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01:29 PM on 08/17/2011
What did this guy do, call up Joran and ask him where to dump the body ??
01:02 PM on 08/17/2011
Wow, yeah, you really burst my bubble! What was I thinking all these years, believing in God? Thank goodness a couple of liberals set me straight with their egocentric proclamation that God doesn't exist! I guess that means that, being humans, WE are the Highest Power! WOO HOO!!
03:37 PM on 08/17/2011
Welcome to reality. The only other higher power than us on this planet or this galaxy is the energy that surrounds all of thus. So if THAT'S what you are putting your faith into so be it..... If you are putting all your hopes and dreams into some entity created by HUMANS first for the sake of explanation and then for the sake of power, well, just stand in line with the rest of the sheep and I'll be happy to guide you my child. To go against me is to go against God. It wouldn't make sense you wouldn't follow me would it? I mean, I could be God and you wouldn't even know it. Would suck to find out that I was and you didn't do as I asked huh? Eternal damnation just waiting around the corner. All you God believers out there are so blind to reality. Stop putting so much stock in God and start taking care of one another and you'll be much better off. BTW, I'm not a Liberal nor even close to being one.
12:59 PM on 08/17/2011
hmm, aruba, vacation, pretty blondes....anyone every think they could have been drugged, kidnapped and sold........arabs love the blondes and can afford to pay big for them.
how come they never found natalie hollaway's body? i bet they won't find this one either.
sets up a suspicious pattern that on such a small island, they can't find a trace of either.
01:57 PM on 08/17/2011
flagag wrote: "Arabs love the blondes and can afford to pay big for them." Apparently American men like blondes too and can afford to pay big for them. Hence, all the prostitutes and escorts who are blonde, financed by American men. That might even explain this scenario. I imagine Jews like blondes too and can afford to pay big for them. There is human trafficking in Israel as well, so I guess the exploitation of women, blond or otherwise, is not confined to the "dastardly" Arabs/Muslims that American bigots like to hate so much.
02:31 PM on 08/17/2011
well then, do you have any ideas?
Barry Clarke
Retired Air Traffic Control Aviation Meteorologist
02:33 PM on 08/17/2011
flagag - Interesting theory
02:18 PM on 08/17/2011
@flagag. I agree.
12:33 PM on 08/17/2011
Kathleen Sanborn...Almost everyone takes out a Fight Insurance,,,Which is only good when you are Flying...Once it lands safely,,,Insurance is VOID
12:23 PM on 08/17/2011
it aint lookin good for her
12:55 PM on 08/17/2011
Sadly true..
12:17 PM on 08/17/2011
Nancy Grace is an Entertainer...In the Business of Promoting Her Ratings...Bad Ratings...No Nancy Grace
12:16 PM on 08/17/2011
Terrible when bed things happen to good looking people.
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12:04 PM on 08/17/2011
“The media is "DEAD WRONG" for smearing this guy all over the news, before he was even "CHARGED" they have the dam suspect ? Suspect for what ? They don't even have a body ! ! ! Now the " F B I" gets to break into
his house ? What do they hope to find ? "A JOURNAL WITH THE BLUEPRINTS OF HOW HE PLANS TO KILL SOMEONE" ? What if this were you, and you did nothing wrong ? I hope they find her alive, and well ! I can see holding his passport, and keeping an eye on him, because he's not protected under the U S A but the "F B I" jumped the gun, and we should not consider him guilty of anything until "CONVICTED­" These "MEDIA FRENZY" court cases always seem to go wrong. "O J" "CASY ANTHONY"”
11:51 AM on 08/17/2011
Bombshell! Nancy Grace posts pictures of her when she was much younger. This is not a GIRL like Natalie Holloway was. This is a grown woman who went to this island with a companion. It's a terrible story but not to be put in the same category as Holloway.
12:06 PM on 08/17/2011
Don't agree! It doesn't matter the age difference between the two ladies! They were both blonde females that disappeared, not to be found! Natalie Holloway had just graduated high school, so it's not like she was 10 yrs old. This man probably saw that if those who killed Natalie (in Aruba), could get away with it, then he could do it, too, and get away with it. A missing woman is a missing woman, no matter the age! These Murderers now know they can get away with Murder in Aruba bc the authorities there just don't care what goes on there, especially when it's Americans! I would suggest that ALL Female Americans stay away from Aruba, bc you may not come back, and your family most likely will not get justice there!
