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Nobody knows the trouble I've been...
01:56 PM on 06/19/2011
'Get rid of those illegal immigrants who come stealing our jobs'

Oh, wait. $1 per bundle, and you probably can only put together $40-$50 worth a day, working as a couple? Not enough money, you say? And paying more would raise the price of floral arrangements for rich people?

Cause? Let me introduce you to my friend Effect.
02:25 PM on 06/19/2011
You just hit the nail on the head, it would make the floral industry have to pay more. It used to be that you could make a living picking brush on the Olympic, my family did, not anymore...
Welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants
03:58 PM on 06/19/2011
So we should allow the foreign invasion of our country for the price floral arrangements?
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01:27 PM on 06/19/2011
I think they should spend more time chasing meth dealers and busting down meth labs since Washington is the state that's pretty responsible for most of the nation's meth problems.
02:01 PM on 06/19/2011
That would certainly rankle the feathers of the tea party base.
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Part of the 53% that carries the Liberal weight
02:46 PM on 06/19/2011
That is not the job of the US Border Patrol...Nice try but no cigar.
01:24 PM on 06/19/2011
no country in the world has totally open borders not even Mexico. For people to demand rights not even given in the own country or any country in the world is totally insane.There is a reason no country has open borders. There is no free lunch anywhere in the world.
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07:17 PM on 06/27/2011
The Open Society Institute is the cornerstone for the Soros Foundations Network, a group of Soros-funded organizations in more than 50 countries, which promote open-society concepts by influencing governmental policies.

The various branches and paid instrumentalities of the network include Democracy Alliance,, America Coming Together, America Votes, The Center for American Progress, and other leftist front organizations, which advocate open borders for the United States — not for other nations but for the United States. These Soros-funded groups finance his camp followers, among them the Democratic Party, the National Organization of Women, abortion advocacy groups, various environmental groups, and last but not least, the increasingly powerful immigration special interest groups.

If Soros and his backers have their way........
media sux
left out is just right
07:35 PM on 06/27/2011
and as more people learn these facts and realize what it means, the US can begin to recover from the damage so called progressives have cuased.

Thanks for the post!
12:39 PM on 06/19/2011
Having lived in Vermont (breeding ground for terrorists, smugglers, ice fisherman, and duck hunters,) I can attest that the militarization of our borders is well under way.

Upon leaving my house on my daily commute to work in Plattsburgh, NY, I would routinely pass up to 30 police cars (state, city, county, border patrol, and US Customs -- unmarked and marked) in one day. Over the course of eight months, I was stopped on five occasions... tailgated countless other times. Was never written a citation, as I hadn't been breaking any laws -- just interviewed and set back on my way.

Get used to the goon tunes, hamsters. It's your background music.
12:38 PM on 06/19/2011
They're taking all of our great leaf-picking jobs away.
Educating the right on why they are wrong.
12:08 PM on 06/19/2011
Hate 101:

1. Dehumanize your target group by giving them a name en masse like 'illegals" or "aliens"
2. Scapegoat all your countries woes on them and encourage use of #1
3. Enact laws that restrict their movement, limit their choices - then point out that they are breaking the law
4. Segregation and removal

It's a formula that has been used hundreds of years. You can claim you only want the law followed, but really it's hate. Rationalize it any way you'd like, but we all know what it stems from.
12:37 PM on 06/19/2011
I don't hate illegal immigrants, I hate employers who give jobs to them for less than minimum wage. That's the issue.
01:17 PM on 06/19/2011
Illegal - without legal documents
Aliens - other than who should be living in your home
35 visas to those who go to US consulates and apply legally for temporary work visas
Persons who cross between ports of entry - persons who were sent back for overstaying visas, breaking laws in US or their own country.
One million - number of persons who are legally allowed to come to the US yearly
Half million - the number of visas given to visitors each year to the US
01:21 PM on 06/19/2011
Tea Party Republican - one who derives joy from reading about the deaths of others.
Mitch Craft
A Godless Heathen.
01:36 PM on 06/19/2011
Just cause you were born here does not make this land yours. We are on a ball of rock floating in the vastness of space. In a blink of an eye as far as time is concerned we will all be dead. Who the hell cares where people come and go on this planet. You got one life just enjoy it while you are here, drink a beer, smoke a cigg, joint, heroin whatever floats yer boat and let other people do the same.
Educating the right on why they are wrong.
11:59 AM on 06/19/2011
'Christian' and 'Family Value' Republicans applaud - would like to see more death.
11:50 AM on 06/19/2011
He was an illegal running from Border Control agents. He had the option to surrender, yet he choose to jump in the river. It was his decision to do this, so he is responsible for what happened.

The agents should surround this town and arrest every illegal they find. That will solve the problem.
12:20 PM on 06/19/2011
An excellent plan, mein Fuhrer!
11:49 AM on 06/19/2011
If it's an impoverished area, why aren't local businesses hiring local people? Why bring in illegal migrants?

A: divide and rule.
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01:11 PM on 06/19/2011
The problem is that the a lot of employers will usually hire the worker who is willing to work for the least amount of money. Would we have these problems if employers followed the law?
wuf wuf
11:35 AM on 06/19/2011
I don't see why this is a big deal ? An illegal is rightly chased by border patrols doing their job, instead of giving up he jumps into a river and drowns. He had a choice, surrender vs drowning ! Would this event have occurred on an Israeli border, he would have been found with 20 bullets in the head and the event would not have been reported on any news !
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11:32 AM on 06/19/2011
At what point will the US be overpopulated? Do our elected officials consider the detrimental effects of being populated by people who do not understand how and why the United States of America was formed? How much more population will our system support?
50 years from now we will be moaning and whining about the lax immigration policies of the early 21st century and what dupes allowed to happen in the US.

Illegal immigration is one of the US's biggest problems and not one politician, not one statistician publishes or uses the cost of it. How much more complicated by illegal immigration is building our economy, educating our children, creating jobs & meeting our existing obligations ?
Does anyone consider this factor into meeting the obligations of pensions, Social Security, Medicare?
Illegals & politicians allowing illegal immigration are bankrupting our country. Why is the govt complicit in allowing this to happen? Why do they (politicians) not discuss this when campaigning, when making laws, when committing funds for existing programs?
12:59 PM on 06/19/2011
State sponsored murder is your "solution" to overpopulation problems, then?
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01:15 PM on 06/19/2011
Ad corporations and smaller business owners to this because they are the ones hiring illegals.
Your labels have expired....
11:10 AM on 06/19/2011
I should have added in my post below that the fellow who jumped in the river wasn't too bright either. He could've been sent home free of charge and been back for the next picking season. Nobody from around here would jump into any of those rivers, for any reason. (except maybe to try and save someone else who accidentally fell in, which happens now and then, but they don't usually make it either).
11:07 AM on 06/19/2011
Moderators I wish you would follow the rules.
11:00 AM on 06/19/2011
My father went to mexico and hired two men to work his ranch. Because the federal government stopped his hiring of European workers. In order to get these two men from Mexico, He had to make sure their papers were in order, Birth Certificates, and other identification. They had to fill out an application. They came over from Mexico to Arizona, Legally. Its a long process, and yes there is a viable way to come across the border Legally, however, you all know they choose to do the illegal route, perhaps because they do not have any papers to support they are Mexican nationals.