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02:26 PM on 05/04/2011
There are few surprises on the list.
I would have bet the top two worst companies would have been
Fanny and Freddy Mac....they caused the collapse.
02:14 PM on 05/04/2011
What about The Umbrella Corp? They leaked the powerful mutagen "T-virus" that contaminated all of thier employees and most of the surrounding area. As if that weren't enough, they tried to cover the whole thing up. That is by far the worst company in the world
02:35 PM on 05/04/2011
Awesome reference. :)
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Brian Hanrahan
Res ipsa loquitur
02:03 PM on 05/04/2011
Author Matt Taibbi's take in Rolling Stone laid it out: Bernie Madoff went to jail for stealing from the rich, while those who stole from the poor and middle class were rewarded with bailout money which evolved into record earnings a fiscal quarter later. He's largely writing of Goldman Sachs, an outfit prominently profiled in Taibbi's explosive book GRIFTOPIA. GS is the MVP OF mortgage death dealers, pedaling an astronomical number of 'sh*t' (Goldman's word for them) mortgages to unwary insurance companies, small banks, pension funds, etc, knowing well that they would ultimately collapse into default. Only one Goldman Sachs operative went to jail for criminal enterprise afer the recent mortgate banking collapse, and it was for insider trading,according to Taibbi, and not related to failed mortgages. You go, Goldman Sachs.
give me a job huff post! im giving you gold here!
01:58 PM on 05/04/2011
F#$# comcast
01:45 PM on 05/04/2011
Oh...poor us, poor us! You bunch of cry-babies. The free market has proven to be the greatest equalizer in history. Someone made the comment already, these companies continue to make record profits because...CONSUMERS CONTINUE TO USE THEIR SERVICES OR BUY THEIR GOODS!!! You want a change, don't use B of A. Go ahead and use that little local 1st National bank of lower Wichita, or wherever you're from. Have fun having one branch and ATM to access. Buy a Ford...they didn't take a nickle in bailout money. The problem is that you/we don't. You got screwed by a big company? It's probably your fault. Read your contracts before you sign them. Upset at why oil companies make record profits? Blame RECORD CONSUMPTION and the fact that the environmentalists have hog tied our ability to access our own resources or build proven cheap and reliable energy plants...see "nuclear." People can be and are corrupted by huge profits and greed, but for every ENRON, there are 100 other companies doing to right thing, but is a responsible company newsworthy? No. Wake up and put on a pot of Folgers, this is still the greatest nation in man's short history. How many people are leaving to live abroad and how many people are fighting tooth and nail to get in??? Don't like what's going on, do something about it. You'll have your next big chance Nov. 6th 2012.
01:44 PM on 05/04/2011
It's interesting that people hate corporations. Mostly brainwashed dummies. Goldman Sachs has long been an allie of the demcratic machine, having been bailed out at least three times in the last 20 years or so because they assisted the democrats with failed economic policies. Remember when they bought mexican governemtn bonds at the request of the clinton administration, when mexico defaulted who bailed them out. Of course Morgan Chase, Goldman-Sachs, Citibank and Bof A are all on the top 10 contributors to the Obama campaign. Of course their are those vicious oil companies who make lots of money, but also provide hundreds of thousands of jobs and enrich retirement funds for people smart enough to invest in them. No one ever mentions that the governent makes more net profit from each gallon of gasoline than those evil oil companies.
01:44 PM on 05/04/2011
JUST A THOUGHT...Based on the Comments Present and Absent...Large Corporations Are In A Different World...and in their world...there does not seem to be a Moral Conscience or a Real Shared Responsibility to Humanity or Society for the Most Part... other than their Token Charitable Contributions. Their Quest For Profit, Fueled by Greedy Executives Who Cherish "The Good Life" alongside Share Holders who Support their Milking of the Worlds People, and Pollution of the Planet is an Unfortunate Dilemma, For Mankind Overall...It Seems Few Men Among Them Possess The Strength, Wisdom, Or Human Concern, To Turn The Destructive Acts of the Corporation Around. Like someone said in a song once...Those Who Have The Power In This World...Don't Even Care About Us. They Love to Take Responsibility For Their Worldly Successes...But I Wonder, In The End...Will They Take Responsibility For The Destruction and Decline of Quality of Life for Mankind and the Fading Beauty of This Great Planet.
