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05:01 PM on 02/13/2008
Dear Hillary,

Senator Obama has already had 18 debates with you and has scheduled two more. The American people have heard all that you have to say, seen all that you stand for - and this, but no coincidence, is why you're getting your ass kicked from coast to coast. You are not the right woman, not the right candidate.

So kindly stop wasting Senator Obama's time pissing and moaning about more debates. The senator has important work to do and you are not a part of it.

Here's a tip - why don't you do the job that the people of NY paid you for and show up in the Senate and vote. Skipping FISA was a no-no.
06:42 PM on 02/13/2008
Watch your mouth kid. She is a former first lady of our great country. Show some respect.

And lazy Bush Obama had only one, only one debate with only Senator Clinton. Obama knows he has always gotten crushed in debates because has has no teleprompters or speech writers. Tell your God to either debate and tell the American people where he stands on issues or GO HOME!!!

On the FISA BILL that passed Obama in his usual lazy Bush fashion voted "NOT THERE, NO VOTE" so stop lying and pretending he did something else. Go look it up. The FISA bill that passed Obama and 2 other senators voted "no vote." Shame on you for lying.
06:50 PM on 02/13/2008
People have to earn respect, they aren't due it just because of who they were married a dictatorship or kingdom yes, but not in a democracy.

BTW, how often do you have Barbara Bush in your prayers?
10:14 PM on 02/13/2008
Uh, Kennedy, you should probably review his FISA vote because you are inextricably wrong. He voted against immunity. Shame on you for lying. Troll
Obamacare = law of the land. Forever.
05:01 PM on 02/13/2008
"My husband lost Maryland when he was running in the primary," Clinton said, brushing past the Maryland loss on Tuesday.

What about the delegate count, which now appears to be moving in Obama's favor and will require Clinton to win by much larger margins in the states ahead?

"That's what I always thought would happen, so we are very well positioned to compete in these big states," Clinton said.

That's what she thought would happen? I thought she was inevitable?
06:07 PM on 02/13/2008
In coming days, we'll see more detailed analysis about the likelihood of Mrs. Clinton regaining the lead but in the meantime, I've done some of my own calculations. I did use the current polls for Wisconsin, Ohio & Texas so feel free to flame me if you so desire. In one state I made my own assumed outcome, Sen. Obama's home state of Hawaii. So, here it goes: (Hawaii)C-35% O-65% (Wisconsin)C-40.7% O-45.4% (Ohio)C-48.2% O-19.4% (Texas)C-47.2% O-35.1% I excluded RI and VT that fall on the same day as Texas but any numbers would have come straight from my posterior. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Obama taking 65% of the vote in HI is more than reasonable. Also, Obama taking only 19% of the vote in Ohio is a farce. Hillary may take 48% in OH versus Obama taking 40%. I can't imagine with the college population in Ohio that Barack would take any less than 32% of the vote there. Any who, I used the ridiculous poll numbers for OH and included projections for HI, WI, and TX as well. Given the current delegate totals, Sen. Clinton would still be short 48 delegates after March 4th. That means she'd have to carry 56.4% of the popular vote throughout the rest of the primaries to regain the lead. If you figure a more appropriate vote tally of 32% for Obama in OH, Clinton is left with a 68 delegate deficit and would have to carry 59% of the popular vote throughout. Not gonna happen. Obama vs. McCain in the general.
06:28 AM on 02/14/2008
I can kind of understand what she means. You focus on 1) states that are close and or where you might win and 2) states you might win that have the biggest delegate counts. It makes sense not to spend lots of time in smaller states with smaller delegate counts. I am sure you would like to win them all (as would Obama!), but barring that (and keeping in mind that EVERY candidate MUST maintain a brave face or else their donations dry up), I can understand what she means.
04:58 PM on 02/13/2008
This is an interesting way to spin this. I thought the goal was to reach the prescribed number of delegates, not to win most. Neither candidate will meet the goal, so neither candidate will win.
05:21 PM on 02/13/2008
Um, the candidate with the most delegates comes into the convention with the absolute best odds of winning the nomination.

