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06:38 PM on 08/22/2011
We know why you defend her. T&A. T&A son.
12:13 AM on 08/23/2011
I believe it is (DD)T & (XXL)A
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05:47 AM on 08/23/2011
This might be true. However, I don't find this to be objectionable.
06:29 PM on 08/22/2011
Comments are for what she is - just because she has money she is totally lacking in morals - did you see a day or two before the wedding they published how many men she has been with in addition to her 1st husband - 9 more!! That's only the number the media actually knows about, how many more are there, only she knows - (what does this tell you about the kind of woman she is????)
09:30 PM on 08/22/2011
You're saying she's the 'kind of woman' who enjoys sex? Oh my! Morality & number of sex partners are mutually exclusive. I've had more partners than she has, & I'm awesome.
06:28 PM on 08/22/2011
Who is Kim Kardashian and why does she require such an amount of editorial space in a world replete with war, nuclear fallout, hunger, economic disarray and political chaos? Or is she providing the comic relief that we all need now?
09:36 PM on 08/22/2011
An excellent philosophical question.

Honestly. I have always thought of her and her ilk as, somebody said earlier, the shallow end of the pool. Maybe it's deeper or more symptomatic than that. Maybe she is the natural consequence of where we are, wherever that is.

My next question of course would be, where do we go from here?

F F and all that other stuff.
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09:54 PM on 08/22/2011
Maybe she's just entertainment for entertainment's sake? Sort of like movie star gossip... it's just entertaining and not meant to make us think or work for a better world? Just saying...
02:16 AM on 08/23/2011
Thank you for a refreshing and thoughtful response. I am afraid I have become hardened to a more usual (from this site) vituperative comment. And yes, she is our creation, we made her and must deal with her and whatever she represents. Long ago, in a biting carton strip, a character said "We have met the enemy and it is us".
02:07 AM on 08/23/2011
There's enough "editorial space" for everyone. I think you're just annoyed by her, and looking for a philosophical justification for it, cause you don't want to admit you have some hate in your heart. Its okay. We all do. But once we can admit it to ourselves, then maybe we can do something about this war and famine stuff you claim to care about.
02:19 AM on 08/23/2011
You have misunderstood my response. I do not particularly want to do something about war; war is useful, inevitable and for always, in one form or another. I had mine and I do not begrudge others theirs. As to famine, most famine is caused by man and thus inevitable. While people starve, food rots elsewhere. To cure famine one must cure people - good luck with that.
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03:45 AM on 08/23/2011
I do not think it is h8. I think it is the boring, mind-numbing, constant reporting on someone who seems as uninteresting and self-absorbed as these people and I have never read or watched anything about them except headlines and I am way over them.....the kardishians that is.
05:53 PM on 08/22/2011
I have no hatred for Kim or her family. Never did. I actually use to watch their show a lot and found it really entertaining. But after a while, I realize their show and most of the other reality shows, didn't do anything better own life. I was entertained for a while but I didn't gain anything from watching rich people, while I see broke/unemployed. Just didn't seem right. Although it does take skill to capture the world attention and gain fame from no real talent, I just don't think it is right. I like Kim and her family, but I won't call myself a supporter. I have to support my well being and do something to better the world with the little I have.
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05:08 PM on 08/22/2011
@Thom_Hartmann Give me #Cardassians over #Kardashians any day; thank goodness for reruns of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION on broadcast and cable channels alike. As I remind Thom, at least Paris Hilton has done some acting on SUPERNATURAL and the HOUSE OF WAX remake spoofing herself; her Paris for President fake ad deserves a Cleo nomination. People forget that Kim & Co. were smart enough to contact Ryan Seacrest to make the reality show(s) from her uniquely famous (infamous?) family with the cute mom and O.J.'s late lawyer and stepdad/decathlete Bruce Jenner.
05:06 PM on 08/22/2011
We have had to deal with Kim Kardashian being famous for doing nothing. It's too late and there is no way around that. But Mr. Louis Peitzman seemingly trying to get some views for writing about nothing and then complaining about other people's lack of originality? This time, it may not be too late. I will resist googling him--or maybe not! Nothingness works!
05:02 PM on 08/22/2011
The foundational question before coming out in support or condemnation of her is why you should care at all, and feel compelled to write about it.
09:39 PM on 08/22/2011
Because she is an undeniable reflection of our society as it currently exists.
1 of the used-to-haves
12:13 AM on 08/23/2011
"Because she is an undeniable reflection of our younger society as it currently exists."