01:43 PM on 05/04/2011
The worst...AT&T. Dismal unfeeling intolerant giant with NO interests in customer service.
Buys the market then grows the fees of their captive audience and rapes the customer.
Then uses that profit to BUY MORE companies and start the climbing rape again.
We busted the phone companies 30 years ago.
It is really time.
01:36 PM on 05/04/2011
Chrysler is the worst company in the world, with the worst products
01:36 PM on 05/04/2011
I would think number one would be WellsFargo.
old enough to know better,too young to resist
01:44 PM on 05/04/2011
Why Wells-Fargo? AIG took massive amount of taxpayer bailout funds. Then proceeded to hand out Huge BONUSES to employees for driving the economy to the edge of a DEPRESSION. The definition of over inflated self worth.
Paratus Certa Ad Mors
01:25 PM on 05/04/2011
Rolling Stone Magazine calling Goldman Sachs as a 'Great Vampire Squid' is an Insult to Vampire Squids!!!! At least in Nature, the Vampire Squid serves a Purpose In The Food Chain of Life! Goldman Sachs, however, Doesn't! Goldman Sachs, AIG, & the Whole damn Lot of the Companies that Started & Made the American Mortgage Crisis Should Be Run Out Of Existence! I'm the type of Person that's a Capitalist at Heart, but These Companies Show & Have Shown The Worst of Capitalism!!!! Also, The Political Leadership In This Country (In Both The "Republican & Democratic Parties" have had their "Palms Greased" by These Same Companies! It's About Time That Both These Companies & Their Political Harlots "Be Thrown To The Wolves!!!!"
01:23 PM on 05/04/2011
Ahh yes, who could not help think of despicable JPMorgan Chase Bank and their immoral and unethical CEO Jamie Dimon. I wonder what his bonus was for sticking it to our military families. Everything does trickle down from the top right? Does he get a percentage of the exhorbitant bank fees they sneak in as well. If by chance you happen to be under application for a mortgage with! They're horrible! Two people to avoid at all costs, Ms. Tracy Price (some sort of ineffectual underling for Jamie) and Michael Menken (reported to be a loan officer but I don't think they even let him go to the bathroom by himself). Their modus operandi is to have you invest in title searches, inspections, mortgage applications, attorneys fees and then walk away and leave you hanging. Beware of any dealings whatsoever with Chase.
Scott Bryan Kanner
PPR Entanglement and Weak Quantum Field Theory
01:21 PM on 05/04/2011
Sorry....Monsanto should be #1. Talk about evil...They are genetically modifying all seed species so that everyone has to buy from them only. They drive through the midwest allowing genetically modified seeds that they have patented to disperse into family owned farms and come back later to ask for royalties. They are looking to monopolize the food supply. Very dangerous!!!
01:45 PM on 05/04/2011
Agreed, Franken Food Giant, Monsanto is probably the most evil company I can think of. Sadly most people are not even aware of genetically modified foods, or the company behind their mass production.
01:52 PM on 05/04/2011
Hear..Hear and Ditto That... they or the Scourge of the Earth and Should be banned from Business I regret my Junior Achievement Association with This King Monster Among The Peoples Enemies. What they are Doing is Proof Positive That Our Government has Sold Us Outtttt! Dangerous Indeedddd!
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01:16 PM on 05/04/2011
Off with their heads, these horrible corporations. The fact that they employed ten of thousands of people and provide them with good salaries and benefits is just horrible. No wonder our unemployment rate continues to climb.
01:15 PM on 05/04/2011
Why is Amway not on this list? The king of the MLM (Ponzi) scheme.