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People are people
04:36 PM on 06/04/2011
Sorry, my whole post didn't make it for some reason. The basic gist: Rep. and Dem. are both responsible for the dire straits we are in. Neither party is without blame. Look at the trillions of dollars we have wasted on entitlement programs, Dept. of Education, corporate subsidies, bank bailouts, ill-conceived wars/military actions, War on Drugs, foreign aid, etc. etc. But don't worry, if they aren't re-elected they have nice pensions, health care, and all of that political backscratching. The overwhelming majority of our officials won't suffer like the average American, typical elitism.

People are people
04:31 PM on 06/04/2011
Maybe you and your partners should have passed an operating budget for 2010
04:25 PM on 06/04/2011
Stand Firm as usual Congressman.

We citizens have learned what to expect from our Representatives.

Today’s Democrat give away the house. But stand firm on the doormat.
03:18 PM on 06/04/2011
Damn right, keep borrowing money from China, and printing it so that our government can keep doing stuff like this:

"The Environmental Protection Agency has given at least $1,285,535 in grants to China to promote environmental research in the country.

In all, the EPA issued six grants that went to China, most of which pertained to researching methane in Chinese coal mines and reducing carbon emissions in China, a communist dictatorship long criticized by human rights groups. Two of those grants were awarded during the Bush administration; four were awarded during the Obama administration."

Your tax dollars at work, expanding economic opportunity in China.
People are people
04:41 PM on 06/04/2011
Didn't part of the stimulus package also go to fund a study about Chinese prostitution and disease, or something strange along those lines. I don't know about you, but I really think there is a job market in the US for those kinds of studies . . . OK . . . I'm being a little sarcastic.

I have an original idea. Let's keep tax payers money in this country to help out the American people, you know the people who voted our politicians into office. I know it's a radical idea but I'm hoping it will find traction with other people.

Adam Davies
03:15 PM on 06/04/2011
Then where does it stop? When do we say enough is enough and get a balanced budget, stop deficit spending, get a surplus, and pay down the debt? There must be a point it all stops and that point must be now.
11:02 PM on 06/04/2011
We were doing just what you say in 2000 and then Bush was elected
tax $$$ for public services, not private profits
06:13 PM on 06/05/2011
Yes, we were running a deficit and on track to pay down the debt before the GOP and their kill the government policies ran us off a cliff. Virtually all the debt is a direct result of the Bush administration's actions.
12:24 PM on 06/04/2011
The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government­’s reckless fiscal policies. … Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchild­ren. America has a debt and a failure of leadership­. Americans deserve better.
lets make it a crime to lie while campaigning for
03:28 PM on 06/04/2011
So, your answer to the problem is to take grannys SS and medicare away and give the money to the billionairs? Ryans plans cuts $4 billion to seniors, gives $4 billion to rich in tax breaks, and don't even start with me about tax cuts creating jobs, that junk has been proven to be completly false time and time again.
03:42 PM on 06/04/2011
Ask Senator Obama.

The above statement is a quote from him in 2006.
07:33 PM on 06/04/2011
International tax havens have strong economies.
An extreme moderate
05:51 PM on 06/04/2011
"It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills."

No, it is a sign that the U.S. Government ***WON'T*** pay its own bills. There's a world of difference. We certainly spend far too much on too many things and need to cut spending. Unfortunately the GOP is focusing on the social safety net needed more than ever by the poor, elderly and declining middle class. Where is the discussion of cutting the bloated DoD/security budget or subsidies to insanely profitable corporations? And considering that as a fraction of GDP, we are paying less in Federal taxes than in any point since WWII, there is plenty of room to increase revenues to help pay the bills. When a 16-year-old bagging groceries pays a higher effective tax rate (in the form of Federal payroll taxes) than a corporation like GE that posted a profit of tens of billions of dollars, the system is obviously broken.
06:15 PM on 06/04/2011
Tell that to Senator Obama.

That is a quote he gave in 2006 when the deficit was projected to be $396 billion.

Now the deficit is projected to be $1.6 trillion FIVE TIMES LARGER.

