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01:52 AM on 08/07/2011
If technology was really a good field then WAGES WOULD BE RISING!! They are not. Look at H-1b for why.
Christian Howell
The STEM. The Whole STEM. Nothing but the STEM.
02:01 AM on 08/07/2011
My salary has been going up consistently. I work harder than most of my peers. That's the key even if you work at McDonald's.
01:51 AM on 08/07/2011
H-1b work visas buddy. I am a software engineer who works at Microsoft. And I do not want my kid's or nephews going into technology. They are much better off in finance or medicine. Even medicine is dicey. The business of medicine is better. Why? Because the US federal government is determined to use work visas as tools for wage suppression. And the patent system ensures that only the big players win.

There is a reason the smart kid's go into finance.
Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
08:44 AM on 08/07/2011
Start out by telling your kids there is no apostrophe in kids.
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11:58 AM on 08/07/2011
Depends on if you are possessive or not.
09:27 AM on 08/07/2011
The reason for the proliferation of those visas outside of wage suppression (which I agree with as I work in technology) is also because our kids cannot compete on the same level. 25 out of 34 means we are not producing enough students of good quality to keep up with the pace of change in the industry. So, if we did support math, science, and technology in our schools more - businesses like mine and yours might be more willing to hire their own.
01:42 AM on 08/07/2011
Dear Mr.,
I am a Professor at a University.
Thank you so very much.
12:25 AM on 08/07/2011
Will.I.Am is a huffington post blogger? Great, always knew he was a smart guy.
12:23 AM on 08/07/2011
Will you are the clearest most conscious cat in the game. The future of our country and our generation seems to be deteriorating by the day. People's minds are infected and we need a cure and fast. You have my full faith and support and we're glad to have you on the team. You are a testament to the truth that everyone in life has what they do because of their ability to positively influence the world. Thank you for being you.

Yogi Wongy
Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
08:45 AM on 08/07/2011
I LOVE that you called him a "cat," and I love that you call yourself "Yogi." F 'n' F.
No tolerance for intolerance.
11:26 PM on 08/06/2011
And at the Middle School level is Lego Robotics also a great program teaching boys and girls that geeking out on robots (solving problems) is fun. I've been to several of these competitions and always love it when an all girl team wins a round.

01:53 PM on 08/07/2011
Why does the gender of a winning team matter?
No tolerance for intolerance.
11:24 PM on 08/06/2011
I work in a large high school providing tech support. Our school has been involved in FIRST since it started about 3yrs back. And with my tech background I've been involved with our schools efforts both directly mentoring student teams and just providing needed support.

While no program is perfect, I can say without hesitation that this program gets kids excited about robotics and solving problems. Skills include: programming, designing and building complex mechanical assemblies, computer basics, electronics, and working within complex rules.

I've watched many students discover (after a round or 2 thru the FIRST programs) that they are good at something which is a general benefit to all their classes. In the past 2 years I watched a young girl (an at risk hispanic) go from a so-so student who sat off to the side in her initial FIRST team playing with pieces ... to a high school senior completing both advanced Game Design and our Java II classes and getting A's in her classes. She will be the first in her family to go to college and is interested in medicine but also looking at the future of robots in medicine.

This program is not a cure all and needs committed leadership at the school to fund it for a few years. And indeed it does cost between $500 - $1000 to fund materials for a couple of teams. Contact your high school and GET INVOLVED -- 100 parents donating $10 each can help fund a program.
10:12 PM on 08/06/2011
This is EXACTLY why I think Obama BLEW IT on the stimulus plan.
And why BOTH the Democrats and Republicans are clueless.

This guy is right. Technology and science is something we CAN'T live without since we all love our gadgets -- not to mention the "things" technology does in our daily lives that we rarely show gratitude for.

That's why it cheeses me off when Republicans say the government can't spend ANY money to jump start the economy and jobs -- because it can IF you invest in the RIGHT things. On the flip side, Democrats say we should spend a ka-zillion dollars fixing roads and stuff. But that is just blue collar "busy work." Hey, if your town needs to repave a road, then raise your taxes and pay for it yourself since it's YOUR road.

ON THE OTHER HAND...if you took a trillion dollars and did something like rebuild the Internet in the U.S....laying fiber optics coast to'd have something. Blue collar workers would get work tearing up (and fixing) roads and transmission towers and whatever building it...then white collar workers would get work maintaining and running all-new data centers and what not.

And best of all, the American PEOPLE would see their tax dollars actually BUILDING something they want, plus we'd now have a country that was READY for the 21st century, to compete in all-new ways in the information age.
No tolerance for intolerance.
10:57 PM on 08/06/2011
You are very correct. All this focus on "construction jobs" is narrow minded and old school. Construction jobs should be the result of re-tooling our power grid - laying fiber - wide are wireless - and green power production.

