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08:54 AM on 06/14/2011
Electrical train, bus used electricity directly from grid.
It is possible to use energy without direct contakts.
Why we losing engineering efforts in wrong direction?
Dems and Reps are two sides of the same coin
09:12 AM on 06/14/2011
Over a hundred years ago, Tesla invented a way to wirelessly transmit energy to a vehicle. Tesla also invented wireless radio and AC electricity.
I have no answer to your question, unless people just like to pretend they are the Dukes of Hazard.
08:31 AM on 06/14/2011
Can this battery put out the same amount of energy one barrel of oil produces? Doubtful.
Can this battery be produced as cheaply as one barrel of oil? Surely not.
Will it be used in all aspects of our daily lives as oil now is? Nope.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased to see that there's research being done on alternative energy sources, but if you cannot positively answer those 3 questions, this is all a moot point.
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This Micro-bio is of legendary quality
08:38 AM on 06/14/2011
Thermo-depolymerization is my bet. Once oil gets above about 130 a barrel it will be cheaper to make it than drill it. They can make it out of almost any organic substance: sewage, meat waste, medical waste, plastic, rubber, wood pulp, etc. Right now they have a test plant in st louis and it makes a razor thin profit. The best part is once you make it you just treat it like normal oil, crack it and stick it in engines.
Dems and Reps are two sides of the same coin
08:49 AM on 06/14/2011
Oil companies have a very low profit margin. If We The People choose to buy non-petroleum products, these other products will become more profitable. Oil companies only make money on volume. Even ExxonMobil has to sell $130 billion worth of products to end up with $5 billion in net profit. If these new sources of carbon-based products are not bogged down by repressive taxes, they should thrive.
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08:45 AM on 06/14/2011
I take it you actually work at Cambridge, in that department, so thus know the answer to the questions you made up? Or are you just guessing?

For #1 "Can this battery put out the same amount of energy one barrel of oil produces?"

Why "one barrel"? Why not 2 barrels, 10 barrels, 1 cup, one gallon? You just randomly pick a measure of oil, and then ask if the batter can "put out the same energy"? What size battery? A batter is just an energy storage device, whereas oil is an energy source, so you do understand the difference there? Oil cannot be used to store electric energy in your car, for example. You cannot plug in your gas powered car to your home solar grid, and have it "create oil" in some tank in your car... next question, well, when you use up one barrel of oil (in your car, maybe a week), you have to produce another barrel, but the battery will last for years. So, wouldn't you have to multiply the one barrel of oil by as many weeks as the batter lasts? next question, well, I don't use barrels of oil to light my house, but I could use such a battery to store solar power, to light my house. ???
Dems and Reps are two sides of the same coin
08:53 AM on 06/14/2011
CO2 is nature's battery. Combustion-engine drivers throw the rechargable batteries away when they drive.
08:27 AM on 06/14/2011
Power from the grid is the best way to use electrical energy in transportation system.
Electrical grid could follow any road.
09:03 AM on 06/14/2011
Shhhhh - we don't want the 19th century technology to get out into the wrong hands (ours).
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I wish your happiness, or, bqhatevwr....
08:20 AM on 06/14/2011

08:19 AM on 06/14/2011
The End of Oil is Soon approaching!!
Dems and Reps are two sides of the same coin
08:29 AM on 06/14/2011
We The People will keep it alive until the very last second. We will then be unprepared to advance without it.
08:58 AM on 06/14/2011
Doubtful. Hopefully this technology will make electric vehicles more accessible to the masses, and help us use less of it though.
08:10 AM on 06/14/2011
The more weight has car the more energy we need to use.
To move 1 person with weight 200 lb in car 4000 lb we must use 20 times more energy.
All cars are unefficient, including electric.

Engineers must concentrate their efforts to move person on small cart-20 lb, automatically, by electrical power from the grid, by road on the road without intersection.
08:27 AM on 06/14/2011
Unefficient, that's unpossible.
Dems and Reps are two sides of the same coin
08:30 AM on 06/14/2011
Unefficient to people's wants and desire is what you meant, right?
08:31 AM on 06/14/2011
Thank you - inefficient, inpossible.
Try to understand main point.
yes i said yes i will yes
09:49 AM on 06/14/2011
good point but try to even get americans in smart cars.
Thanks for reading, (even if you disagree)
08:00 AM on 06/14/2011
Never read a science post first thing in the morning. You spend so much time trying to keep up that the coffee goes cold.
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love auto biographys. any appS to write mine?
03:10 AM on 06/15/2011
Yeah, & my joint goes out.

