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08:37 PM on 07/31/2011
The author is wrong.
The democrats have wisely found an alternative poison pill (defense cuts) that are undesireable to the republicans to motivate them to negotiate in good faith. This will allow time for the "no tax ever" mania to burn itself out.
09:39 PM on 07/31/2011
I think I agree with jake and chapnuptime1- they are "pretending inferiority". They have done this all along. I'm impressed actually. This is tactical.
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10:02 PM on 07/31/2011
There is so much pork in the defense budget that whatever cuts come down the pike probably won't be half as bad as the potential cuts to the social safety net programs. Of course, as usual, there are no details and we are going to be asked to go on "faith."

Faith is OK if you are in a religious setting, but when it comes to the welfare of the people of this country, I would like a bit more than faith! After all we voted for "O" on faith that he would bring Hope and Change. I don't have much Hope and any Change I see is in the wrong direction.

Obama's BIG MISTAKE was not connecting the continuation of the Bush Tax Cuts to raising the debt ceiling. A little political foresight would have saved a lot of anguish here!

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