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Always remember Troy Davis.
10:04 PM on 07/13/2011
Shakira certainly has the right idea and it is to the benefit of every country to utilize education as the method of peace. When you visit Israel and you see the people living side-by-side, it is because they have shared education, commerce, friendship...everything. Where you see hostility is where isolation and violence has led to mistrust. The same can be said of this country. As a former teacher and former foster parent, it is the first thing you see. When a child has had the good fortune of learning and is bright, he/she has developed skills to identify who they are and where they want to go. When they are in places that don't foster their educational development, you can see them falter in self-esteem. No matter what or where, it is time for adults to set aside their hate, stop passing it on the children and see one another as human beings in need of love, validation and the ability to think. It is not as hard as one would think. Pass it on...
Cynthia Rays
peace in the valley seeker
01:59 AM on 07/14/2011
"When you visit Israel and you see the people living side-by-side"
And where do you see that? Israel is a segregated country with millions of people held in occupation behind a 25 foot wall..Palestinians are told they are a problem and Israeli children are told they are a problem. Palestinians in the West Bank can't even go to the beach. Palestinians in Israel can't even rent an apartment because of discrimination.
03:51 AM on 07/14/2011
I was just in Yafo last weekend and had dinner with some Arab friends (I'm Jewish). Went to the park near the sea, swam together, and had tasty stuff from the Abulafia Bakery. Jews and Arabs, Armenians, tourists...all side-by-side.
As for the "wall"...Readers, please look up information on the separation barrier; most of it is FENCE, not "wall." (Isn't there such a thing along the US/Mexico border, BTW?) It's ugly and it should have followed the Green Line, yes...but it didn't get started until after many Israelis lost their lives to suicide bombers in the early 2000s.
Facts...they are soooo inconvenient.
09:26 AM on 07/14/2011
it doesn't sound like you've ever been to Israel
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Tolling for the outcast....
10:02 PM on 07/13/2011
Thank you!