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Sisters and Brothers of America!
07:19 AM on 07/18/2011
I'm still waiting for a married heterosexual couple to say, "We refuse to get divorced, until gays have a right to divorce."
I think therefore I woman:)
07:34 AM on 07/18/2011
Someone is WRONG on the internet!
09:47 AM on 07/18/2011
pretty funny imho.
06:43 AM on 07/18/2011
personally I thought it would not last and was surprised it did last this long? recently in the news they have talked about his huge tax bill's, so I assume they have seperate finances and seperate career's? but as for him this is NOT the first time he has had big huge tax bills to pay and she paid them for him before, I am thinking that she is getting tired of bailing out the hubby as his career is not what it used to be and he doesn't look very good at all? I hate to say it, but he looks like he is hooked on dope and has looked that way throughout their marriage? I am guessing she has had enough of his partying ways and woman chasing, then sending her the bills when they are due?
Analytical with a dash of Snarky
07:35 AM on 07/18/2011
I heard her say in an interview quite many months back, that he spends a lot of time on the computer and that she didn't know what he was doing. This told me from personal experience that their communication probably was not great. Thus also from personal experience that their sex life was an issue. Lots of computer time was the obvious clue to me. Cold bed IMHO.
Snarks need not reply.
02:22 PM on 07/18/2011
Oh that doesn't sound very good.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
03:34 AM on 07/18/2011
Wanted the huge Spanish Speaking Media and audience; married empires together. Got American Idol one her own with big money and some wondrous rejuvenation. She looks great. She can run her media empire alone. She will. The are joys to long commitments that she may never know because fame, business and wealth can overtake any human.
03:06 AM on 07/18/2011
I never thought they were well suited anyway. Hense, a divorce was bound to happen...
02:38 AM on 07/18/2011
i'm amazed this lasted as long as it did. notice this is happening as soon as she's started up her career again by appearing on idol. the ego of hispanic men is too fragile to handle a wife with more success than her husband. maybe she should start dating jennifer aniston
02:05 AM on 07/18/2011
Some Movie Producer appeared on ABC's Entertainment Tonight and was commenting about how they are knocking themselves over to see who can get to produce a film about the subject case, and he named two or three actresses that he assumed would want to play the Killer's role; "why would anyone dare to degrade the memory of that poor Child by publishing a book or producing a movie in which the Killer would profit and be permitted to continue trashing her baby's memory with lies?" "Why can't they let that poor Angel RIP?

On the other hand, there are those, like Katie Couric, who don't mind swimming in feces in order to try and survive their fading careers as journalists.

The best way to Honor Caylee Marie Anthony's memory is by remembering her in our Prayers and by boycotting the sponsors of any interview, book and movie that has to do with the evil individual that knows what happened to her; let justice still be done by just letting the Killer fade into oblivion.

I trust that the Killer will, eventually, have to answer to a Higher Power. I also believe in "Karma", and therefore do not think Baez and his Team have much to celebrate...after all, look at where another "Dream Team" eventually wound up.
03:16 AM on 07/18/2011
I will boycot any entity or person who offers this baby killer money for anything. It's a miscarriage of jusice that she walks - but to profit from it??? That would be like adding insult to injury!! I can only hope that she never, ever has another child and if she does I certainly hope that the Department of Children & Family Services would be right there to risk it off into the arms of good adoptive parents the minute it's born!! She does not deserve God's greatest gift!
I think therefore I woman:)
07:37 AM on 07/18/2011
How was it a miscarriage? I encourage you to look up the term. Tampering with evidence on the part of the police is a miscarriage, saying the detah was a homicide without any evidence is a miscarriage of justice on the coroner. The woman being found not guilty because of no evidence is not a miscarriage.
08:29 AM on 07/18/2011
How do you know for a fact that the woman in question is a baby-killer? It's rather shameful to see civilians express this kind of irrational rage over criminal cases, and take it upon themselves to 'bring justice' to those who have been apparently wronged. Being the judge, jury and executioner of criminal cases is not your job. There's a difference in expressing your opinion or questioning (both of which you have the freedom for) and accusing someone of a crime you're not even sure they committed.

Procreation isn't 'God's' greatest gift to mankind, rather a biological process for species survival. Using your perspective on life, though, wouldn't it be more 'reasonable' to assume 'only the Lord knows if Casey Anthony is truly guilty?'

Hollywood has been making money out of people's misery for ages, but so have news organisations. Thousands of children go missing/are murdered all around the planet, but the media chooses to report only those which make the best stories and bring the best ratings in. So let's not get ahead of ourselves and think we're being morally upright by bashing 'alleged murderers'.
09:58 AM on 07/18/2011
What does a story about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorce have to do with the Caylee Anthony murder case??? NOTHING NOTHING and NOTHING.
We are all one
01:07 AM on 07/18/2011
I'm not surprised. I've heard a lot about Marc being jealous and controlling.
09:52 AM on 07/18/2011
Most men who had a wife that shows every inch, at every opportunity would be jealous and controlling
not to mention many latin men by culture, design or choice are just doown right jealous.
10:56 AM on 07/18/2011
As are Latin women -- from my experience.
Dr Confuso
Australian/American Broadcast veteran...
12:29 AM on 07/18/2011
See you at your next gig Marc...."Would you like fries with that sir?"
Ronald Ferreira
12:27 AM on 07/18/2011
hey jennifur me next no sex or marridge please
change the world
11:58 PM on 07/17/2011
OMG!!!! who cares.
11:21 PM on 07/17/2011
These two are selfish and self centered. The only ones who are hurt are their poor little children. Each of them will get remarried and probably divorced again. You wonder why our children are growing up sad,angry,confused and on drugs?
12:56 AM on 07/18/2011
Why are they selfish and self centered? Do YOU know why they are divorcing? No and neither do I. Millions of people get divorced? They are not self centered or selfish. I got divorced and you have no idea why either. Nor am I a selfish or self centered person. Many times for a couple to get divorced is actually good for the children so they do not grow up in an environment on constant fighting and anger. Think about it before you start making idiotic judgment calls like you did.
11:10 PM on 07/17/2011
what's the point of divorcing? how bad could it be, don't they look back on their life and times with one another, especially these two with the babies, their illustrious careers and endeavors together, and find good reason to stay together? I would think Jennifer Lopez will regret it in years to come. be tough to top that life. I don't know...but older you get, the harder it is to trade up.
01:00 AM on 07/18/2011
You make a comment such as "be tough to top that life". She can certainly find someone better looking than Marc Anthony. You have no idea what it is like to live with Marc Anthony, do you. You are yet another person making judgement calls without knowing any of the reasons as to why they are divorcing. Do YOU know why they are divorcing? No and neither do I. Millions of people get divorced? They are not self centered or selfish. I got divorced and you have no idea why either. Nor am I a selfish or self centered person. Many times for a couple to get divorced is actually good for the children so they do not grow up in an environment on constant fighting and anger. Think about it before you start making idiotic judgment calls like you did.
09:29 PM on 07/20/2011
I think I have an idea why you got divorced.
No such thing as coincidence, just synchronicity.
02:14 PM on 07/18/2011
Better yet, what's the point in marriage?! It literally means nothing for this generation.
Size of micro-bio classified
10:46 PM on 07/17/2011
What a mess.

Why not just skip the marriage thing...?
Writer/retired teacher
10:40 PM on 07/17/2011
I always felt that she married him on the rebound from Ben Affleck ( broke up his marriage also).
10:23 PM on 07/17/2011
I don't see Jennifer jumping into another relationship so quick like she usually does. I swear her theme song is Beyonce's "Irreplaceable." lol