So much for the current leadership.
12:18 PM on 06/04/2011
Wait until the Republicans that don't want the debt ceiling raised don't get a check. There will be a mad dash on to fix their blunder. Lots of their people are drawing SS checks and on Medicare. The Vets wont be too happy and when our soldiers are unpaid they will certainly be unhappy. Being shot at is bad enough, but being shot at and not getting paid is the ultimate stab in the back.
12:02 PM on 06/04/2011
Patriotism has nothing to do with this. Using buzzwords to elicit an emotional response that is on par with the Tea Party and their response to everything is ridiculous. Want a real catch phrase, Representative?
True leaders know when enough is enough.
lets make it a crime to lie while campaigning for
03:33 PM on 06/04/2011
True leaders would never have deregulated the banking and wall street, oil companies, etc, and gotten away with giving us a damn near depression, that will nearly ruin the country. True leaders would have reversed the deregulations that led to the mess we are in now, instead of doubling down on going for more of the same toxic stuff that got us into trouble.
lets make it a crime to lie while campaigning for
03:35 PM on 06/04/2011
Patriotism has everything to do with this. Easy to see where your politics lie.
Enjoying life in West Ohio
10:07 AM on 06/04/2011
Our pending disaster is a natural consequence of the Republican propaganda machine. First, it serves the interests of a handful of cranky billionaires who would likely benefit in an economic crash, having already stashed their money overseas and relishing the chance to buy assets on the cheap. Secondly, the nature of propaganda itself predicts self-destructive irrationality. Effective propaganda has three elements: 1. fear-mongering; 2. empty slogans (i.e., emotionally manipulative ignorance); 3. personification of the leader as the solution to all problems. Only in the third category are the Republicans stumbling, having fielded presidential candidates of astonishingly poor quality. Pawlenty, the new Reagan?

Nonetheless, the amazing Republican propaganda machine is driving us off the debt crisis cliff. They have whipped up toxic anger and promoted ignorance as political weapons. Rational thought need not apply. As a bizarre coalition of disparate single issue groups the Republican political philosophy is necessarily diaphenous, cloaked in vague abstractions, relying on false threats: Obama is a Communist-fascist-socialist-Muslim Kenyan anti-colonialist! Such idiocy only apeals to an intellectually challenged audience, who are unlikely to appreciate the impliations of defaulting on the world's highest quality debt. I only hope that the Country Club Repulicans bring them back to their senses.
lets make it a crime to lie while campaigning for
03:37 PM on 06/04/2011
Exellent post! F
People are people
06:13 PM on 06/04/2011
It's funny how people can view things completely different based upon their life experiences. I would argue that the Democrats do the exact same thing but to a greater degree. I came across a perfect example of this "idea". Regardless of our different opinions, think about what I wrote (not my words or theory - no credit to me) and apply it to all of the media and politicians.

The Hegelian Principle:


Creation and or magnification of crisies and problems. Financial panic, war, artificial shortages of basic commodities, gun and violence awareness. The more problems factored into the equation, the swifter political and socio-economic change can be accomplished; as in the former Soviet Union.


Use of the media, puppets, and other communication to focus attention to the crises and mobilize the opposition to the problem.


Offers the solution to the artificially created or magnified problems of step one. The sweeping changes succeed only because of the well-orchestrated dispensation of social propaganda during the incubation process and ensuing panic socio-economic reform with little or no resistance."

(Riott, Pat. "The Greatest Story Never Told: Winston Churchill and the Crash of 1929." p. 165)

So, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

Enjoying life in West Ohio
10:27 AM on 06/05/2011
My first reply fell through the electrons. Your cited example is not a Hegelian dialectic. The thesis, antithesis and synthesis are all the same premise. The synthesis is merely an extension of the argument: We must do something now!

Thesis: Iraq is an imminent threat to American security.
Antithesis: No it's not.
Synthesis: Gain understanding by using objective observers to assess the situation and enforce previous sanctions.

Democrats are inept at propaganda--in fact, inept at framing their core issues effectively. Republican apparatchiki are brilliant at pushing faux crises and the Draconian solutions that benefit their paymasters. (Rather close to your citation).

