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01:58 PM on 07/16/2011
So his "punishment" is to be able to marry an apparent hottie, but then he doesn't have to do anything with her except conjugal visits? Isn't that the kind of "punishment" most men would want?
03:24 PM on 07/16/2011
I'm sure most men would want a punishment that doesn't entail being in prison for more than a century. What are you daft?
03:57 PM on 07/16/2011
The point is he shouldn't have any, none, zero, zilch in privileges. What are you, liberal?
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01:01 PM on 07/16/2011
remind me of those women who lined up to marry Scott Peterson, wackos are everywhere.
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04:37 AM on 07/16/2011
If there were ever two people who deserved each other, these are they.
02:47 AM on 07/16/2011
01:44 AM on 07/16/2011
Most likely a reality star digger kinda woman.......
08:13 PM on 07/17/2011
or a needy looser who just cant seem to make anything of herself
01:41 AM on 07/16/2011
This woman seriously needs some Psychiatric help.......she's a thrill seeker obviously.......she may find out the hard way eventually.......that she's made a questionable, possibly life threatening choice......
01:27 AM on 07/16/2011
12:29 AM on 07/16/2011
Yes let's give people of capital crimes, who in reality should be stripped of all their rights, because they killed innocent people. Let's let these people who murder in cold blood get married, and have relationships, with their "special" visits. I call BS the people this murderer killed will not get to get married and have relationships, why are we allowing people who are behind bars for life and for capital crimes and rights what so ever? I'm sure he is on the internet reading these posts and has facebook as well...disgusting
09:33 PM on 07/15/2011
This girl is so sad. I feel badly for her. I hope that she can find something to inspire her to get her GED & go to college & get an education. College is way different girl. I hated high school too! But college & learning is great!!! I just hope she can find someone or something positive. I was surprised they didn't ask her how she felt about wanting to be romantically involved with someone who has committed violent acts? I mean it's not just that he's an inmate, but its not like he didn't pay taxes, he F'ING shot people!!! For me that's the main deal breaker. Ya know?!
09:08 PM on 07/15/2011
Lets not judge her. Its a free country and a free choice she made.
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08:48 PM on 07/15/2011
She speaks with the intelligence of a dead rat, and talks like someone who is severely mentally ill. She seems like someone who could easily be convinced by her murderer husband to repeat his original crime, egged on by "love". It'll be like Natural Born Killers, Millennium Edition.
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08:47 PM on 07/15/2011
07:58 PM on 07/15/2011
Shouldn't the media discuss the economy and other substansive subjects verses this?! Is this really worth air time?!
07:48 PM on 07/15/2011
Why cant I post a comment to this stupid place using my AOL account?
08:54 PM on 07/15/2011
Because is in-control and runs by ex-cones from RED Army
07:45 PM on 07/15/2011
I don't suppose she's after a green card? Nah!!! How could anyone not love this mischievious rascal!!
12:59 AM on 07/16/2011
What makes you think she's not a citizen? And anyway, marrying a convict is probably not the smartest way to try to get a green card.