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03:59 PM on 07/15/2011
No, there are already private secure networks. They are called VANs or value added networks. GE sells access to one. This isn't the government's job to fix. The government just wants to take away our freedom.
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03:39 PM on 07/15/2011
I really don't understand why encryption isn't enough to solve most security problems.
04:04 PM on 07/15/2011
Encryption only occurs during transport, then it is decrypted. If someone breeches your network, then have access to the decrypted data. The problem is most companies do not think anyone wants their information, so they do not observe security 'best practices".

If you aren't doing anything wrong, you don't need to hide in a separate ("secure"??) network.
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04:25 PM on 07/15/2011
But it should be encrypted between peers and so network access would not give access to decrypted data.

I think it's all due to sloppy systems engineering.
04:57 PM on 07/15/2011
Side-channel, side-channel, side-channel. All the AES in the world won't help when something stupid like a SQL injection lets an attacker tip-toe right around your encrypted authentication process.
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03:12 PM on 07/15/2011
there are so many points where the internet can be hacked, physical and virtual. even if they came up with a new system, there'd still be inherent weaknesses.

i'm more worried about industries that support and are involved in internet convergence technologies more so than hackers and rogue states. you look at those industries, that's where you'll find the 21st century's major organized crime.
trumbull desi
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03:37 PM on 07/15/2011
Very well stated. I'm very leery of this whole notion of the 'cloud'.
03:41 PM on 07/15/2011
I admit that I was going to jump all over you for your comment but....your cat picture disarmed me.....well played Trumbull...well played

fanned (err....stop it already with the cat powers....I give...I give!!!)
David in Dallas
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03:10 PM on 07/15/2011
I'm a big user and know little of the technology behind this thing we call the Internet. But I'd love to be on a study group to determine what users think the new Internet should be like.

1. Data mining should be illegal
2. Buying unused URLs for future re-sale should be illegal
3. The response to my request in my search engine should not be smothered buy advertisers paying for higher display
el sueno de la razon produce republicans
03:20 PM on 07/15/2011
hahahahaha, only if our corporatocracy fall apart between now and then. until the hack at it.
03:43 PM on 07/15/2011
Data mining should be illegal

err...1) data mining is performed to all types of data, not just data from the internet. 2) Exactly how would you detect the data mining (unenforceable) 3) data mining offers substantial benefits and information.....etc

I think stronger privacy laws and enforcement of those laws would be more productive
04:07 PM on 07/15/2011
IPV6 wil help tremendously by eliminating the need for DNS, thus no DDOS attacks. The problem is that nobody in corporate america wants to upgrade and migrate their systems. It requires an entirely new architecture.
03:09 PM on 07/15/2011
This article is brought to you by Cisco.
04:07 PM on 07/15/2011
F&F thanks for the chuckle....
03:02 PM on 07/15/2011
And why is the electric grid on the World Wide Web today?
03:03 PM on 07/15/2011
The questions.. they just keep piling up!
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03:18 PM on 07/15/2011
Because Homer Simpson needs to check his email.
03:50 PM on 07/15/2011
03:01 PM on 07/15/2011
Why wouldn't the government create their own government-only internet? Why would citizens want to opt in to being fingerprinted and tracked every time they wanted to use their computer?
04:08 PM on 07/15/2011
Exactly! Then all of their nasty black ops can be obscured from those that would expose their malicious deeds.....
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02:52 PM on 07/15/2011
They are going to implement an internet kill switch because this internet flies in the face of the elitists media control and propaganda machine - they can't have intelligent people educating the masses, talking about how much wealth has consolidated, talking about how many jobs are going overseas, it's not good for globalist business. And they can't kill the internet without making sure their lines of communication remain open. So the avenue for this is just keep reporting how many internet cyber attacks there are (notice the increase in this reporting) and then go this route. They are smart!

Does Obama need an internet 'kill switch'?
03:24 PM on 07/15/2011
another sensible person.. I think I love you! F&F
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03:44 PM on 07/15/2011
The following comment I posted about a month ago in relation to a story about a data security breach at Citibank bears repeating:

“Call me paranoid, a skeptic or a conspiracy theorist, but I sense something afoot. Don't be surprised if heavy-hand­ed legislatio­n is put forward in the near future to deal with this "growing threat". Something akin to a unique global user internet ID which allows individual internet users activities to be tracked and monitored -- all for the purpose of curbing rogue, immoral and otherwise nefarious internet activity of course.”
04:09 PM on 07/15/2011
Where is Berners-Lee when you need him?
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02:51 PM on 07/15/2011
FInger print log on would not stop the hackers. There would just be a bunch of people with their finger cut off...
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02:49 PM on 07/15/2011
What is the problem with keeping real sensitive things that need to be secured "Off Line"? Its not like every computer in the world needs to be connected to the web.
02:50 PM on 07/15/2011
Entirely correct and sensible.
02:57 PM on 07/15/2011
People believe it is cheaper just to connect through the internet. Sure.. it's cheaper, then you get hacked. Now how much does it cost?
02:44 PM on 07/15/2011
We need a porn internet. That will free up 95% of the traffic on the old web.
02:44 PM on 07/15/2011
Even if on their very own private encrypted, VPN, the risk of a 'stuxnet' type breech will still exist. It might take years.. but eventually someone could infiltrate with a thumbdrive and potential meltdown of the vpn.
04:11 PM on 07/15/2011
Exactly! This is a game of cat and mouse. Each new mousetrap will eventually be compromised. It is just a matter of time.
02:43 PM on 07/15/2011
What is this? An eventual replacement of the original internet so that the government can intrude more into my life than the already do? So they can control something that they haven't gotten their hands on yet? Pardon me for asking you, the government, to respect my freedoms and not make my decisions for me. The internet is a venue for the world to collaborate. The "real" voice of the people so to speak. The people do not want you in their every day lives.
02:49 PM on 07/15/2011
No. Much as you think everything is about you...this is not.
02:53 PM on 07/15/2011
You attack me personally instead of anything I have to say with no evidence anything I said was not meaningful? Just "No, you're wrong and self-centered?' Logical fallacy for $100 Alex..
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02:39 PM on 07/15/2011
"And it would require users to prove their identity, perhaps by fingerprint, before gaining access..."

This is more about the government knowing who is doing what online rather than security. What went down in Tunisia and Egypt recently, and the way the internet was used to propel leaderless revolt, probably scares them.
02:57 PM on 07/15/2011
The exact thought I had when I read the article. Very discerning and troubling, fanned and faved.
03:05 PM on 07/15/2011
It is a different domain. You have no reason to be on it do you?
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03:16 PM on 07/15/2011
If all the major content eventually moves there, users will too, and the current internet will eventually be deprecated. Yeah, you can stay on it if you want-- you can also still use a typewriter for word processing too.
02:33 PM on 07/15/2011
Al gore stated he will make a new internet as soon as he cools off the globe it was written
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02:42 PM on 07/15/2011
you really need to research "the gore bill" more commonly known as The High Performance Computing and Communication Act of 1991 to see that gore did exactly what he claimed and then you wouldn't make a fool of yourself by repeating the non-sense that the right wing media spread...perhaps then you'll be ready to understand global warming, maybe
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02:48 PM on 07/15/2011
There is no doubt about it. The Internet works as well as it does in the USA because of Gore's bill.

Just think where this country would be were he elected president instead of Bush. We would not have had 9/11, there would be no national debt, there would not have been wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc.

Gore is a great man, but he has a bit of a weakness for the women.
03:20 PM on 07/15/2011
Thanks I didn't know that.
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02:53 PM on 07/15/2011
um, ha ha?