02:08 PM on 08/07/2011
Well to be fair, conservatives are not against government investment. There are areas that have no suitable private sector counterpart that conservatives have no problem putting tax payer dollars into, as long as it is a worthwhile endeavor (why people associate conservatism with anarchy I will never understand). One such example is NASA, you will be hard pressed to find conservatives who do not support it's funding, although there may be one or two libertarians or quasi-anarchists that have slipped in unnoticed. Another example is the DOD.

In fact the main conservative argument against government stimulus is that it will be used wastefully, corruptly, and inappropriately. The administrations love affair with "roads and bridges" is a good example of this.

As an anecdotal aside, the section of interstate where I live was re-paved TWICE within a 6 month period, right next to the sign proclaiming that the paving was funded by stimulus dollars. One would suspect twice the economic stimulus, but so far no such luck...
10:05 PM on 08/06/2011
Just a rapper--please, I'm 55 and think that rap, hip hop is Homer. I don't care what the subject is the ability to do internal rhyme is genius. And you wrote one of the most inspiring things that I've ever read here. You got a gift--words. But, you are so right that the brains who can imagine the MRI should be as special as the ones that can switch to a special motor skill and dunk. There are so many kids who can do a quadratic equation with no one teaching them just like the kid on the court. But, we don't see that kid who sees the world at the atomic level. As the mother of a son who cost me alot of money for that Doctorate in Physics Engineering and uses it to teach in a high school--I say bravo. You can never go wrong putting your money into brains. There is a problem though that he had to get another degree beyond 22 years to teach in a public high school. It's easier to just get a job working on targeting for bombs then to teach. We need to see the young brain of tomorrow but also see that a retired Infectious Disease guy can teach Chemistry without two more years of school. So dumb, to not use the minds of yesterday to teach tommorow.
09:34 PM on 08/06/2011
Thank you for supporting this great organization. Though Dean Kamen has long pointed to our obsession with celebrities as one of the problems with the world, you are the exception to the rule.

I challenge the nay-sayers and trolls of this thread to watch the show and then attend one of the many regional competitions in March and April to see why the FIRST robotics competition is one of the few truly bright spots in our world. Better yet, check out one of the teams in your area and talk to the kids and mentors. I guarantee you'll be inspired, too. Go to to see where these teams and competitions are in your area.
and this too... shall pass...
08:27 PM on 08/06/2011
This is beautiful. I wish more people to whom much was given would pay it back to our youth. The only jobs that will be created will be jobs that innovations in technology create. This country has to get back to making money using its brains. Much of the money that we, as a country, earn comes from patents we hold because of our Space Program.

It is truly amazing to me that politicians do not spend ANYtime fighting over investing in the future via the youth of this nation. This is the best article of the week.
08:23 PM on 08/06/2011
Science IS Rock and Roll. Brilliant minds who figured out that taking different diameters of steel modulated over a few coils of metal inducing a magnetic field and thus creating an electric current that can then be amplified through a series of filters and then transformed into mechanical energy producing sound. This is the general concept of electric guitars, and bass. The brilliant mind of Robert Moog, and his predecessors who pushed the limits of synthesizers, that has led to today's use of MIDI and digital reproduction of instruments. The Rhodes company who created the first electric piano. Mr. Les Paul creating four track recording, leading to today's use of multi-track recording. The Clair Brother's Company who created the first parametric equalizer pushing the limits of live sound reproduction. Meyer Sound Laboratories creation of SIMM a frequency analyzer using Fast Fourier Transformations to digitally analyze sound frequencies, and graphically display them so sound engineers will know the feedback is, and how to make the band sound good.
Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
10:42 AM on 08/07/2011
Fascinating take, benji. Thanks!
08:17 PM on 08/06/2011
As good as it may be to celebrate the kids' achievement and involvement,
facilitating it is even more important. How many communities lack the core
of adult expertise to act as a resource, or ones willing to go elbow deep in
the dirty boring business of getting such a club off the ground and "blessed"?
Don't wait for the stars to come out; be one yourself.
07:08 PM on 08/06/2011
I, too, have great faith in our young generation, raised on the global connectedness of the internet. To integrate more and a wider variety of perspectives is to evolve in compassion and understanding.
06:58 PM on 08/06/2011
Who read this on their "tablet?"

I can't afford one.
08:13 PM on 08/06/2011
Doesn't matter if it was on a tablet or not, it's technology you're reading this article on.