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05:50 PM on 04/29/2011
If they are offended, then get another job, because a the birthers are doing exactly what the president said they are doing acting like Carnaval barkers. Get over yourselves, most of them are drifters anyway.
03:48 PM on 04/29/2011
I kept looking for the Comedy Section or the Humorist title beneath the author.
...but this is SERIOUS?
And you're comparing a chosen profession to that of discrimination based on race? Seriously? Here's a big hint: one you can change, one you cannot.
Also, The President didn't say anything disparaging about barkers, unless you count comparing them to Trump.
civil rights lawyer
09:57 AM on 04/29/2011
I can appreciate that carnival barkers detest being compared to Trump. Ay sane person would.
09:26 AM on 04/29/2011
Here's the whole thing. Obama didn't say one derogatory thing about carnival barkers. Carnival barkers are people, whose job it is to yell out to crowds, and so he was just comparing the Birthers' loud yells to those of carnival barkers'. I didn't hear him say one negative about carnival barkers per se. The old carnies need to grow a thicker layer of skin in my book.
08:15 AM on 04/29/2011
I didn't realize that carnival barkers were so sensitive.
Counter Sniper
Though I Wander I Am Not Lost...
07:55 AM on 04/29/2011
You have got to be frickin kiddin me.....
09:31 AM on 04/29/2011
My point exactly!
06:12 AM on 04/29/2011
He is taking birth control pill for his brain and slam crack! Wow cannot go no where without a crackhead showing up!
03:10 AM on 04/29/2011
If Trump was working for the circus there wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately he is running for President of the United States.
12:16 PM on 05/01/2011
Trump IS working for a circus: NBC. DOH!
Just a sample of carbon-based wastage
02:32 AM on 04/29/2011
I thought it was part of the job of the carny to be heckled at and the butt of jokes?
02:27 AM on 04/29/2011
Donald Trump gives carnival barkers a bad name.
12:18 AM on 04/29/2011
Imagine the poor aide who has to go in and inform the President: "Uh, Mr. President, it seems you've upset the Carnival Barkers..."
i always ask myself
11:16 PM on 04/28/2011
carnival barkers of the world, unite !
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Raymond Dangerous
You're grammar are getting much more gooder
11:04 PM on 04/28/2011
Hey I'm a professional clown and do you hear me complain when posters describe the becks, limbaughs, palins, boehners, bachmans, and yes even the Donald as clowns...

Well, no.
Mainly because I'm at home, sitting at my computer.
11:04 PM on 04/28/2011
Wouldn't it be great if the media was this zealous about investigating real stories? They took the time to find a carnival barker but cannot find the time to scrutinize Trump's checkered business empire.
bob's yer uncle
10:46 PM on 04/28/2011
Yo POTUS, no fair harshin' the art of the carny...

I guess the honeymoon is over...