If "neither candidate will win", what do you think we're doing in November? Running Dennis Kucinich?
05:34 PM on 02/13/2008
wth does that mean?
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04:49 PM on 02/13/2008
Good job Obama, I hope you're not full of it!
06:11 PM on 02/13/2008
You are powerful beyond measure.
04:47 PM on 02/13/2008
Emily Dickinson:

There's been a Death, in the Opposite House,
As lately as Today --
I know it, by the numb look
Such Houses have -- alway
04:43 PM on 02/13/2008
Maybe if she stood for something and actually acted on it, like the telecom immunity vote yesterday, we would have something to get behind.
She is a career politician who can't understand what that means. She has a strong will to win the election yet isn't even serving the people who put her in office. How many Dems are alienated now by her failure to put some weight against the telecom immunity drive? Where has she stood up against the "failed policies of the Bush Administration". How can an Independant like me take her seriously when I am seeing opportunities to demonstrate her principles and she is ignoring them?

Heck, she was in Arlington yesterday. Working on her campaign.... you don't think that she could have taken a few hours of her campaign time to do what her constituents elected her to do?

I don't care what Obama did yesterday other than to note that he did vote againts the immunity amendment and cloture though he failed the last vote on the bill itself...

I feel that her behavior yesterday around this vote is consistent with her past and will be indicative of her work if she becomes POTUS. When it comes time to hold the criminals of the current administration accountable will she be on vacation in Port Douglas? Or hanging out at Camp David? Or working on her re-election campaign? Maybe having a girls night out with Pelosi and co?

We need change alright, and she doesn't seem to represent that at all.
06:31 AM on 02/14/2008
Listen, I'm for Obama, but I don't think it's fair to slam Hillary over yesterday's vote. Every senator who runs for president misses some votes. There are leaders in the House and Senate who keep track of the votes in advance. If it had been within a couple of votes, I have no doubt that HC would have gotten back to D.C. Yeah, it would be nice to know for sure how she would vote, but I really do think she would have voted against the bill. I hope so. But it wouldn't have changed the outcome. Give her a break.
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04:43 PM on 02/13/2008
TO: Presidential Candidates for 2008

Although I am for a Third Party Democrat, I present the following true facts:

They all enjoyed the festive bash

Supporting Sfc Mayor Gavin Newsom's Care not Cash

I sent Senator John McCAin a letter to make things for me better

Job fax money needed he never heeded.

Eva Hart Christian Army 62-70 670 Eddy St. Sfc 94109 Rec job Sec of Def 64
04:36 PM on 02/13/2008
who else backed this bill?
04:42 PM on 02/13/2008
Any other source for this—something with the air of legitimacy?
04:32 PM on 02/13/2008
******************BREAKING NEWS:

"COLUMBUS, Ohio — The man who served as national manager of former President Clinton's 1992 campaign plans to endorse Sen. Barack Obama, an aide to Obama said Wednesday.

Obama's campaign planned a 1 p.m. conference call Wednesday to announce the endorsement by David Wilhelm, who later became chairman of the Democratic National Committee, "

David Wilhelm dropped that ZERO & got with a HERO!!

They'll be cook'in HC like a pound of bacon,..

Burning her,...

Great Luck!
04:32 PM on 02/13/2008

WHACK!!!!!!!!! (Virginia)

thankyou sir,.....may i have another one?

WHACK!!!!!!!!! (District of Columbia)

thankyou sir,.....may i have another one?

WHACK!!!!!!!!! (Maryland)

Billary has a big,,.. sore bottom today!!

Uuchy- Ouchy!!

Great Luck!
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04:49 PM on 02/13/2008
Whoa, Mr. Horseass Kent, ain't chew the manly man, attacking Clinton on HuffRoast. I'm not a Clinton supporter but IMO little reichwing thugs like you need to be manly over in Iraq. One or two, or twelve tours might make you human.
05:20 PM on 02/13/2008

Thanks for your support!!

Go Obama!