Thanks for your interesting response.
Joe Meeker
Nos sunt legio.
09:39 AM on 06/04/2011
What the GOP is doing is treasonous. Patriots don't hold the country hostage.
11:45 AM on 06/04/2011
What the Democrats are doing is treasonous. Patriots don't spend rhe country into oblivion.
Enjoying life in West Ohio
01:29 PM on 06/04/2011
If deficit spending is treasonous you're indicting the last three Republican presidents. Can you even track your own arguments?
02:20 PM on 06/04/2011
Reagan tripled the federal debt ..... Bush doubled the federal debt .....Obama was left with a 1.5 trillion dollar debt in his first , what did you want him to do ?
09:38 AM on 06/04/2011
The GOP gave up on being patriots a long time ago. Our country ended up with an economic collapse under the GOP and Bush after they inherited a balanced budget. The GOP is using Americans as tools or hostages to regain power regardless of how it hurts our country and regardless of how many Americans it hurts. They will stoop to any low level to drag our country in the dirt, even if it means crashing the economy AGAIN.
avid reader
09:32 AM on 06/04/2011
Republican aren't real Americans, they are real toadies of the rich. I point this out as people who claim to be real Americans take joy in others suffering and who's goal these days is to screw the nation while screwing over our President.
Under Fed yet Fed Up
Feeling sorry for Democrats and Republicans alike
09:17 AM on 06/04/2011
Patriots don't overspend to the point that default is the most attractive option.
Enjoying life in West Ohio
10:17 AM on 06/04/2011
Over 80% of the current federal debt was racked up with Republican presidents in office. Obama inherited an $11.6 trillion debt and a $1.4 trillion deficit--with no realistic means to reduce it. (The fy 2009 deficit: 400 billion from the recession; 300 billion from Bush tax cuts; 2-300 billion from the off-the-books wars = one trillion; the rest was the usual stuff).

It's not about patriotism; it's about incompetence, starting with Reaganomics and its frenzy of "borrow and spend" fiscal policy. Nothing about defaulting on the world's most credit worthy debt is attractive. I reiterate that le mot juste is "incompetence." If your attitude is that the government is the problem don't guarantee it by fiscal profligacy and make it worse with brinksmanship that threatens the world's economy. Where are the grownups?
11:59 AM on 06/04/2011
Over 70% of the current federal debt was passed by Democrat run congresses.

fy 2009 deficit: 100% passed by a Democrat congress.

The unemployment rate when Democrats took control of Congress in 2007 4.6%.
Unemployment now 9.1%.

Americans working when Democrats took over Congress 146 million.

Americans working now 139.7 million.

It's not about patriotism­; it's about incompeten­ce.
03:15 PM on 06/04/2011
It's not. If you really are in the condition implied by your handle you're backing the wrong horse.
It's definitely a crap-shoot.
07:02 AM on 06/04/2011
Repubs want only to destroy the current democratic government. They've said so time and time again. And they'll do anything to accomplish that goal, in fact the worse things get, the more ammunition they see for their next election.
Anyone who thinks they're working for the people should step back and take a very long look at what Mitch McConnell and other stalwart repubs have said. They don't care if we all go broke, in fact they're working toward achieving that.
02:46 AM on 06/04/2011
Implicit in the writers words is that it is impossible for liberals to meet the demands of the Republicans (i.e. control/reduce spending). How sad.

This American calamity is rooted in the LBJ "Great Society" caper where so many were taught to be lazy (and jealous) and to expect government to do everything.

My father was an uneducated union member. But he worked like a dog for his family and made us work hard too. His grandchildren are physicians, attorneys, consultants and investment bankers. Success in America is NOT about republican/ is about hard work.
Beware Macduff; beware the thane of Fife!
05:42 AM on 06/04/2011
If the Republican Party was interested in cutting spending, they would look at the truly wasteful military spending we do. Cutting military spending would not jeopardize this country's security, because we have far more than enough in place as it is. Whereas cutting Social Security or Medicare grievously harms the finances of millions of people who rely on those programs.
05:08 AM on 06/05/2011
MIlitary spending MUST happen in the debt resolution problem.