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09:41 AM on 03/08/2008
Hillary's supporters are as sweet as she is turning out to be...and they are also such loyal Democrats!

This is getting ridiculous. Don't any of you have any shame? Is your Hillar's winning the only thing that matters to you now?
Zombie Woof.
10:16 AM on 03/08/2008
Is your Barrie's winning the only thing that matters to you now?

As far as I can see, Barrie's supporters have in common a gutter mouth, little education and less manners. I wouldn't let any one of you lot of ignorant, spiteful namecallers date my daughter. I certainly would not regard your opinion about any presidential candidate as anything but a warning to look carefully. You have more in common with a George Wallace supporter of 1968 than with any modern candidate. Face it, you make a Michael Savage commentary look like the apex of sound reasoning.


09:41 AM on 03/08/2008
My wife said last night, "What do you expect? She's a woman. We're hardwired to fight dirty. We don't get that whole 'honor' thing. It probably has something to do with defending our children against predators or something. All I know is Obama crossed Hillary, and now she wants to gouge his eyes out. Take it from me--I know."

My wife may be on to something...
09:48 AM on 03/08/2008
That 3 AM phone call.........Is Hillary going to gouge their eyes out ? Why not !
09:52 AM on 03/08/2008
the only eyes Hillary has gouged out at 3AM are Bills
09:40 AM on 03/08/2008
We need MORE large profile Dems to come out and say this type of thing.
09:56 AM on 03/08/2008
Right you are
09:40 AM on 03/08/2008
Absolutely, but it won't happen because, the Clinton's play from a Rove-like playbook - like to dish it out but can't take it. It's a very good comparison because Rove is a monster.
09:39 AM on 03/08/2008
I agree. Daschle is a terrible representative of the Democratic Party. I would not want him on Hillary's side. I'll take Evan Bayh, Diane Feinstein, and Bill Nelson any day as opposed to John Kerry, Tom Daschle, and Ted Kennedy.... Give me a break.
10:01 AM on 03/08/2008
Oh so you are for DLC obstructionists that are no better than the NeoCons. Haven't you had enough BS in the last 7 years to last a lifetime?
09:37 AM on 03/08/2008
NEW ORLEANS - Republican Sen. John McCain, showing a flash of the temper he is known for, repeatedly cut off a reporter Friday when asked whether he had spoken to Democratic Sen. John Kerry about being his vice president in 2004. "Everybody knows that I had a private conversation. Everybody knows that, that I had a conversation," McCain told the reporter. "And you know it, too. No. You know it, too. No. You do know. You do know."

Crabby old Coot.
09:37 AM on 03/08/2008
Hillary supporters are so nice and civil.

Very respectful of past party leaders.

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it?
11:56 AM on 03/08/2008
I agree. She is a delight.

She is certainly not a "monster", no no.

The only monster around is the cyborg, quai-himan, machine that is the 'smoothly' run campaign team Hilliary has been so effectively running (yes,...all displaying her incredible strategic, organizational, positive and effective executive skills) - up to and including this time.

It has driven all the way to second place!!! Huzzah.
09:35 AM on 03/08/2008
Yes, he should resign for comparing Obama to a monster.
09:39 AM on 03/08/2008
come on. does anyone really care what mr. daschle thinks. (and this is the top story on huffpost), must be a slow news day.
09:44 AM on 03/08/2008
What do you think?
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09:50 AM on 03/08/2008
Well, I will say it "He should be fired"!! There, it is now said. Hillary, put your money where your mouth is.
Always happy Lib!
09:34 AM on 03/08/2008 would you like to be so hated that to have someone called your name is considered an expletive!!! Hahahaha....Starr.
08:52 AM on 03/08/2008
Tom Daschle is praying for Obama to win so he can get a job, the voters of his State didn't like him, he is weak like Obama, get out of town Daschle!
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09:35 AM on 03/08/2008
Don't vote for Daschle.
07:02 AM on 03/08/2008
Tom Daschle is a loser. He lost his Senate seat to a pretty face and hasn't gotten over it. What were his accomplishments as Minority Leader of the Senate?
09:39 AM on 03/08/2008
Daschle lost his seat to one of the most heavily funded campaigns from interest outside of the state ever seen. It was also one of the dirtiest campaigns seen in a long time as engineered by Rove and company. Without the external forces, Daschle would not have lost his seat.
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09:54 AM on 03/08/2008
The vote was stolen. NOW what do you say? He accomplished much more than Harry Reid, and he was in the minority! So, cram it!