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01:45 PM on 07/13/2011
Great post, especially the recognition of the true gop base. They cannot ignore their huge corporate donors, and anyway, they have a dismal record in keeping their social engineering/Christianist promises to the Bible-belters. I am beginning to believe they have split their party irrevocably.

Obama 2012
Everything in life I've experienced it twice; 1st
01:28 PM on 07/14/2011
Follow The True Leader, not the imitators
those who sharpen perception tend to be antisocial
01:37 PM on 07/13/2011
Thank you, Mr. Creamer.

Not much to add here...but a genuine feeling that we've hired the right man.

Roll on, 2012
01:16 PM on 07/13/2011
"The Republican Party exists to advance the interests of Wall Street and American big business."

Quite succinctly and accurately put.

"There is a huge fissure between the Wall Street/CEO Party regulars and the Tea Party insurgents that never got the memo about who paid for all those campaign commercials that put them in Congress"

Just fabulous!
HILLARY 2016!!!
01:06 PM on 07/13/2011
I was truly shocked to read Mcconnell's offer. I would like to think the GOP has finally seen the handwriting on the wall and know the American public will never stand for destroying middle-class entitlement programs in order to pad the pockets of millionaires, but I don't trust them as far as I can thrown them across the Potamic. Their Hubris will always short-circuit their common sense.
Dave F
Former Republican. Liberal = liberty.
12:54 PM on 07/13/2011
Democrats in DC grew a spine! Who knew that was possible?

Now what Obama should do is tell McConnell, "Sure, I'll see your debt ceiling deal, and raise you a tax increase. Make the richest pay more, and I'll take the heat on the debt ceiling."

Now wouldn't THAT be a turn-the-tables moment?
If money is speech, then speech is never free
02:15 PM on 07/13/2011
I think the new stem cell research has helped them grow that spine (just kidding).

McConnell's offer is intended to take the tax rate "adjustment" for the rich away and just lump the debt ceiling heat onto Obama. Since W had the debt ceiling raised [almost automatically] 7 times, what does the "heat" really amount to? Teapartiers will be enraged, but they won't vote for Obama anyway.
Tom Buzz
02:21 PM on 07/13/2011
Hes got them on the ropes press it!
Doing my small part for those who are voiceless
04:18 PM on 07/13/2011
I'm with you. Split the aces AND double down
You're either for America or for republicans..
12:43 PM on 07/13/2011
The GOP has been holding recovery and our economy as a hostage for purely political gamesmanship. They used the tea party as pawns to that end and suckered them into believing that they would do what they never would do. They painted themselves into a box long ago and our President just showed up with the bow to tie it up in. If ever has been proven that we elected the right guy for the job at hand, its right now. Obama 2012!!!!
12:42 PM on 07/13/2011
After all the hair tearing and chest thumping Obama rope-a-dopes them again.

Whenever anyone gets nervous about Obama's negotiating style they should revisit this CNBC interview. ( ) I'm pretty sure the Russians and Europeans have paid close attention to the underlying message here which is why they treat him so nice.
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01:44 PM on 07/13/2011
Spot on
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What the ????
01:50 PM on 07/13/2011
I so wish I could fan you again and thanks for the link/reminder.
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12:29 PM on 07/13/2011
C'mon man-- stop calling it "taxes on the rich" that's divisive class-baiting and why carry water for the right's disinformation campaign?

You say the GOP's position won't fly, and then you proceed to help it fly. Yeah, it CAN fly because it's not presented to their base in those terms, and they won't hear it any other way.
founder walnut tree congregation
12:22 PM on 07/13/2011
It is indeed ironic that the Repubs are more interested in making life easy for corporate jets than actually reducing the deficit. Obama offered twice the cuts that the Repubs want but insisted on some revenue gains by closing loopholes. I cannot believe the Republicans did not jump on this offer. They are just so used to saying no and being rigid that they cannot do anything else.
02:38 PM on 07/13/2011
The Rs will accept only complete agreement with their outrageous demands.
Everything in life I've experienced it twice; 1st
01:32 PM on 07/14/2011
That is why they are going down - fast!
I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.
12:05 PM on 07/13/2011
Again, the Dems hold all the cards on this one. I like the fact that Obama is proposing MORE cuts than the repubs, and is talking medicare cost reductions on the supply side. (Who knew that supply side economics jargon would work in favor of liberals). Repubs are caught and will be run over, hopefully, and they have themselves to blame for picking a fight where there threat of not doing anything gets everyone killed, metaphorically speaking.
I'm just hoping Obama won't snatch defeat out of the grasp of victory.
12:02 PM on 07/13/2011
Your article makes sense but I am still a bit worried that President Obama will panic and give away the farm to the R's. For the sake of the country I hope you are right and I am wrong. :)
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11:59 AM on 07/13/2011
I think you left out just one thing. That's the interview in which Obama basically said that the budget fairy wasn't going to appear on the night of Aug. 2nd and magically send out all those Social Security checks people were counting on.

That was a dose of cold, hard reality that the Republicans really needed to hear.
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veni, vidi, i'm outta here.....
11:56 AM on 07/13/2011
Cr@p....I wish McConnell had spoken up before I sold my kidney to pay my kid's medical bills :(
founder walnut tree congregation
12:23 PM on 07/13/2011
I hear you. We have the best medical system in the world allegedly but actually being able to use it is another matter entirely.
Either everybody counts or nobody does.
01:55 PM on 07/13/2011
I don't see any indication ours is 'best' in any way.

The growing Off shoring of medical care within the USA proves the point.
I think, therefore, I don't listen to Limbaugh
02:10 PM on 07/13/2011
"We have the best medical system in the world allegedly but actually being able to use it is another matter entirely."

Yes indeed whirlpool -- currently, only those with VERY, VERY DEEP POCKETS can use it.

'Nuff said.
11:55 AM on 07/13/2011
"So after allowing the Republican leadership adequate time to bark, growl and posture, big business has decided it is time for some obedience training."

end of story...
Often correct, NEVER right.
11:54 AM on 07/13/2011
President Obama should now demand a clean vote, raise the ceiling or no, with no other issues attached.
Govern completely. Move on to other issues, holding SS and Medicare harmless.
This plays to the President's strength as a negotiator, he would not be taking advantage of the nation's credit rating stance, he would not be strong arming the GOP into tax reform, and he would not damage the democrats on "entitlements" (I hate that word).
He wins, we win, and the GOP is gelded.
If money is speech, then speech is never free
02:22 PM on 07/13/2011
We need to find a new word - where does a program that individuals pay into all of their lives become "an entitlement"? In Washington and cable news, that's where.

I prefer "social safety nets" or "social programs". If anything, they are entitlements because we paid for them and are entitled to use them.

Often correct, NEVER right.
03:09 PM on 07/13/2011
The irony is that the most entitled of Americans is seeking to deny the neediest and most worthy of benefits they themselves have earned and paid for all their working lives.
And they hope to do this by deriding the benefits as "entitlements".
It needs to stop.
Katherine Schock
Over the hill,liberal,organic gardener
05:42 PM on 07/13/2011
When people talk to me about "entitlements", this is the example I give them. You pay for car and house insurance and if you have a car accident or your house burns down, you are entitled to be reimbursed for the damage. What makes that any different than paying into Social Security all your working's insurance...and you are entitled to receive benefits when you are old or damaged? Even people with closed minds can agree with that! Hence, we are entitled!