Great Luck!
Author of Getting Back in the Game!
04:29 PM on 02/13/2008
Puerto Rico's govenor, who's the most powerful man on the island, has endorsed--guess who?--Obama! They have 66 precious, mouth-watering dellies.
06:21 PM on 02/13/2008
This will be over long before June. The tide has already turned. If Hillary can't win Ohio and Texas by more than 20-point margins, it's almost mathematically over. You watch, she'll lose Hawaii big (duh, Obama home state and a caucus), she'll lose WI in the single digits, lose either VT or RI by single digits and win the other, and win Ohio by 10-12%. Once that's all said and done, so is her campaign. She'll try to push hard for Pennsylvania but party insiders will start heaving the pressure for her to politely go back to being a NY senator.
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04:26 PM on 02/13/2008
Why is it that there is seldom any thoughtful discussion on the comment pages? So much name calling, predjudice, and slanderous statements.
Author of Getting Back in the Game!
04:43 PM on 02/13/2008
Why...? Because our educational system is failing miserably. Parents are allowing the internet and video games to acculturate their kids. So, we a continuing erosionof civility, basic writng skills, etc...This blog is a micro-manifestation of a serious values-deficit.
05:23 PM on 02/13/2008
If I'm not mistaken, HP's commenter base is probably 30-40 on average, if it fits the mold of most similar sites (DailyKos is up in that range, for instance, though they get more intelligent comments as a rule).
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04:51 PM on 02/13/2008
I suspect the HuffPost censor hates to think: just delete those nasty ol' thoughtful remarks.
05:23 PM on 02/13/2008
The HP censors are probably busy to exhaustion, and mostly indifferent. If we're going to eat ourselves alive and turn the comment sections into cat boxes, oh wells.
NY State Young Dem LGBT Caucus Chair
04:26 PM on 02/13/2008
Hillary Clinton 266 vs. John McCain 256;
Barack Obama 188 vs. John McCain 323.
I got these numbers from which has lots of state-by-state polls --- does anyone have an opinion on the reliability of that website?
This does not include all states (there are a total of 538 electoral votes)
04:41 PM on 02/13/2008
that assumes that california, NY, and NJ would not vote Democratic.
05:26 PM on 02/13/2008
I warn Ombama maniacs to not dismiss the message that we will not be co-opted.

You are the ones saying Democrats aren't important.

You may well be right.

If so, you cannot count on our votes, either.

We're not supid.
06:04 PM on 02/13/2008
I honestly can't say about CA. We're the true Independents.

We don't much care about the labels as much as the actual issues.

So.....McCain could win here.
04:47 PM on 02/13/2008
yes, i, too, wish to know if these numbers were pulled from someone's ass or ? WHO among you bloggers can tell us who runs this site. please and thanks.
NY State Young Dem LGBT Caucus Chair
06:19 PM on 02/13/2008
I looking into the references he has on the site and I'm not satisfied all the data has been updated to a sufficent level. I would really like to find some state-by-state general election match-ups that are more current if anyone has a good resource. If I find them I will post them.
04:17 PM on 02/13/2008
What ever happened to superstition? No baseball player would ever make a claim like that unless he'd had a steroid implant in his brain. Sounds like the front-runner in the famous last words contest, and I'm an Obama supporter.
04:43 PM on 02/13/2008
It's probably to get super delegates to see his lead as commanding and to put out the idea that if you want to waste your vote, vote for Hillary.
04:45 PM on 02/13/2008
Obama didn't say it. Someone in his campaign said it. And that's where most of the foot-in-mouth statements have come from in this primary—for both campaigns.
04:09 PM on 02/13/2008
So, while the vote on telecom immunity was going down Hillary spent about an hour in a makeshift television studio in her Arlington, Va., national headquarters conducting interviews via satellite with 10 television stations in Texas, Ohio and Wisconsin.....she was in town and couldn't be bothered to show. Too busy with her political career to uphold something so ephemeral and airy fairy as "principles".

Talk about fucked up priorities... I suppose I should just ignore it and vote for her anyway because if I didnt I would be a woman-hating, wife beating misogynistic white guy....

Obama passed on the vote though he voted against the amendments and cloture... I suppose that if I don't vote for him I am a racist black-bashing Klansman....


How about I vote against any incumbent and say "screw" the vote for President?
11:39 PM on 02/13/2008
11:41 PM on 02/13/2008
Lying about Hillary, so new for you Obama cult people.

On the FISA BILL that passed, Obama in his usually lazy Bush fashion voted "NOT THERE, NO VOTE" so stop lying and pretending he did something else. Go look it up. The FISA bill that passed Obama and 2 other senators voted "no vote."
06:41 AM on 02/14/2008
Yes, senators who run for president miss votes. Kerry got slammed for missing some votes in '04 too. It goes with the territory. The leaders count votes well in advance, and I am sure that if it had been close either time, Obama or Hillary would have gotten their butts to D.C.