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A Pessimistic Optimist
03:06 PM on 08/19/2011
Racist .. NO!!!

Insensitive/Inappropriate -- Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:56 PM on 08/19/2011
I don't know, but I see a clean cut guy holding a head looking like it came straight out of an old 60-70's era hippie movie. There's nothing wrong with showing someone that was scruffy and now is clean cut and presentable. Someone that an employer might want to consider hiring. For those of you that have a problem with the add, I think you need to get rid of the Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters attitude. Then perhaps people might actually get along. Try being an Americans first, instead of playing the race card every two seconds!
Like it or not, we are one.
04:18 PM on 08/19/2011
We are not all toy robots, dressing, looking and acting alike. What a boring world you must live in. Respect freedom of choice. That's why America can't innovate, too busy following the mold.
08:07 PM on 08/19/2011
Agreed. Some people seem to see racially motivated images in everything. The guy used to look like B-real from Cypress Hill and then used Nivea and turned into Usher. What's racist about that?
No rose colored glasses for me
08:49 PM on 08/19/2011
Scarlett is a score keeper. We would all be fine together if people like her would keep to themselves.
02:25 PM on 08/19/2011
What's unfortunate is that when this guy was photographed he could have been holding just about anything in his hand (thanks to photoshop) He probably had no idea the backlash his ad would receive until it was already in print.
You can't have it both ways.
04:24 PM on 08/19/2011
How do we know he even cares?
01:48 PM on 08/19/2011
If you want to see a racist commecial, notice the direct tv add with the black guy dressed as a fairy telling the two whites guys not the let the man keep em down.
01:47 PM on 08/19/2011
Yes, I have problems with the ad. Although I do not particularly see it as racist, it is definitely insensitive. I am an African-American woman and my hair in its natural state is very kinky. I get from the ad that having such hair is uncivilized and problematic. Why else would the model have a decapitated head with an obvious Afro hairstyle?
You can't have it both ways.
04:26 PM on 08/19/2011
Because he happens to be black. I think it was the mustache, beard and all the hair combined that made the look. It was a statement about unruly head and facial hair, not black head and facial hair, IMO.
08:09 PM on 08/19/2011
Except it's not an add for a hair relaxer. It's for mens grooming products. He didn't change his hair texture, only cut it. I mean the before version is even lighter than the after version. I just don't see how this is insensitive?
Step up or step aside.
01:30 PM on 08/19/2011
Although I usually think those crying racism are generally too sensitive, I believe Nivea has acted sensitively and responsibly given that the tone of the ad was civility. Ultimately, we can never go wrong by being more civil to one another.
01:27 PM on 08/19/2011
Not neccessarily racist, but a bad move. The ad would be equally offensive to some people if it featured a white dread-locked hippie.
01:24 PM on 08/19/2011
"Look like you give a damn" is in the upper corner, then the lower piece "re-civilize yourself" , then the lower bit of a male head with an afro and beard. I don't see this as racist, I see it as they are saying men with longer hair, and a beard are frowned on by their definition of society. That the stereotype of longer haired men as lazy, and bearded men as (usually) "wild" (as in nature). I know many men with afros and beards, who keep both these well-kept, and who do give a damn about themselves. They are not lazy as the "look like you give a damn" bit would like you to think. Nor do they need to be "re-civilized".

I find this stereotype in their ad to be offensive, but they are selling something based on a man's insecurities -- just as they do with women in ads ---. A man with a beard and afro may see this, and think lowly of themselves for keeping their hair in this fashion. Racist? It can be, just like many ads are defined as sexist. But I disagree with all advertisement, as like this one, telling someone they aren't what society wants , so change to fit into the box...
Teacher and Old-School Liberal
01:20 PM on 08/19/2011
Lots of black people buy Nivea products. The company was smart enough to know that keeping this ad up would do absolutely nothing to help their bottom line.

The ad was questionable, at best. It needed to disappear.
01:13 PM on 08/19/2011
Perhaps there may have been no intended racism, however, when you look at the model holding a detached head of someone with an Afro, it does make you wonder. Perhaps these models should be given opportunities to review any adds before they are published. Focus Groups to review them would not be a bad idea either. Non-blacks can't begin to understand the impact this could have not only on the black adult community, but on our young children whom we are trying to raise with self-confidence, respect for self and others, and to have great expectations for their lives.
01:13 PM on 08/19/2011
I'm torn about this one. I question the release of this ad by the company because these companies and their advertising agencies spend a lot of time and research on campaigns. For them to release the ad without any consideration of fallout is unconvincing. I think in general they don't care and decide the controversy is to their advantage and the black demographic is never a target market unless the product is specifically branded to that market.
Blacks should consider the impact their dollars have on the economy and act accordingly. If a company or brand offends you with it's marketing DON'T buy their product. Remember what happened to the Alabama bus system when it was boycotted. It was crippled. There are ways to make a point and America understand when it is hit where it feels the pocket.
01:12 PM on 08/19/2011
My skin is brown. So I guess that means in the worlds eye's I am a black person. So... do I think this ad is racsist? No. I do not. I think it's just a statement to show that men of every race need to clean themselves up and to use the Nivea product for that use! Farther more we wouldn't have articals out here like this if people looked at each other as another person and not what color their skin is! Get past skin color, we wouldn't have half the problems we do now if people would get past that!
01:10 PM on 08/19/2011
No wonder so many people are dying from heart problems and blood pressure issues. So many people get SO worked up over stuff like this, and if it's happening right now for this ad, the same people are probably easily offended in general. Live and let live, and if you can't, there's always xanax. :-)
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12:58 PM on 08/19/2011
I must have missed something. I don't get why it's racist. Can someone please explain it to me?
Mr Bobo
Punk Rock Libertarian. Different. Better.
12:56 PM on 08/19/2011
I don't get any racism from this ad. It could have easily been a white dude holding a head with long hair and a cheesy hipster beard. Moving on....
01:45 PM on 08/19/2011
They think it's racist because the guy's head he's holding has an afro, and they are getting the message that it's uncivilized to have and afro
The Matrix is an artificial construct...
07:23 PM on 08/19/2011
I'm glad that you didn't see the race related angle in this ad. Your comment suggests that you're a young man who is beyond "race as an issue" type thinking. That's a GOOD thing ! ! ! The youngest adults don't think like that because they're more aware of the WORLD, and the OTHER people in it. Your horizons are broader.

You're too young to be aware of the STIGMA associated with the ad. The SLAVES were considered to be SAVAGES, and weren't even considered to be HUMAN. If it had been " a white dude holding a head with long hair and a cheesy hipster beard" there wouldn't be any RACIAL implications. Showing a Black guy with the caption "Re-civilize yourself" goes along with the popular perception of young Black men as thugs, criminals, drug users, ie, UNCIVILIZED. That's the way older, predujiced white people think. ESPECIALLY coming on the heels of the recent riots in London. If you saw the comments on some of the articles, you'd see what I mean. I'm SO glad that YOU don't think like that ! ! ! Your generation will, hopefully, end all that nonsense...