigged casino, if you have the right connections and manage to get into a position like Dimon or Blankenship you can do whatever you want to increase "profit". Similar to a Mob Boss, you run the rackets so you just keep skimming of the top off everyone income. These guys are criminals and unfortunately, they just keep getting away with it.
11:13 AM on 04/10/2011
I agree there have been cases of bankers using unethical means to earn the extra buck. But this happens in other industries also (which are not targeted by the media). See how many banks fired their top management after the crisis, and when Steve Jobs made a fortune out of backdating options no one raised a finger.

What is needed is better regulation and vigilance and not a blanket criticism of an entire industry. If CEOs of these banks are given a base pay of 500K then they might as well look for a job in another industry. And create a talent in crunch in Banking sector, a sector which needs more and better talent, now more than ever!
06:39 PM on 04/10/2011
He sure did perform to earn... performed, along with his banking buddies, the greatest trick of all - t get the government to hand over billions and billions of dollars from the public treasury. Good one.
12:16 AM on 04/10/2011
And I'm sure he earned every penny of it; I'm sure he deserved every penny of it; and i'm sure soneone is living on the street because of every penny.
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"The future ain't what it used to be"
08:46 PM on 04/09/2011
They're scrambling to skim off the cream before the Ponzi scheme collapses again.
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08:05 PM on 04/09/2011
So .. did all employees at JPMorgan get a nice raise this year?
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No joke actually, humor helps heal
06:34 PM on 04/09/2011
You'd think with that kind of money he would buy a better face, he looks like a shrew or a beady eyed mole (no offense to shrews or moles)
06:01 PM on 04/09/2011
it's easy to make money when you borrow from the fed window at zero percent. guess that's why he and the other bank ceo's deserve bonuses while the poverty rate increases. get used to it
05:23 PM on 04/09/2011
By and large are the bank bosses great examples of managers who achieve the
highest level of incompetence, the way they run their business, leaving behind a
mess and getting the famous gold hand shake as a reward.
05:16 PM on 04/09/2011
Anger has eased......nooooo its simmering just below the surface.....and stories like this just keeps showing the American taxpayer what chump's they were to bailout these sleezeballs.