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Chief Imperial Sage, Earth, Milky Way Quadrant
04:58 PM on 08/23/2011
Take away their phone, laptop, gaming console, television (and other gizmos) until they eat right. In no time they'll be chowing down like Marines.
04:52 PM on 08/23/2011
Good advice, mama!
Wealth doesn't create jobs. Jobs create wealth.
04:37 PM on 08/23/2011
The only thing I tried that was pretty effective was eliminating snacks for two hours before dinner, unless it was vegetables. If my daughter was genuinely hungry at mealtime, she was much less picky. We also didn’t allow any snacking in front of the television, again, unless she wanted vegetables. She’d often eat a whole plate of carrots, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes while watching her favorite show.
12:45 PM on 08/23/2011
I’m a bit of an expert on this subject :) One thing I do with my girls is let them explore the produce department and pick one thing they think is super cool. Could be they like the color, shape, or texture...the "why" doesn't really matter. I let them pay for it, then they get to help prepare it. Then we all try it together. It's fun and they feel in control.
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08:37 PM on 08/27/2011
you are obviousley someone who is a stay at home mom. and privledged.
11:54 AM on 08/23/2011
Let these little warts STARVE. They'll figure it out like a dog or cat who doesn't like it's new feed.
My mermaid returned to the sea.
05:55 PM on 08/23/2011
I got news for you, who ever said the kid will eventually eat if he gets hungry enough was wrong.
Mr Anonymous
I used to be Mr Anonymous, but then the NSA.....
06:37 PM on 08/23/2011
That just means that you didn't have them wait long enough.
08:20 PM on 08/27/2011
I hope you don't have children or pets. If my cat is forced to eat something she doesn't like, she will eventually eat it. Then she will barf it up in some inconvenient place! Do you like every food there is? If not, why expect a child to? We all have things we don't like, so why not give a little. It is no big deal. If the child doesn't like dinner, let them have a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. My sister in law once threw up split pea soup after repeatedly telling her father it would make her sick to eat it. He insisted she do it anyway.
11:46 AM on 08/23/2011
What has happened to the days where your parents sent you to bed without dinner. My parents sent me to bed without dinner many times. I eat everything now except peas and Brussels sprouts.

I know in my home we can’t afford to make 2 to 3 different dinners every night. We cook once and once only. If someone refuses to eat what was fixed then they go without dinner.
Wealth doesn't create jobs. Jobs create wealth.
04:38 PM on 08/23/2011
I've also tried, "If you don't like it, make yourself something."
08:21 PM on 08/27/2011
That is perfect! So they have a sandwich or a bowl of cereal once in a while. It won't hurt them. And acknowledges that they have food preferences just like adults.
Fran Jaime
08:24 PM on 08/23/2011
I've never forced my kids to eat anything. I don't fix them anything else but they can eat the other stuff on their plate and not the food they don't like. Since it isn't a battle of wills, they eventually end up eating it.
09:06 AM on 08/24/2011
We do what we can to stick to the foods that everyone in the house will eat and still have a healthy meal. If it is something new and my daughter won’t try it and she is not full after eating the other stuff we fixed, we do not fix anything else and there are no snacks before bedtime. So she sometimes goes to bed a little hungry. She has learned that if she at least tries it, and she really does not like it, we will fix her something else. We don’t force it but we stick to our rules and it seems to work for us.