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12:50 PM on 04/14/2011
Angelina Jolie is just as skinny
12:49 PM on 04/14/2011
This is the consummate Prada look. Every time I see some model or celebrity wearing her clothes, I picture Miuccia Prada laughing all the way to the bank while celebrating her successful campaign to convince people that ugly is hip.
True patriotism isn't selfish
01:35 PM on 04/14/2011
Isn't that what most designers do?
12:50 PM on 04/14/2011
Now why you wanna go there?
12:42 PM on 04/14/2011
Quick, get that model a roast beef sandwich, stat!
12:36 PM on 04/14/2011
Wouldn't banning this ad because she is "too skinny" be considered discrimination? It would be if they said she was too fat!
True patriotism isn't selfish
01:35 PM on 04/14/2011
SO true! If you don't like the ad, don't buy the goods. It's pretty easy!!
STL Jess
I love Cardinal baseball.
12:35 PM on 04/14/2011
I honestly don't understand where this meme about super thin women being the only media "ideal" originated. As a scrawny teenager and still thin woman, I see media images and hear comments all the time that tell me I'm not perfect or "ideal." Naturally thin women like me don't typically have large breasts or hips, but I don't want to ban all images of women with more voluptuous bodies because they made me feel unattractive as a 15-year old girl. Maybe we should get away from deciding only one body shape is okay for women to have, and anything else is sick or unwomanly. We're ALL WOMEN, thin, medium, and fat.
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Wyoming, Hong Kong, Tai-Tai
11:36 PM on 04/14/2011
fanned. That is the whole point of beauty/fashion mags: Convince us ALL we're ugly and in need of their products/clothes to make ourselves look better!
Promoting Red State Secession
12:25 PM on 04/14/2011
She looks healthy and sexy. Fat girls hate her.
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11:58 AM on 04/14/2011
The fashion industry is run by a bunch of gaymen, that is why all the models look like young boys!

Banning things like this is STUPID!
Fairness is equal opportunity not distributionn
12:48 PM on 04/14/2011
huh, That unfortunately makes sense, Better then gym teachers, which is a (still in the closet) job. purposely vague
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11:46 AM on 04/14/2011
That's not "slim."
That's simply cadaverous.

And it won't change until women reject this and reject Miu Miu and her products (and others). Until then, we will never get rid of this dangerous and misogynistic nonsense.

And I don't think banning the ads is the answer. Educating women to resist this crap is.
11:45 AM on 04/14/2011
models are skinny? shut up!!
11:43 AM on 04/14/2011
Why would you want to put up this add. She looks horrible!
Lyrical Combat
11:24 AM on 04/14/2011
Actually she doesn't even look real.. I'd have thought mannequin.
11:10 PM on 04/14/2011
Ditto! Real life Barbie - bleck!
Cynthia Dudley
11:21 AM on 04/14/2011
She doesn't look particularly healthy and if a company wants to sell its product as something worn by wax replicas of people then they are catering to a very small market indeed. It would be nice if more companies would advertise clothing worn by real people but there are sufficient real people that those companies don't really need to advertise.
Making a board with a bigger nail in it.
11:19 AM on 04/14/2011
When a country actually BANS ads simply because the woman in the ad happens to have a skinny body... then you've allowed your government too much power over you. Time to balance things out, I say.
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