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You're welcome
09:19 AM on 02/21/2008


While you're certainly entitled to your opinions about God, prayer, meditation,'s presumptuous to tell others what theirs should be.
08:57 AM on 02/21/2008
Very thoughtful. Instead of, or in addition to, "praying", use science and reason to think about solutions to a problem.
11:12 AM on 02/22/2008
Alright, fine.

What is science's solution to the problem of death?
08:33 AM on 02/21/2008
Balance. We are connected to each other. And most of us believe in a diety. Of course you should look to your faith in times of a crisis such as NIU, but it's no excuse to turn off reason. The fact that people turn to God in these times of crisis is rarely the reason they neglect to explore the social factors that cause the tragedy. It's because they don't want to explore them to begin with.

People aren't "on the way" to trying to explore and solve social problems, just to be sidetracked by prayer or a religious service. They were never "on the way" to begin with.

That said, people occassionally use their religion as a crutch. They neglect using problem solving skills and just "...put it in God's hands." The goal is to find balance. God is gonna do what he's gonna do anyway. Our job is to do the best that we can and not underestimate ourselves.
11:10 AM on 02/21/2008
Those who intend, for whatever reasons, to kill others will find plenty of ways to do so, even if their only weapons are claw hammers, electrical cords, or common kitchen ingredients.

Where is the tax-supported mainstream science research on the causes of such violence? Still, relatively miniscule.

An area I predict such research would point to: the need for a higher quality of daily life in our suburban and urban areas. Right now, by infrastructural design, much of it tax-supported, our lives are forced to revolve not around sustaining people and family and friends, but around cars, and unsustainable consumption. Quite hollow, stressful, quite mental-illness and violence- producing.