12:17 PM on 08/17/2011
I wish all you people who are bashing Aruba would stick to the facts: This woman went to Aruba with an AMERICAN who she apparently knew had prior trouble with the law over incidents with other women. If he did indeed murder her, he could just as easily have done it on American soil, and probably would have sooner or later.
12:28 PM on 08/17/2011
There were more women killed in Florida in one week than in the entire history of Aruba...Two missing women in six years is not exactly a Crime Wave
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"How many more like him are out there?"
12:59 PM on 08/17/2011
Holloway was an adult both in the US and in Aruba.
11:41 AM on 08/17/2011
Moral of the story: Don't go on vacation with people you don't know! Calling the guy a "travel companion" is suspicious enough. He isn't even her *friend*. She certainly did not deserve to die for doing something like this, however when you play with fire, you get burned. Stupid decisions often lead to stupid outcomes. For a vacation to Aruba to be so enticing for a woman is not a very good testament about her own ability to pay for her own vacation. Plus---if you have a boyfriend, what are you doing going to Aruba with another guy? I don't have very much respect for this woman, but even leaving an establishment in your own town with someone you don't know is a very risky move. Leaving the country with someone you don't know is something I cannot wrap my mind around.
12:08 PM on 08/17/2011
How do you know she's dead ? How do you know she didn't jump on board a boat with some other guy ? What ever is likely, there is no "FACT" yet.
02:27 PM on 08/17/2011
Ah..Thank You...A person who can think...There is NO evidence that a crime was even comitted and less evidence that Giordano did anything illegal
03:19 PM on 08/17/2011
Wellllllll........the FACT is that "disappearing" while snorkeling is highly unlikely. Even if the current pulled her away, her body would have been found within the time period of the dude she was with reporting her missing. Dead bodies float. There are certain trade winds & currents in Aruba. Somebody doesn't just "disappear" while snorkeling, & then not be able to be found in a short period of time. Snorkeling is not scuba diving--snorkeling is done at a very shallow depth, while scuba diving is done at deeper depths. Being swept away by a current is really far-fetched in this case. I could beleive it more if she were diving. And could she have jumped on board with another guy? Considering the kind of woman she was/is, who goes on vacations with "companions" at the same time she has a boyfriend, maybe she did. Perhaps she got a better offer from the guy on the other boat! Maybe he offered to take her to Tahiti instead of Aruba!!
11:40 AM on 08/17/2011
Don't worry Nancy Grace has come to the rescue, things will be perfect now she will get the justice all in an attempt to help her ratings.

Advice, everyone stay out of Aruba
12:18 PM on 08/17/2011
I wonder how many cases Nancy Grace blew before she was fired from the Prosecutors Office
11:39 AM on 08/17/2011
They are only holding Giordano as a Material Witness...and for only 16 days under Dutch Law...Since they have called off the search...He is no longer a Material Witness...and MUST be released
02:55 PM on 08/17/2011
What tabloid are you reading? Giordano is NOT a material witness. And he can be held for another 16 days,"has been detained on suspicion of involvement in her death." The authorities believe he is involved with her death.
11:34 AM on 08/17/2011
Charge by the hour or day?
11:26 AM on 08/17/2011
The whole situation is a shame. I feel so bad for her family. With everything that I have read about the case, (she was laid off from her job, in a relationship with a boyfriend/no comittment, 35 and divorced). I think she was hoping this older man was her way out, perhaps she could build a life with him. I understand her plight. I've been there.
He has money, a business, million dollar house. She went with him, they got there and she realized that he was creepy. She probably didn't have enough money/funds to leave or get another room. She refused to engage in weird activities with him,he got angry and killed her.

Ladies, you have to understand that the "knight in shining armor doesn't exist." If you think any rich man is going to sweep you off your feet, pay for everything, and that you never have to work again, forget it. Get yourself a career, make your own money, buy your own vacations. Nothing is free in life. Not even vacations in Aruba.
Dede Eagleburger
Beauty is in the eye of the makeup brush holder
11:52 AM on 08/17/2011
thank you for a sensible post. Fan #1 :)
01:37 PM on 08/17/2011
For sure truer words have not been spoken.