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05:52 AM on 05/18/2011
Facebook and Google protecting my privacy? NOT. That's why I stay away from any and all social networking sites. Wish I could avoid doing searches on the Internet, but can't.
smiting trolls since 1984
03:27 PM on 05/18/2011
If you leave HP logged in when you log in to any other site, particularly one that has advertising on it, you've already left a trail you can't cover over. They likely have your real name, address, phone, email, home value and basic credit-worthiness information.
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09:53 AM on 05/19/2011
There are currently twelve trackers on this topic unless you use something like Ghostery to block them.
03:24 AM on 05/18/2011
Personally I refuse to use FB.that company is no good
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Former citizen of BS mountain
03:15 AM on 05/18/2011
Of course they oppose data deletion, they have been cashing in our data caches and are not going to let that go without a fight.
As for privacy, I would advice not uploading anything you wouldn't want to be public because as Sony taught us during the last couple weeks, nothing is really secure.
You don't even have to use your real name on facebook!
02:51 PM on 05/18/2011
nothing is really secure...

That is what they WANT you to believe when the reality is rather different in a DISTRIBUTED environment. You know. How the internet was designed to operate before these 'website-as-services' vultures gang-rushed it for pure greed.

When will Zuckerberg enter the record books for the most prolific invader of personal privacy? Before of after the bubble bursts?
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Trapeze Artist
03:13 AM on 05/18/2011
If my personal data is so DANG VALUABLE...

Then you can PAY ME FOR IT!
03:25 AM on 05/18/2011
Next year,there will be new social nets that will pay users. U can guess what will happen to facebook-it will turn into myspace
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Trapeze Artist
03:40 AM on 05/18/2011
I can't WAIT to see Facebook become the next MySpace!
02:54 PM on 05/18/2011
Actually. Users will sell their own data. They will host their own content and control who gains accesses.

The future of the internet is DISTRIBUTED.

The question is: Will you be Iconic or Moronic?
David Landry
05:18 PM on 05/18/2011
The government should set up a totally independent department whose only responsibilities are to set up a secure private data repository for each and every citizen, then create a secure API that all web sites can access for the purpose of authentication.

This department would have a mandate to constantly update their security and privacy process and procedures.

A sample process would be that you log into a place like FB, you send your credentials to FB wrapped up in an encrypted packet that FB uses to confirm with the government API that you are who you claim to be.

If you buy something, the same credentials are passed along to confirm that this was really you, with an additional process of an email or text message being sent to you, which you have to confirm before the process is completed.

None of your data will be allowed to "get out" without you being warned what data is being sent, and where it is being sent to, and whether it is specific or randomized ... and only sent after you explicitly approve of the release of information.

Then, if FB or Google wants to use your data they can apply to the government department, which looks at your privacy settings and releases the specific or randomized information (assuming you want to participate) and collect the regular monthly payments from FB and Google for you for the use of your personal data.
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Trapeze Artist
03:12 AM on 05/18/2011
Limits free speech?

All it limits is your blazing fast speed to BILLIONS of dollars in profits.

How effing stupid do you think we are?
Morals evolved due to cooperative group living
01:59 AM on 05/18/2011
Limits the freedom of WHO's speech?
Limiting a web page owner's right to sell your private info is a reasonable limitation on the freedom of speech. Do banks have the right to sell your card and pin numbers? No, and just as you have the right to an unlisted telephone number, you should also have the right to keep your personal identity private.
01:55 AM on 05/18/2011
Finally, there is no reason for Google or Facebook to have all our data especially when most of it kids data
02:59 PM on 05/18/2011
More spyware? Don't you people LEARN?

You don't defeat spying by spying more. Try actually SOLVING the problem instead of trying to profit from legitimate fears with band-aid-solutions that achieve very little in practice. There is NOTHING new here, just good-old profiteering.
01:26 AM on 05/18/2011
Mark make reMARKable to social networks
Environment means we are all in this together
12:17 AM on 05/18/2011
A sensible bill. We have a right to be able to share with friends our personal information while being able to decide when or if the corporate cloud should have access to it.

Otherwise we need a new Facebook (and Gmail) now!!
Hands off SS, Medicare & Medicaid
11:54 PM on 05/17/2011
"Bill 'SB 242' would, among other mandates, require users of such sites to specify their privacy settings as part of the registration process and force sites to institute default privacy settings that share no more than a user's name and city of residence. Social networking sites would also be required to delete any information a user asks to have removed within 48 hours of the request."

I can certainly see why corporate overlords would object to this bill, but I can't imagine why Internet users would, unless they enjoy turning over their privacy to the business community.
10:08 AM on 05/18/2011
"I can't imagine why Internet users would"

Because most Internet users don't understand the debate at all.

Just as most don't understand 'Net Neutrality and have spoken out against it, even though it benefits them.
Partisan thinking is an oxymoron
10:32 AM on 05/18/2011
Really? Most people have spoken out against net neutrality? Where are you living and who are you talking to? Most people don't even know what it is and if they are speaking out against it they are simply repeating what they heard on TV.
I'm paid in catnip
11:54 PM on 05/17/2011
Frankly, after the kinds of things Schmidt and Zuckerberg have been saying for the last year, I think I'm for anything they both dislike unless it's flat out unconstitutional. These guys understand perfectly well the value of selling information they didn't pay for, and they don't face consequences ranging from harassment, identity theft, or even online stalking. Hey, if it's a company stalking you, it's not a crime, right? No matter how tired you are of seeing their ads in your email, around your email, in your phone--texts that have to be paid for, until finding the OFF button five menus deep.
10:08 AM on 05/18/2011
They have both been behaving like tea b@ggers when it comes down to it.
11:41 PM on 05/17/2011
People are finally seeing Facebook and Google for what they are. Spyware!
11:40 PM on 05/17/2011
This is a great law ......
11:40 PM on 05/17/2011
I think the vast number of people, not just teens, westing etc are extremely concerned about their privacy.

Let them hate, so long as they fear
11:30 PM on 05/17/2011
(Many expressed concern that SB 242 would interfere with teenagers’ First Amendment rights by empowering parents to request social networking sites remove information a minor has posted online.)
OMG quick someone call out the national guard, parents will be able to make sites take down dumb things that minors post. What ever will we do? I'd rather parents make that decision that those sites.