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02:49 AM on 03/27/2008
Women like this make my point about acceptance of a Woman Prez. Tough and smart, shouldn't be compartmentalized, devious - not that hard. If more women like Ms. Powers were in the political process(as tortuous as it may be), There might be more than a few Female POTUS - just not Sen. Clinton. OOOOOOOhhhhhh! Smart women - me so horny : )
06:57 AM on 03/27/2008
Power is intellectually dishonest.
What fresh hell is this?
01:54 AM on 03/27/2008
Wolfson and the ilk wanted her out because she is prepared to expose Bill Clinton's Rwanda policy that left hundreds of thousands dead when we could have helped but he didn't....
12:39 AM on 03/27/2008
I call Hillary Coattails Clinton, because most of her power derives fromher husband, apre-feminists 50's model, in contrast to Samantha Powers, a self-made woman of formidable intellectual powers. When we have a woman president, I hope it will be someone like Governor Napolitano, a self-made woman who has earned her place.

I want a woman whom I can respect as a role model, not someone who stands by her plan in a cheesy marriage to further her own political ambitions.
What fresh hell is this?
01:51 AM on 03/27/2008
Wouldn't Gov Naplitano make a great vp!!
01:01 PM on 03/27/2008
uhh, NO!
As Long As Grass Grow, Wind Blow & The Sky Is Blue
12:29 AM on 03/27/2008
You GO, Power!......You got to be a SPIRIT!....Don't be no ghost Power! Speak the truth! You stand up for your own self, and millions stand with you.........we all stand with you.
01:34 AM on 03/27/2008
Viva Bulworth!
11:58 PM on 03/26/2008
Samantha Power is very hot!
03:10 AM on 03/27/2008
Sure, she's cute, but can she type? She basically admitted BO is lying about his plans for withdrawing from Iraq, that it all depends on....whatever. Please, PLEASE bring her back and have her repeat that...have her write editorials about that...have her produce commercials saying that. PLEASE, PLEASE!
05:45 AM on 03/27/2008
Is reading a problem for you? Maybe understanding the written word is. What part of 'a plan that you talk about in 2007 might not be exactly what you'll do in 2009 after events have likely changed' is so difficult to comprehend? You Clintonites just parrot Hillary's talking points without even stopping to think about whether you're making any sense or not. Usually you're not.
08:12 AM on 03/27/2008
"She basically admitted BO is lying about his plans for withdrawing from Iraq, that it all depends on....whatever."

11:40 PM on 03/26/2008
Samantha, you should be back. You need to be back. You said nothing wrong.
Pres. Sarcasm Society. Like we need your approval.
11:39 PM on 03/26/2008
Glad to see the baby isn't being thrown out with the bathwater.
11:26 PM on 03/26/2008
O! thaks you god!!!!! Common, I cold not cherish Obama's core integrity more than I nourishes m4e, this in a garbage dum0p of toxi politicians.....but this woman is every way is Obama's peer....and that she was asked to leave or left on her own after uttering a simle, pithy way like the insidious, calculated, desperate, vulgar invectives hurled by Hillary....

....was Integrity taken to a masochistic level! Being pure is not the same as being a purist; passionate indignation is not the same as the reage of desperate, rabid personal ambition.

Obama & Samantha need to learn to retain & increasingly invest in, their clairty, their authenticity and know.... passionate indignation is what authentic people earn the right to manifest when that is JUSTIFIED.

Hurry back, Samantha!!!!!
11:12 PM on 03/26/2008
Samantha Power is BRILLIANT and should be in Obama's cabinet!!!
11:41 PM on 03/26/2008
Ms. Power should employ the "I mis-spoke" defense, she probably got less sleep than Senator Clinton does.
12:56 AM on 03/27/2008
She is as stupid as they come. Obama clearly said he would pull out those troops. He never said anything about contingencies. Hillary said we had to approach the removal of the troops prudently to ensure the safety of the troops and American and Iraqi civilians helping us. It is hilarious that she lets the cat out of the bag and she doesn't want Hillary's camp to capitalize on his blatantly ignorant and disingenuous remarks about troop withdrawal. Now that's what I call stupid and immature thinking from Powers. She actually attended and taught at Harvard? Book smart vs. common sense. Go figure.
What fresh hell is this?
01:52 AM on 03/27/2008
Then you must be "as they come."
03:43 AM on 03/27/2008
Hillary will never leave Iraq.

google Hillary DLC Lieberman

This article will get you started:

Melann seem to be another rethug for Hillary.
10:35 PM on 03/26/2008
Samantha Power rocks!!
11:20 PM on 03/26/2008
I second that emotion. :)
10:30 PM on 03/26/2008
I hope she joins Obama's campaign again. She's really quite brilliant.
10:15 PM on 03/26/2008
Don't know much about her, but she makes more sense in this article than the entire Bush State Dept. has in 8 years! I hope she can come back to Obama. Sounds like Bill wouldn't mind. But he's got ulterior motives anyway, in this case.
11:30 PM on 03/29/2008
Agreed - it is common sense that you have to plan based on the real information, not on your wishes or fantasies - now if GWB and Rumsfeld had figured that out we would not be in this mess in the first place.
10:06 PM on 03/26/2008
I hope Obama brings Samatha Powers back, or if elected put her in his cabinet.She has guts,intellengence and vision.
09:59 PM on 03/26/2008
I saw her getting interviewed on PBS,totally hot,sweet personality.
09:52 PM on 03/26/2008
Come on back, Sam, telling the truth seems to be working in the polls and everybody knows you told the truth.