Fixed that for
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03:52 AM on 08/23/2011
Did it ever occur to you that your response is typed into a comments section about a million times per day. So let me try it this time on you. Why do you feel compelled to comment on someone's comment or do you just t roll around the internet trying to find just the right comment like this one to respond to. Be more creative for gosh sakes.
04:49 PM on 08/22/2011
Wow...a few spelling errors in my previous post (IF HP POSTED IT), but you get the point.
04:47 PM on 08/22/2011
blah blah blah to the writer!! Le't talk about why E! Online is trying to make Reigs Philbin look stupid because he didn't know Kim Kardashian was getting married? The article begins with a big fat OMG!! I thought he was dead or something!

If we stop buying the products that advertise during their shows, E! would stop shoving the Kardashians down our throats. Kim is bad enough, but we have to deal with the ENTIRE Kardashian clan and their wannabe relatives and assistants, trainers, chefts, etc etc etc???

If we stop buying the magazines they're in and stop buying the products that are advertised in the magazines, they'd stop shoving them down our throats.

As fans/ viewers, we don't get JACK! They want us to buy this and watch that!! I'm sick of it! WE NEED TO START A REVOLUTON! How about paying us to watch your shows and read your magazines? Just like the Kardashians, my time isn't free.

I can't be excited about the greedy Kardashians and Kim's $17 million wedding when our economy is in the crapper, Somalians are starving and my neighbor just got laid off.......sorry!

I have a good chance HP will not approve this message because the Kardashians probably pay them too and I've just wasted my time. That's ok, I'll just blast it on Twitter if they don't post it!
04:10 PM on 08/22/2011
I allow fifteen minutes a day to read the pop tripe.....all I get is indigestion.
04:09 PM on 08/22/2011
I like Kim for what she stands for: beauty, celebrity, entertainment, a lavish lifestyle, family drama and gossip. Simples. The show is my guilty pleasure and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, her mum and her stepdad are more entertaining and endearing, but Kim is beautiful, kinda spoilt and desperately wants to settle down.

I don't watch the show for intellectual stimulation, I go elsewhere for that. It's just entertainment.
We are the music makers & the dreamers of dreams.
06:26 PM on 08/22/2011
Well honestly, I can't even see ever watching that show...far too much fluff for my tastes, but I don't think anyone has the right to be cruel to anyone else.

...not even to the Kardashians.

Sad that a schoolyard bully mentality tends to stay with supposed adults, wonder if they ever grow out of it? : P
09:48 PM on 08/22/2011
I can't argue with your guilty pleasures, we all have them, mine just don't involve TV. Having said that, I'm begging you to look a little further. It's not just about Kim, it's about all that she represents. Kim is simply at the apex of that paradigm at the moment.

You must know that her celebrity, lavish lifestyle, drama and gossip all had their genesis in that insipid show. If not for that she would simply be another ex-Playmate and sex tape producer.

Whether by her genius or someone else's, you are being sold on a lifestyle that is purely consumption. She doesn't make anything, build anything, contribute anything to society. There are loads of entertainment options.

Please have another think?
04:06 PM on 08/22/2011
She doesn't need defending.....she needs a good ole fashioned spanking and a couple months of community service at a hospice facility where there is no denying reality.....where people are in pain and die, maybe....just maybe she might grow up somewhat...!!!!
04:04 PM on 08/22/2011
Well, I guess there has to be someone out there willing to do it(defend her). So, if you feel you have to.........
04:00 PM on 08/22/2011
About the Kardashian's and those like her, a famous singer is quoted as saying, "You shouldn't be famous for doing nothing." True words indeed...
We are the music makers & the dreamers of dreams.
06:27 PM on 08/22/2011
...if she has fame, then we all gave it to her.

I personally am too apathetic to ask for it back.
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09:41 PM on 08/22/2011
I love that answer! If she's famous, it's because people made her that way.
Yeah, What?
03:58 PM on 08/22/2011
Can't wait to see the younger Kardashian girls start acting up!