Thanks for posting tho i disagree
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07:59 AM on 06/14/2011
Cool, but they will probably produce it in China and export it to the US, giving us no jobs and a bigger trade deficit.
08:05 AM on 06/14/2011
If the battery provides strategic advantage, it won't initially be made in China. And if it changes the energy game, China will have to pay a PREMIUM to have it.
Back in my day, we had NINE planets.
08:27 AM on 06/14/2011
China probably already has pirated plans for it.
08:30 AM on 06/14/2011
Or, if history holds, the Chinese will merely steal it, produce it cheaper than we can, and sell it back to us.
07:54 AM on 06/14/2011
This is what makes America America.
08:22 AM on 06/14/2011
No, this is what makes MIT MIT.
Back in my day, we had NINE planets.
08:28 AM on 06/14/2011
Bbbbutttt...MIT is full of libral eleetists....................yeehaw!!!!!!
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07:29 AM on 06/14/2011
any day now an oil tanker truck will explode near that lab. you just know it. ;)
07:25 AM on 06/14/2011
Perhaps mass (m) of car is 2,000 kg, mass of driver 100 kg and speed (V) of car 65 miles per hour or 110.5 km/hour or 30.7 m/sec

Kinetic energy of this car will be as follows:

K=1/2mv²=1/2 x 2100 x 30.7 x 30.7=1/2 x2100 x 942

As you can see in this case, the mass of car and its driver change the amount of kinetic energy twice more than the speed.
It is less important, if we drive on strait road without stop on long distance.
Butt usually it is traffic, or driving in city with stop on every light.
We are losing energy in vain.
If we will analyze situation with public transportation—cars, busses, trains, high speeds transportation situation will be even worst than for car. These types of transportation are heavier than car and Have many people aboard, which will wait few people going in and out.

It will be better to move one person on small cart with weight 20 Lb.

All types of heavy cars are relic from previous century.
07:41 AM on 06/14/2011
WTF? If you are going to post gobbledegook, please at least try to make it convincing.
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Shish Kebab, anyone?
07:53 AM on 06/14/2011
It helps if you read his post aloud in an Italian accent. By the time you're done, you'll have two beautiful northern Italian women on each arm.
07:54 AM on 06/14/2011
Efficiency of engine in most cars is around 30%.
Efficiency of gasoline production is less than 45%.
It means that real efficiency of car movement is around 13.5%
If person (200 lb.) mostly alone is driving in this car (4,000 lb.) it means that efficiency of movement of this person in this car is 0.67%.

For electric car, if it weight would be the same, real efficiency will be close to 1%

We must move person on small cart-20 lb, by electrical power of greed- no heavy batteries inside, no motors, etc...
Is it convincing?
08:09 AM on 06/14/2011
You could have just said cars get worse mileage in the city than the highway, which we already know, instead of using a middle school equation.
08:14 AM on 06/14/2011
Even in highway heavy cars are losing most energy in vain.
This equation could show direction for engineers-small cart moving by electical power from the grid, automatically, by road, on the road without intersection
yes i said yes i will yes
09:54 AM on 06/14/2011
that must have been some prep school you went to if they taught kinetic energy!
07:08 AM on 06/14/2011
very interesting..if it works then it is another of many innovations to help solve the energy crisis.

There are current innovations already that we do not use and that tis a problem beyond tech.

Bicycles and car pooling and trolleys and walking and conservation and lower speed limits all work but are not really supported. Hydrogen fuel and renewable solar and wind energy are there also, under used. I pray if this MIT Cambridge Crude works it is not treated to the same fate as the other alternatives.

We have an economic problem which is a winner take all mentality. Today oil is the winner with coal a close second and all other things are off the track, not in the running. We lack a diversified approach.

Hybrid cars offer another alternative but are far too expensive presently. This will take some intention to get all the alternatives out in affordable manner. I sense no such intention.

People are doing great work but the results are buried under an economic system that is unresponsive to invention and innovation.
All Myth is Astronomy
08:12 AM on 06/14/2011
I am afraid you are right.
Question Authority!
07:07 AM on 06/14/2011
Anything that replaces oil will be stopped in it's tracks by people like the Koch brothers and the Bushes. And the scientist will be discredited along with climate scientist.
07:28 AM on 06/14/2011
What you are describing may happen here.

But 'here' isn't the whole world.

WE can do whatever stupid stuff we want, but the rest of the world will simply move on, leaving us to stew in our own mess.
Transam man
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07:38 AM on 06/14/2011
Or the rights will be purchased and shelved.
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07:03 AM on 06/14/2011
Current battery technology has a waste disposal problem. Why no mention of the ecological impact of this new technology? They should know if the slurry is toxic or if it biodegrades into harmless substances.
You take this stuff seriously? Really?
07:14 AM on 06/14/2011
One step at a time.
07:23 AM on 06/14/2011
Check out this link, we're making progress in this area. Watch for the republicans to kill these ideas if they can.
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One small step for Man...
06:57 AM on 06/14/2011
Once again, US Gov and MIT partner to make something we can all use. So they can be powered up more quickly by swapping out the goo, but what about storage capacity? Hopefully that is considerably better, or we will only be trading one goo for another...