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With Liberty and Justice for all
04:14 PM on 02/10/2008
With every wet French kiss to the far right lunacy, the farther the presumptive nominee moves away from the Independent voters.
He can't be doing very well with centrist Democrats either.
Carefull mr. nominee, Rove may still be used to rat packing your ass still.
Friends don't let friends watch Fox
04:11 PM on 02/10/2008
McCain, evidenced by his willingness to even listen to Rove, has surrendered his dignity, integrity, ethics and any morals he may have had, to his egotistical desire too be President... this by itself demonstrates he is not qualified to lead our nation.

republicans are a threat to our nation.
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05:39 PM on 02/10/2008
I couldn't agree with you more. "Old Mad Mac" has the gall to call out Obama and Clinton for surrendering to Al Qaida and he surrenders to the guy who trashed him and his family. With the exception of the 30 percent idiot base, who in their right mind would want this guy as president.
04:00 PM on 02/10/2008
As another blogger here so quaintly put it: "McCain embraces Rove. Hugs Bush. Kisses Lieberman. Fondles Falwell...They shit in his hat and he gets all lovey dovey.."

But that's not the scary part. The scary part is that Americans by and large HATE everything McBomb stands for....yet they STILL go out and vote for him! It's way too troublesome to find a viable candidate, someone who isn't a loose cannon like McPlaneCrash, somebody George Bush himself has labeled "unbalanced"
(and Bush must "know" unbalanced when he sees it). The scary part is the American electorate.
03:47 PM on 02/10/2008
And this is why McCain should not be president. He is spineless.
04:05 PM on 02/10/2008
I'm with ya man. This guy leaves a trail of slime when he walks. To think I said I could vote for him back in 2000. What a sycophant.
Friends don't let friends watch Fox
04:13 PM on 02/10/2008
I'm in the same position.. at one point in 2000 I was willing to consider McCain but his embrace of bush, and now this, demonstrates he is around the bend and is not qualified to lead our nation.
04:15 PM on 02/10/2008
spineless? the demos are spineless. not the repubs. the repubs may sell their souls for a vote and they are indeed war mongers but spineless?

the repubs will trade your kids blood for oil in a minute.

newsweek now has karl rove writing for them. no more newsweek for me.

it is a class war and until americans see that nothing will be gained. wait and see.
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12:08 AM on 02/11/2008
Researcher, one more war, CLASS WAR!!!!
03:46 PM on 02/10/2008
McCain will do anything to win...even sell his soul.
04:08 PM on 02/10/2008
McCain lost whatever soul he might have laid claim to when he not only "forgave Rove/Bush" after 2000, but cuddled up with them as their #2 PIMP behind only KISSIN'JOE LIEBERMAN!
What a liar! What a hypocrite! What a looser! And HE is the LEADER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY?
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03:44 PM on 02/10/2008
Poor McCain -- The man with no brain is stuck between Karl Goebbels Rove and a hard place. He can't piss Rove off, so turn the pandering up to 10!
03:41 PM on 02/10/2008
To think I once respected this guy when he was running against Bush,(Of course, compared to Bush who can't speak a coherent sentence....), even tho' I disagreed with just about everything he said.
But then he started sucking up to the radical evangelicals who he had publicly disagreed with before, sucking up to Bush, now this....

Win at any cost, I guess.
Absolutely no integrity, not to mention self-respect or respect for his family.
03:40 PM on 02/10/2008
Do we really want a person who embraces someone who personally attacked his service, his daughter, and his character. He will capitulate to anyone!
03:40 PM on 02/10/2008
Grandpa Munster needs to wipe the brown lipstick off before it becomes permanent. He's nothing more than a Bush wanna-be, another puppet for the RNC. why desn't anyone talk about how polarizing he is? He's a used car salesman at best, not a President!
03:39 PM on 02/10/2008
So is there a picture, like when McCain embraced Bush? McCain seems to be ready to embrace anybody as long as there's something in it for him. Wait. Isn't that against the law?
I say the things that have to be said.
06:54 PM on 02/10/2008
This picture has been everywhere on the web. Here's one place you can see it:
03:38 PM on 02/10/2008
Have you no pride, McCain?
03:36 PM on 02/10/2008
Why can't we as a nation scrape the Rove off our shoes?
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12:10 AM on 02/11/2008
03:36 PM on 02/10/2008
Wouldn't it be great if the Straight Shooter shot straighter . . . and lined up Turdblossom in his sights?
John, John, John! Take that white head of hair, that swollen left cheek, that seventy-one-year-old, war-ravaged body and that wife who looks like she stepped out of a Robert Palmer video . . . and go back to Sedona, Arizona for retirement.
It's a new generation, bucko! And you're on the wrong end.
03:35 PM on 02/10/2008
It's gratifying to see that Mr. Ashcroft still has his head firmly planted way up his ass.
03:35 PM on 02/10/2008
rove was all about supporting mccain (and hillary) on face the nation today . . . . so the limbaugh/coulter thing is DEFINITELY a ploy to get the less savvy dems to support her so they can swift boat her ass in the general.