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09:35 PM on 02/08/2008
'D' means a Dictator.
Rush Geek
11:30 PM on 02/08/2008
Give me a break. You Libs are going to love President McCain. He will give the Democrat Congress anything they want.

He really IS a Democrat.
07:44 PM on 02/09/2008
One of his major advisers is Bill Kristol--that surely doesn't make him a Democrat, ohiomark. It makes him an Idiot!
08:56 PM on 02/08/2008
That's a tiny mistake...means nothing.
What he truly is is a WARMONGER.
That's his real identity.
08:40 PM on 02/08/2008
How many different times are these ass-holes going to get away with the BS - they have done it multiple times and in every case it has been done to smear/undermind a Democrat...this Fair & Balanced station should be re-located to the Russian tundra with Bill O and S Hannity doing live broadcast from a gulag!!!!!!!!!!
"The Lord abhors dishonest scales."--Proverbs 11.1
06:53 AM on 02/09/2008
Don't become like them.
08:08 PM on 02/08/2008
Both parties have been one in the same for a long time, especially since 2000. They serve the same corporate and foreign interests and they all benefit from their wars, globalization and dismantling our Constitution. They're all very bad paid actors and actresses. I hope someday, We the People, will see most of them behind bars.
07:49 PM on 02/08/2008
Fox is a one trick Pony - what do expect from a Pig but a grunt?
07:44 PM on 02/08/2008
They do this all the time, it is no mistake. They put a "D" on repubs who are either in a scandal, they don't like, did something really messed up... They also put the "R" on dems who are getting praise in the media at the time.

What I don't understand is how Fox viewers haven't realized they are playing them as fools and don't say "to hell with that".

I mean, if you basically call me a sucker I don't think I'll be supporting you. Obviously, Fox knows most of its viewers are suckers.
07:45 PM on 02/09/2008
Most Fox viewers probably can't read.
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07:39 PM on 02/08/2008
'The Progressive' sorry no link available. Check out the FBI story.Interesting.
07:10 PM on 02/08/2008
This trick is getting a little old now.
07:00 PM on 02/08/2008
Wnat fun
I watch with Captioning
Keith Olbermann
Typist is always far behind him.

It is funny.
"The Lord abhors dishonest scales."--Proverbs 11.1
06:54 AM on 02/09/2008
Yeah I noticed that too.
06:45 PM on 02/08/2008
"Please, please don't throw me into that briar patch, Brother Bear..."

The Reps know the ONLY way in hell a Rep can win is to not be a Rep. This is the best they can do, to paint McCain as a non-Republican Republican.

How DID that Keating thing turn out, Mr. McCain?
07:04 PM on 02/08/2008
Probably a dumb mistake made by one of those Blondie bimbos, cut them some slack.
Not motivated by fear & loathing
06:22 PM on 02/08/2008
The GOP doesn't intend to win this election!

The plan is clearly to let the Dems get it and

blame them for the after war recession, then

orchestrate a scandal like with Jimmy Crater.

That'll set US up for the coming of JeeBush!
06:53 PM on 02/08/2008
Clearly a case of "to the victor goes the spoils"!
Just thank the monkey, if not for him who who would have given a woman or a black a chance to be the president.
Now lets not repeat having another Republican in office for another century, this includes Hillary.
06:00 PM on 02/08/2008
I guess whether we get McCain or Obama, the first thing the President will do on day one is kick Fox out of the White House Press Room.
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My Micro-bio is empty? Really?
05:48 PM on 02/08/2008
Doesn't surprise me. Faux News did the same thing to Mark Foley, when they played footage of him they identified him as a Democrat.

Conservatives are running scared. How sweet it is!
05:35 PM on 02/08/2008
They know that McCain is emotionally unstable. A few more weeks of stuff like that and they have him muttering in his sleep "I'm a conservative, I'm a conservative"
07:48 PM on 02/09/2008
If McCain does get the nomination, they will swift-boat him like crazy. This may make him have the Mother of all Temper Tantrums in some public place.
05:09 PM on 02/08/2008
This just in from FOX News....George Bush ( D ) polling at an all time low....stay tuned...dummies...